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It is far from clear whether the Gunners will even qualify for the Champions League. With Leicester City and Spurs virtually guaranteed the first two spots, the third and fourth places are still up for grabs.

With five games remaining, we’re level with Man City on 60 points, although they sit above us on goal difference. Man United are behind us on 56 and vastly inferior goal difference and West Ham have 53 points. So will we qualify for Europe’s ultimate prize?

Argument against

With things so close, it is likely that our fate will be decided after penultimate game of the season when we face City at the Etihad. Neither City nor we have any particularly tough fixtures up until that point (at least on paper), so it looks even more likely to be decided in Manchester on the 8th of May. With City’s form boosted by the return of Kevin de Bruyne, City look dangerous.

Fans of other teams have been making jibes about Arsenal being chokers. There is some truth in that since our title bid collapsed when we looked likely to go on and win it six or seven weeks ago. The 1-1 home draw against Crystal Palace at the weekend was also a bit of a hammer blow to our chances of Champions League qualification.

Argument for

Arsenal have never finished outside of the top four under Arsene Wenger. While we did throw away our title chances, we currently sit in fourth and we’re definitely favourites to win against every team up until the City game.

Even our record against City away is pretty good. After all, our last match-up at the Etihad being a 2-0 win in our favour; so it would be silly to rule out a win. That said, for Sanchez and Giroud to join the likes of Ronaldo and Messi next season – two football greats who appear in William Hill’s tribute to the best European player – they really need to pull out some big performances on the 8th May.


As it stands, a top four finish is highly likely; after all, bookies have us at 1/12 for a top four finish. This makes sense since the only thing team that could ruin that for us would be United and they’ve been erratic at best all season.


So, can we do it? We say yes, we will qualify for the Champions League. With the points so close, it’s tough to say whether we’ll gain an automatic spot in the group stage, but it’s certainly within our means.    

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The current table of the top of the Premier League looks as follows:

1 Leicester 34 21 10 3 59-33 73

2 Tottenham 34 19 11 4 64-25 68

3 Man City 33 18 6 9 61-33 60

4 Arsenal 33 17 9 7 56-34 60

5 Man United 33 16 8 9 40-30 56


6 West Ham 33 13 14 6 54-42 53

The most the gunners can hope for this Premier League season is a top three finish, which will automatically qualify the team for the Champions League in 2016/17. A forth place finish would obviously force Arsenal to play two potentially very difficult qualification games against a team like Inter from Serie A or Villareal from La Liga. So a top three finish is of course very important.

The main competitor for the third spot is Manchester City. As it stands right now Manchester City is ahead of Arsenal due to better goal difference. Today City is traveling to Newcastle and they are big favourites to win the game. And if they do win the game it will put a lot of pressure on Arsenal to win their game against West Bromwich on Thursday.

Ahead of Manchester City’s game later this evening the betting companies interestingly enough favour Arsenal over Manchester City to finish in the top three. Arsenal has a fairly easy schedule in the last five games and that should be taken into consideration. But the most interesting game is of course the game against Manchester City on May 8th. Even though the game is played on the Etihad Stadium, Arsenal is a slight favourite to win the race over Manchester City and claim the third place finish. Betfair has 8/11 on Arsenal finishing third and 9/10 on Manchester City finishing third. If you are interested in betting, bingo and in particular casino games, visit

While Luciano Spalletti's side have reached third in the league with Szczesny in goal, the Poland international hasn't been as consistent as he would have wanted. He also did nothing to help his case by being caught smoking at the end of last year. His smoking habit was also something that played a part in his departure from Arsenal. With Brazilian goalkeeper 

t’s not a bad side and on their day, they are capable of beating anyone. Wenger's men are now relying on other results but will still be quietly confident of sneaking back above Tottenham as they hunt a first Premier League title since 2004. Arsenal have a talented squad and their limits will be tested in the coming weeks, especially as Wales international Ramsey has been ruled out for up to four weeks

Life is like a sport: you never know what will happen next. The spirit of a gambler such as tells us to go in for risky decisions and as a result, we may get some unexpected but pleasurable outcomes. Football fans are in a thrill now waiting for the results of the Premiere League. Some of them are trying to predict the results of matches and even win money on sports betting.

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Recently, the football world was impressed by the comment given by Ian Wright. The legendary former player of Arsenal who scored 104 goals for the team, has told in his interview for BT Sport that the Gunners should replace their current manager Arsene Wenger by the Portuguese tactician Jose Mourinho. He believes that this could help the Gunners to win the Premiere League. What does your inner gambler tells you about it? Do you think that Jose may be a suitable replacement for Wenger?

Arsenal is not extremely successful in this season. Some connect it with a lack of harmony within a team, while others point out the poor team’s management. That is why there are people who agree with the Ian’s statement and believe that Mourinho could make a change in the Gunners’ results in the league.

However, as Ian states, it is hardly possible for Arsenal to make a replacement like this. He claims that even though he would not be against such change, Arsenal fans would be up in arms. That is why Wright cannot ever see it happening.

What is interesting here is that another Arsenal legend has told exactly the same thing as Wright less than two months ago. Patrick Vieira won seven trophies under the guidance of Wenger during his nine-year career as one of the Gunners. Nevertheless, he says that Jose Mourinho had much more influence on him just in two years. Vieira was mostly impressed by Mourinho’s work ethic – he knew every strength and weakness of the players. Another exciting thing for Vieira was the unbelievable detail and clarity of what Mourinho wanted from each player. That is the reason why he always got the best out of his players, as Vieira asserts.

One thing that is completely clear for now is that Arsenal has to make a decision about their managerial future. They can either stick to the beaten track and stay with Wenger or venture on hiring someone new. For now, Wenger’s leave would be a real shock for most of the Gunners and the only thing that can shock them even more is Mourinho filling in his place.  

"Alexis caught on camera" (CC BY 2.0) by  Ronnie Macdonald 

It’s the time of the season when teams need to call upon their big guns. The Premier League title is within reach for a number of teams still, but now is where the pressure really starts to mount. This is when those expensive marquee signings have to step up and make a difference.

Premier League ladder on hityah has some of the most talented players in the world, but they must justify their price tags. Strikers like Chelsea’s Diego Costa, Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero and Robin Van Persie during his stay at Manchester United all proved pivotal players as their clubs took home the Premier League title in recent years. That is not to say that others played key parts as well, but it could be argued that these decisive players were the difference makers.

Alexis Sanchez should be this player for Arsenal. He is one of the most exciting signings that Arsene Wenger has made in recent history, and his first season at the Emirates was full of such promise. According to, tickets for Arsenal are in high demand, and being able to watch players like Sanchez is one reason why tickets are so sought after. He put away 16 goals and assisted 8 in the league alone last year, and made the switch to the English style of play look seamless. In contrast, his midfield counterpart Mesut Ozil had a slow start in English football, but the German playmaker has finally started to justify his price tag and has had an excellent season. It seems that the roles have been reversed.

At the time of writing, Sanchez has played 21 league games, and scored in only 4. Add two measly assists to that record and it doesn’t make for good reading. The Chilean was laid off for 8 matches through injury, but prior to that he was off form and has failed to hit his stride since his return. The troubling thing is, he is still registering plenty of shots on goal, and only has the equalising goal against Tottenham Hotspur to show for it. Could it be that he is suffering a lack of confidence due to being overshadowed by Arsenal’s new key man? Or will his strike against Arsenal’s title rivals now lead to him opening the floodgates?

Whatever the problem is, Wenger needs Sanchez to rediscover that devastating form again - and fast. He showed glimmers of his talent against Spurs, but the Gunners need more. Ozil can’t be relied upon to do all the work, Olivier Giroud is also suffering and Theo Walcott has so far failed to justify being given the central striker’s berth. With the Gunners in need of goals - Sanchez needs to prove that he isn’t just another one season wonder.

Arsenal have some ground to make up on the leaders, Leicester City, although there is still time for them to catch up should the Foxes suffer any setbacks, but the Gunners need to put a run of form together and end the season in strong fashion.


With just under a quarter of the season left, the Chilean attacker still has the opportunity to better his goal scoring record of last season and for the sake of Arsenal’s title hopes, he needs to start firing on all cylinders sooner rather than later.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more