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A lot of prattle about how we need a ‘world class’ forward and how Morata is the sort of forward we need when of course Giroud has scored more than Morata so you know that sort of argument is simplistic at best and fool of holes (no pun);)

But Morata would have been a more Wenger-like signing if you ask me, a player with great potential at 23yrs and probably more technical than Vardy. If only buying strikers was as easy as going to top casinos with starburst slot machines and winning the perfect player, unfortunately it is not so easy in reality. 

Still the issue has NEVER been Giroud being a problem (unless you listen to Pundits). Giroud weighs in with 20 goals a season for the last 3 seasons. The problem has been Walcott and to some extent Welbeck. They have not carried their weight for various reasons be it injury or otherwise.

So this whole comparison of GIroud with Vardy is farcical at best. Vardy if should he come in will be taking over from Walcott and Welbeck, NOT GIroud. The same simplistic arguments about Giroud interestingly found in segments of the French supporters when he has scored 7 goals in 7 outings! Simply idiotic thinking (the sort that pervades comparisons with say Per against Gabriel or even Flamini against Elneny)

Does Vardy suit our style?

Personally I prefer a more ‘creative ‘ player, someone who can dribble through congestion where Vardy tends towards playing on the counter (as is Leicester’s strong suit). I’m not sure how he will prosper in tighter confines which is where Giroud tends to have to operate, most teams against us tending to congest space and sit back.

However, Wenger could be seeing the team holistic and not individuals as performers and may just be tired of over elaboration on our part, where Vardy will be a player whom he can send to just go for the jugular and slit throats.

What we can say about Vardy is he will likely be a short term bridge signing with the development of possibly Jeff in mind (not to mention return of Welbeck)

But as I mentioned, Wenger has plenty of players coming through and settling in well into first team from academy in recent seasons. He has successfully brought through Campbell to some extent but mainly Iwobi, Bellerin and Coquelin where many of his detractors have called these players not good enough for Arsenal.

This is a very different scenario from the Denilson generation chiefly because Wenger has painfully put in place experience in all positions to ensure a better transition for the younger players.

If this represents the risk part of development within the squad (and a well managed one at that), then I feel Wenger needs to break the habit of adding players from the transfer market who are high on potential and low on cost.

Chiefly these will be your Gabriel and Elneny types who may take a bit of time to fully develop/transition into squad. As I mentioned before, Elneny does not add any new capability beyond making numbers for us where Granit adds solid DM ability.

The likes of Gabriel and Elneny could still come good much like Monreal and Koscielny but as we should remember, Koscielny and (to some extent) Monreal had very difficult first seasons that cost us.

We do not need those sort of signings from the transfer market anymore. We need ready made capability now. Particularly since we are sufficient in numbers, it is quality not quantity that needs adding and we have the money to spend where previously, the money had to be spread out with numbers (last summer the exception)

Granit and Vardy are proven quality.

Perhaps with the short lead time following the Euros into the next season, Wenger is wary of having to juggle the market then and would prefer to nail down the targets as much as possible now to ensure a better pre-season prep.

If Vardy is ready to go versus a maybe on Morata (who may still need a bit of time developing in England considering his goal tally in Italy isn’t entirely ‘world class’ like Giroud’s), then the England man is it.

We shall see.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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