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Despite Flaws, Wenger Remains Seated


Arsene Wenger has the longest tenure of all managers in the Premier League, with a career spanning over two decades. He took over Arsenal back in 1996 and since then won multiple awards, while filling the club’s coffers with hundreds of millions of British Sterling pounds. The last Premier League trophy was secured back in 2004, with Arsenal coming painfully close to win another, on several occasions.


Track Record for Arsene Wenger


Since being appointed as manager of Arsenal, he won the domestic championship three times, the FA cup a record six times and also prevailed on six occasions in the FA Community Shield. Virtually any Premier League team would be thrilled with such a performance, but the Gunners’ fans were hoping for much more. They are entitled to have high expectations, since Arsenal is one of the best teams in England and also one of the richest clubs.


They expected the title drought to end in 2016, after Arsenal started on a positive note, while its main rivals struggled early on. Leicester eventually ran away with the trophy, in one of the most surprising seasons in Premier League history. Arsene Wenger came under fire from the fans, media and allegedly the owners as well, for failing to win the championship in more than a decade. Some even expected him to be dismissed at the end of the season, but instead he was reconfirmed as manager.


Turning Arsenal into a Moneymaking Machine


Arsene Wenger’s contract will expire in 2017 and some of the fans are hoping to see him go, but that might not be the case. The Frenchman didn’t win the high number of trophies that Arsenal supporters were hoping for, but he made the club significantly richer. Scouring for talent beyond borders and youth development are two of his big qualities, as Wenger has a reputation for buying players cheap and selling them for dazzling amounts.


He brought in skilled players from Africa, singled out promising footballers playing at European clubs and offered them a contract. Buying expensive players was never his philosophy, but instead he chose to invest in youth. He is one of the few managers that owners encourage to spend money rather than limit him to the confinements of a fixed budget.


Pundits regard the Premier League as one of the strongest championships in Europe, while punters bet massively on these matches. This is partially the consequence of the overall rising popularity of sports betting in the UK, a regulated market with respectable licensed bookmakers, You can get a bird’s eye view on the leading ones at Wenger also has the merit to have revolutionized football in England in his early years with Arsenal and football fans are today reaping the benefits.



  • 15 Sep 2015
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