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We are going to need BOTH Granit and Le Coq to be at their best for the campaign.

There are several ways we can construct a solid base in midfield :

Santi-Coquelin partnership is established and works. The technical ability and passing range of Santi paired with the steel of Le Coq makes for effective partnership and balance. Where Coquelin struggled with Ramsey, he should have better balance with the maturity of Santi. IMO Ramsey is better served at the apex of the midfield triangle as Ozil’s alternate as he has a natural understanding of playing in and around the box.

Sans Santi last season, we really struggled particularly with quick release from deep for the counter. With Granit, we have added insurance with another player who can provide long accurtae balls to release the wingers or Giroud quicker.

The other option of course with the positionally disciplined Granit is to have him paired with Jack who provides some of the same dynamics as Santi but may not necessarily have as much matiurity. This shortfall is where Granit can come in.

There is of course also the option of a solid wall with Granit-Coquelin played to close out matches, something we struggled with last season. We need to hold the ball better to see out tight edgy encounters. What are the Premier League odds that we will need a strong foundation like that in certain tough games?

Elneny for me is a utility player who can either provide cover or extra energy should one of the others not perform up to the level they can or if injured. OR if we need someone to take shots from further of and in this respect, Elneny can develop this into his strong suit.

Also we may see one of Zelalem or Jeff get a fleeting chance in the lesser competition.

Its a well balanced midfield and not too deep as some may suggest in media considering we always have injury issues (with Ramsey and Jack plus Santi is over 30)

As mentioned, we sorted out the DM position quickly this window. Wenger is due some accolade for that because any of 7-8 teams who can pay more than us would have/could have been in market for such an asset as Granit.

The striker position is tricky as I have been mentioning because of the current market and price. We need to be able to also bring in a centre back  if possible. If one of Per or Koscielny go injured, there will be serious question marks over the other’s ability to pair of with the ‘pacy’ but as yet unconvincing Gabriel. He may suddenly kick into gear this season but it is too much risk. Holding who is probably coming into youth ranks to develop near term should not be relied on to step up either. This is an experience player’s game.

As for striker, how much we bring him in for will dictate what we can get in terms of a centre back too.

80m for Higuain is way too much for us. HIs price may of course come down should he be left on the shelf but likely it will still hover around 60m

Morata is also priced to recoup what RM paid in buy back fee. This is a high premium and also dependent on whether RM should feel (IF Ronaldo  is unfit) that they need to retain Morata with Benzema (Jessse seems surplus to use)

Draxler is also rumoured to cost 55m which is very high and a risk for us considering we will need time to convert him to a central role.

Icardi is a possibility if he comes in around 22-28m. He holds the ball well and distributes it plus at23yrs has plenty of upside.

Should one of the top assets get moved, we do not know who else may be moveable late on (Say a Cavanni)

Bringing in just any striker is not a good idea. There is opportunity cost (should a better asset come available we are already committed…remember how long it took to get Chamakh and Bendtner off the books))to that and it does not afford us any upgrade in terms of capability.

A bit of patience is necessary. The market isn’t fixed price and not for the faint of heart.;)

About the only player you could get in midfield for the position who maybe better than Granit at the moment is Pogba but just look at the price!

Next to that, managing to sneak Granit in early at 30m is a steal!

Any of United, City, Chelsea (let alone some of the continental powers) have the money to pay for Granit and the requirement for that sort of midfield asset.

We are lucky Granit probably is attracted to the development aspect of Wenger’s management which speaks volumes of the player and how he sees himself. Quite obviously he is coming in to improve further.

He is still young and can develop further.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more