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In a recent report from The Telegraph, Arsenal fans aired their grievances about the team – from incompetent management during season openers to failures in the transfer market.

Supporters were all too eager to share their discontent about the exorbitant ticket prices which, by most accounts, are the most expensive in football. But these reports are not entirely accurate.

According to Daily Cannon, Arsenal actually offers cheaper ticket options than other Premier League teams. The report cites data from the Premier League Match Day Calculator, which shows that low match day tickets for Arsenal cost £27 – a cheaper buy than Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United.

But let’s be honest: Die-hard Arsenal fans want season tickets, but unless you’re willing to shell out £1014 to £2013, then you’re out of luck. That’s almost double the cost of season tickets for Chelsea (£595 to £1250.00) and Manchester United (£532 to £950.00).

Vital Football estimated the cheapest Arsenal season tickets at £1146 – even higher than the price tag on the Premier League Match Calculator. Tottenham Hotspur was ranked second most expensive at £847, followed by Liverpool (£758) and Chelsea (£659). Manchester City’s season tickets were estimated to be the cheapest, with budget prices falling at £331.

More than a few fans are disgruntled by Arsenal’s ticket prices – particularly given the teams less-than-remarkable results in recent years. Some supporters have called the prices “extortionate” – citing the massive salary of the team’s manager despite the lack of investment in top-tier players.

What Are the Cheapest Arsenal Matches at Emirates Stadium This Season?

According to, budget tickets to Arsenal matches at Emirates Stadium range from £22 (Arsenal vs. PFC Ludogorets Razgrad) to £207.56 (Arsenal vs. Manchester United). Here are a few low-priced matches from

  • October 15: Arsenal vs. Swansea City (£71.25)

  • October 22: Arsenal vs. Middlesbrough (£66.50)

  • November 26: Arsenal vs. Bournemouth (£66.50)

Ticket Prices Aren’t the Only Grievance amongst Arsenal Fans

The report from The Telegraph uncovered a long list of gripes that are creating a chasm between the club and fans. The most consistent complaint? Not investing enough in the transfer market.

More than once, manager Arsène Wenger has admitted that the team is weak in key positions – a remark that doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the current line-up. Yet, the team has not brought in talent in the areas where it is most needed such as the striker position.

Disgruntled fans have pointed out the fact that nothing seems to be changing in Arsenal’s training and playing style – despite lacklustre results in recent years. The club hasn’t won the Premier League in more than a decade.

Future Expectations of Ticket Prices & Premier League Results

The Premier League is the wealthiest league in football, but there’s been a recent talent shift to teams like Barcelona and Real Madrid. Despite the apparent reduction in athlete quality, it doesn’t appear that ticket prices will reduce any time soon. However, the growing discontent among fans has motivated some teams to enact ticket price freezes.

Arsenal hasn’t won the Premier League since 2004, yet its fan base is one of the most loyal in football. Still, it seems unlikely that the club can maintain its exorbitant ticket prices without delivering results – and that’s going to require changes – either in the playing style, training, transfer market spending or a combination of the three.

Where Does Arsenal Need to Improve Most?

You probably won’t find a consistent answer to this question no matter how many football analysts you ask. One issue that was exposed in the first part of the season was weakness at mid-field.

According to sports writer Galen Sona of, both Southampton and Paris Saint-Germain revealed that the current mid-field trio cracks under pressure.

Sona went on to point out the underperformance of Mesut Özil – a world class player who seemed to fall short against PSG and Southampton. By far, the 26-year-old has the highest weekly income on the Arsenal squad at £140,000, but his inconsistency leaves something to be desired.

Sona also highlighted the apparent lack of production from Shkodran Mustafi and Laurent Koscielny. He did, however, admit that the duo only had a week to train together, and they should improve over the coming months.

The bottom line: Arsenal needs to improve – perhaps more so than any other team in the Premier League given the exorbitant ticket prices. Whether the problem is personnel, tactics or management style, changes need to come soon if the club hopes to make an impact this season.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more