Sports fans are always coming up with new and inventive ways to show their chosen teams how much they are admired and supported. Sporting events and games are very popular with people of all ages and background and really help bring people together regardless of their background. No matter what sport you support, be in football or Quidditch (yes-that is a real sport believe it or not!), there is always a way to show your dedication. From grand gestures that require a little effort like arranging a social gathering, to championing your favourite player by putting their name on bespoke pin badges, there is something on our list for everyone!

Purchase Some Merch

No matter what size or type of team you support, one of the best ways to show your loyalty is by buying some merchandise. If you drive, consider buying flags or car stickers for your vehicle. If you’re more conservative by nature then purchasing a branded mug or keyring can go a great length to showing your support. It means that whenever you make your favourite hot drink or get your car keys out you are given a reminder of your favourite team and may even be reminded to book tickets to their next game!

Get Creative

While this involves a little more effort than buying a hoodie or cap from the team’s shop and wearing it to a game, it can be even more rewarding to get creative and get involved in making a spectacular statement that will make you stand out from others. Why not make your own t-shirt by getting your mates together and buying some cheap fabric paint and t-shirt? Using colour to customise a plain top with your favourite player names or slogans is a fun way to really show your dedication. Some companies also offer the opportunity for people to design their own bags or pin badges so that you can really make a statement with your attire. If you’re not a fan of wearing your creations, then don’t be afraid to create a sign to take to a football match, for example? Your sign can be funny, simple or as detailed as you like, as long as the letters are large enough and clear enough to read!

Give A Donation

Giving your favourite sporting team a donation is particularly beneficial if you support a smaller, more local team who possibly have less funding than other, larger teams. Your donations can help keep the club and team going by helping pay for scholarships, after school clubs/youth clubs or renovations. Sometimes the smallest contribution can go a long way in the long term success of a team and acts as an investment in its future.

Social Media

There are so many fun ways to show your love for your favourite team on social media these days. Twitter allows you to add a little sticker to your profile image so that you can show your support to a team publicly and easily. This is also a great way to meet likeminded individuals and strike up a conversation! Similarly, joining Facebook groups can let you chat to new people and even arrange fan meet ups.