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You all know that fitness is critical for a footballer. This becomes more crucial during the football seasons. Whenever we watch a football player on the fields, we’ll be surprised to witness their skills. Their stamina and ability will be enormous during the game. But, do you think that everything can be earned just in a day? No, they can’t be. Enormous efforts are essential to make these turn true. If you’re just starting out as a footballer, then these expert health tips will be mandatory for you, so read it fully…

From Ronaldo Himself:

Yes, Christiano Ronaldo - the legend has given his health tips for the prospective footballers here. As everyone is aware, he is well-known for his fitness and body. Let’s grab some useful tips directly from him now:

The first tip he gives for footballers is to train the mind in parallel with the body. Just as equal to physical strength, mental power is also critical. This is mandatory for prospective footballers if they want to reach their goals. The next tip he gives is to be disciplined. This would mean that footballers should keep themselves motivated. Also, adhering to the routine is key. He said that he had no room to ease out, which means he was always strict with himself. The third thing was about goals. He asks footballers to set goals for themselves in order to be focused and march toward their goals.

His next tip is to pick a partner to train with. This would motivate you as the competition builds; thus, would aid you in pushing yourself. It’s even better when the selected partner is more or less equal to you in power. This would help to push each other. The fifth tip was given for sleeping behaviors. The legend said that proper sleeping is much needed. This is crucial for getting the maximum out of training. He has also said that he would sleep early and wake up early, particularly during matches. It’s important for the muscles to restore.

Next health tip he gave was about warming up. He has mentioned that proper warm-up sessions would prevent injuries. He also mentioned that he used to perform pitches, stretches, and some cardio as warm-up protocols. He asks the aspirers to also perform something like this for their warm-ups. Another point he reveals is that combination is important in physical training. He suggests mixing up cardio with weight training to assure that the training has reached all parts equally. These will elevate your power and stamina, and simultaneously, keep your training interesting. Sometimes inexperienced footballers try to add steroids to the diet and it appears counter-productive. Ronaldo is against such supplements and advice to use only natural food.

He has added that cardio sessions are critical in building your endurance, and if you want to stay trim, don’t forget this. You are advised to do at least 30 minutes of this and take it from there. Finally, he has quoted to starting exercising wherever you can. May it be the bedroom or elsewhere, try to fit in an activity in all places.


  • 15 Sep 2015
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