Predicting the result of football matches is never easy as highlighted in the Champions League knockout phase when PSG thrashed Barcelona 4-0 and 24 hours later, when Arsenal capitulated in Munich.

There are so many random results that make gambling on football a costly business yet there is a way to make money betting without having to predict if Arsenal will beat Watford or relying on Burnley to beat Lincoln on your accumulator. is a website dedicated to making money for its members without the risk of losing. Using a technique called matched betting, you can take advantage of betting offers to make a guaranteed profit.

We’re seeing more and more bookmakers advertising for UK customers and they offer a huge variety of sign up offers, money back promotions and risk free bonuses. Matched betting allows you to qualify for free bets and bonuses for just pennies and use the free money to lock in a profit

At a recent count, there were more than 60 bookmakers offering a bonus for opening a new account, worth around £1000 risk free profit. They also promote offers for existing customers which means there are lots of opportunities to make money once the sign up offers are done.

A good example was the bet365 free in-play bet on Bayern Munich v Arsenal. I shouldn’t think too many Gooners would have won on such a disastrous result but matched bettors walked away with £35 from the offer not caring about who won. In a few minutes, they’d covered all outcomes and simply waited for the bets to settle and the profit to hit their accounts.

Many people are sceptical about matched betting when first told they can make money risk free but it’s a tried and tested method that’s been around since the turn of the century. Guardian Money ran a feature on matched betting back in 2010 and other trusted media websites like The Telegraph and Huffington Post have tried it out and confirmed that it works.

Matched betting is rendered risk free by backing a selection to win and laying it lose on a betting exchange. The application of a mathematical equation negates chance so that there is an equal return whatever the result. A typical return is £40 for a £50 free bet and nearer £45 for a £50 bonus which returns the stake.

Specialist tools, to find suitable bets and calculators for working out the ideal stakes to lay, are provided on matched betting sites which also contain guides and videos to explain how it’s done. This makes matched betting accessible to anyone eligible to open betting accounts and not just for those with betting savvy or a degree in maths.

Next up for Arsenal is a trip to Anfield which has proved to be a thrilling but dangerously unpredictable fixture over the years. You have the option to bet on the match and pray the gods of fortune are smiling down on you or use matched betting and guarantee you’ll win even if it doesn’t quite work out for the Gunners on the pitch.