Are you one of those folks who only remembers that you need to get some new travel luggage on the day when you’re at a loss to find anything to use for the trip you’re making to a conference or meeting?  Or are you someone who is embarrassed when your new friend stares at your travel bag from undergrad school when you pick it out of those at the airport carousel?  After the third time my luggage was tossed about by handlers I decided it was time to break down and get some new totes; particularly since my new job required me to spend half my time on the road.

Searching for new luggage can be worse than finding the suit the luggage will be carrying.  I was fortunate; the Container Store was offering a complete selection of various types of new luggage.  All I had to do was to pick out the particular style, design and color; then I could use my Groupon coupon to purchase them at prices of up to 43% off the list price.

I decided on three criteria to be used in selecting the luggage set I wanted.  First, durability. I wanted my set to be able to withstand abuse from the user – myself, since I tend to be exceedingly careless; the mechanical systems used today to transport luggage; and from nature including weather.  Second, portability.  I wanted luggage that was easy for a single person to handle without needing a warehouse hi-lo just to get from terminal door to the check-in counter.  And third, capacity.  I wanted my luggage to be able to carry as much as possible.  I ultimately settled upon soft-sided luggage so it could effectively squeeze it into tight spaces like airplane overheads or tight car trunks.  The leather set I selected had one large case, a shoulder bag and a suit bag; all had rollers, shoulder straps and folded down to fit on a closet shelf.  They were durable and attractive (leather!).  And they were light – at least until fully packed!  I could pack a suit, toilet kit, and a full weeks’ wardrobe, including shoes and casual wear.  And buying them with a Groupon coupon made the set cost less than either the jacket I bought to wear or the new suit I’d be wearing when working on my new job.