n the betting world, football provides the biggest open market to bookmakers. It’s even expected to supersede horse racing as the highest revenue sport. Today, punters are highly inclined towards football betting, where huge sums of money are placed each day on matches across the globe.


However, there are a few solid tips that punters should not forget if they are betting on the Premier League.


Recently, the Premier League has become the favourite domestic league for punters to bet on. The immense popularity of the league offers a lot of money making opportunities. The Premier League is one the most competitive leagues in the world which also makes it highly unpredictable. Punters who have mastered football betting have studied the players, coaches, teams and statistics for years.


Here is why football betting is so popular amongst punters:


Access to valuable information


Punters have access to valuable and reliable information regarding Premier League betting strategies. Their years of experience and knowledge about the game and teams gives them a secret advantage against those who are new to football betting. Betting sites provide you with a plethora of options to choose from, so punters can always expect to find a new market to place their money on. For example, the Sun Bets football betting page (https://www.sunbets.co.uk/sports/betting/Football) features club friendlies, in-play matches and competitions where you can find all different leagues and teams. You can then browse through the markets and choose which result you want to bet on. The options are truly endless.




The match location plays a significant role in sports betting. There are home and away advantages and disadvantages to every team in each game. In the Premier League, home games hold greater value and are significant in giving the home team an upper hand. Just by looking at the match locations, you can predict the outcome – although it’s not always as simple as that! This element of football betting is what makes it so popular.


Starting lineup


Based on the last five appearances and performance of the team, punters make use of the starting line up to judge which team is good on paper. In a league as competitive as the Premier League, team news is of real advantage. Almost every bookmaker and punter has team information for the Premier League. For example, if Eden Hazard is ruled out for his next game, the chances of Chelsea winning will reduce to some extent. Similarly, if a key player is returning from injury and makes it in the starting line-up, this will not only boost morale of the team and fans, but of the bookies as well who would be placing bets in his favour.


Unpredictable results


It’s a known fact that those who place bets will experience more losses than wins. The Premier League is unpredictable and there is no guaranteed winner. Likewise, there are certainly no guarantees that your betting strike rate will stay steady.


This is why it’s important for you to be prepared for losing not one, but many of your bets. Not everyone can cope with the rollercoaster of emotions that accompany a volatile run of results, but unfortunately, you don’t know how you might respond until you are actually in that situation yourself.


Follow your gut


It’s certainly not important to follow the crowd in football betting. Don’t always go by what others are doing or what you read on the internet, until you have a valid reason to back it up.


There’s no need to be afraid to bet against the crowd and have the courage to trust your gut feeling when a bet screams value to you. Recognise the bad bets and cut them out. Over time, the experience will tell you exactly when those occasions are.


Football betting has increased in popularity over the past few years, and it definitely doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon.