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One of the hottest strikers in Europe the last couple of years, that many predicted to end up in Real last year, is now is knocking on the door to Arsenal.

We all know the quality of Aubameyang. An amazing striker that's fast as the wind (fastest on FIFA 18, it says something). Year after year we find him in the top of the list of most goals scored in Bundesliga. Will we see him dressed in red and white in a few weeks? Let’s hope so!

I think this transfer would take Arsenal to the next level, combined with the latest sign of Henrikh Mkhitaryan. The speed and breakthrough quality they offer will make an effective weapon.

There are many indications that the transfer will go through within a few days, if we should listen to all rumours. In my opinion, If Arsenal manage to close this deal, I would say that this transfer window can be one of the best Arsenal made in a long time. It could be the transfer that take us to top 4 and Champions League.

Odds for Aubameyang - January transfer window

If you’d like to try to make some money based on the rumours, there always the possibility to place a bet. The odds are at the moment around 1,60 (4/7) that he will be representing Arsenal in February. Which is a quite good indication of how close the deal is.

However, it might not be the best way to go if you chase that big win, as the odds is quite low. If you’re looking for a winning of your dreams you could visit Dreamz Casino, where you can find nice bonus offers for UK based casinos, among many other useful things.

If you don’t want to go the casino-way, there’s also option to place a bet on a transfer for other teams as well. A transfer to Liverpool for instance will give you 21X your bet!

Downside for the transfer

The downside to this transfer is that Arsenal might lose Giroud on a loan to Dortmund. In my opinion, he’s a perfect striker to have in the squad as well. A completely different player with other qualities that’s nice to have against low defending teams in locked games.

I for one will keep my thumbs for a transfer will go through within a few days. Arsenal need it. I need it.


  • 15 Sep 2015
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