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1) Firstly what did you make of the performance of the team in our 4-1 victory over Everton?

@andyyy_1 - Considering the enormity of the game and how Everton outplayed us for large sections of the game at the Emirates in the league, I thought we were very impressive. Performing well in first halves is something that has seemed alien to Arsenal fans for a couple of seasons now, so to see us take control of the game early was reassuring. I thought we were a little unlucky to be only level at HT, to be honest. Looking back, we controlled most of the second half fairly comfortably but it felt incredibly tense, even after we’d scored our second.

@kickarseHD - I thought we were excellent bar 10 minutes after half time. The Flamini/Arteta partnership worked pretty well, the 3 attacking midfielders sparkled and Sanogo whilst not being a genuine goal threat worked his socks off. Defensively we were pretty sound as per (Pun intended) usual.

@tim_lewis85 - It was an accomplished performance. We fully deserved to win it. The scoreline may have flattered us a bit but there is no doubt we fully deserved the victory. It was clear that the players wanted it so much, epitomised by Per dropping to his knees after the third goal. It was the performance we've been screaming out for for a while after some lacklustre performances. Some of our football was absolutely incredible. The fourth goal in particular was vintage Arsenal.

@woodysirish - I thought we were fantastic, alot hungrier and fluid, plus Giroud seemed to have got a smack in the face as Sanogo is pressuring him.. Ox really speeded  things up, Ozil never stopped,Santi the same and Rosicky is different class.

2) In your opinion, what were the differences between that performance and our last one up at Stoke?

@andyyy_1 - Well, the change of personnel in forward positions is the main thing for me. We look so much more dangerous with Sanogo up front. The front 4 vs Stoke must have been one of the slowest and most immobile we’ve seen under Wenger. Bringing AOC, Özil and Sanogo in meant that we had pace and players that were willing to make runs, something we saw very little of against Stoke until Oxlade-Chamberlain was introduced late on.

@kickarseHD - The balance of the starting 11 was far better in this game, I'm not a fan of us starting without attacking pace in the lineup especially away from home. I feel pace gives us a real outlet and helps us both defensively and offensively.

@tim_lewis85 - I was at the Stoke game and my overriding feeling was one of the players not being up for the fight. They bottled challenges and, with the exception of Ox when he came on, didn't try and take the game to Stoke. We looked scared and didn't like the robustness of Stoke's tackles (although, having said that, Stoke were at their thuggish best and were lucky to keep 11 men on the pitch. Scumbags.) The Everton game was a complete change. The players were well up for it from the first whistle and took the game to Everton. The selection of Ox was a great call. He just makes stuff happen, he frightens defenders, forces them into mistakes and even when he plays a stray pass he busts a gut to get back and atone for his error. This effort spurred on the other players, in my opinion, as well. They just wanted it so much.

@woodysirish - No fear, we knew it would be a hard game, but football wise, not getting kicked around the place.

3) Who were your stand out performers on the day and why?

@andyyy_1 - Özil was the standout, of course. Oxlade-Chamberlain, too. The way he has come back is nothing short of exceptional. Many expected him to have a big season this year, but of course the injury occurred and I thought any such hopes were dashed. Almost seems silly to single out Sagna for a good performance because it’s just what we expect, but he was brilliant also. I desperately want him to stay, but if the last thing he does in an Arsenal shirt is lift the FA Cup then it’s a fitting way for him to go out.

@kickarseHD - Mesut Ozil. The guy oozes class, Ozil makes the waves and it allows players like Cazorla and Chamberlain to have fun splashing in the puddles. Also Bacary Sagna, give him what he wants PLEASE. Special mention for the captain Thomas Vermaelen *Fist bump*

@tim_lewis85 - Obviously I have already mentioned Ox but other stand out performers for me were Özil, Cazorla and Giroud.

Özil has come in for a lot of stick recently, some of it probably justified given the price tag. My feeling on Özil is that he is so much cleverer than the other players that he can seem to be out of form when, in fact, players aren't making the runs that he can see. Case in point was the fourth goal against Everton when he directed Giroud where to go even before Rosicky picked up the ball. The man is absolutely magic and we are so lucky to have him.

Cazorla was at the heart of a lot of our best stuff and it was great to see him and Özil performing well together. When those two purr, it is a joy to watch. Cazorla is so supremely talented but has been a bit hit and miss at times this season so it was great to see him involved in so much of our good stuff.

I am not Giroud's biggest fan, I think he flounces about a lot and misses some golden opportunities but I cannot fault him yesterday. His movement for his first goal was outstanding and he put the game to bed.

@woodysirish - As above Ox (even though he gave the ball away alot,he worked like mad to get it back), Ozil - class, Santi - class, Per class, even Vermaelen, in fairness very good, and Flamini needs a mention too, so controlled after he got his yellow.

4) Was there anything that you were not happy with?

@andyyy_1 - Apart from Flamini’s display, nothing in particular. Can’t really complain about a 4-1 win in the QF!

@kickarseHD - Well I'm never happy to see us concede on the break. Its probably due to my view in the stadium, I can see the breaks pretty well and they kind of unfold in slow motion which is pretty painful viewing! And Mark Clattenburg, a retake? Really? Get lost pal.

@tim_lewis85 - It seems odd to have any gripes when we have won an FA Cup quarter final 4-1 but there were a couple of things that annoyed me. Flamini picking up an unnecessary booking early doors which I feel had a direct impact on us conceding the goal. If he isn't on a yellow card, he can challenge Barkley and probably stop the attack. Instead, he lets Barkley run unchallenged and cross for their equaliser. I like Flamini's passion but it borders on idiocy at times and can cost us. Luckily it didn't in the end against Everton.

The other issue is Sanogo. I know he has only played a few games but I am just not convinced by him. He doesn't seem to know what he is doing. He has a lot of pace but doesn't seem to use it and his movement is poor. I hope he proves me wrong but I can't see him being much cop for us

@woodysirish -
Not really, just a wee bit sloppy in posession at times, and crossing into box with nobody there, and Arteta shying out of a few tackles

5) With Wigan shocking Manchester City, how are you feeling about our FA Cup chances? Bullish or cacking it?

@andyyy_1 - I’m somewhere in-between, and that’s a good place to be in my opinion. If ever there was a team that could find whole new ways to screw it all up, it would be Arsenal. We’re obviously significantly better than anyone left in the competition, but we’ve gone out of the cups in dreadful fashion to far inferior teams before. I’m not taking anything for granted just yet.

@kickarseHD - I was bullish beforehand but even more so now, its a wonderful opportunity to start a new era for the club. This group of players winning a trophy really could be lift off given the majority of them are tied down long term.

- On paper our name should now really be on the cup, we should not struggle against any of the teams left. However, I have seen enough Arsenal cock ups to be shit scared! We just can't be complacent and I think it is a no brainer that we HAVE to play our strongest team. This is our best chance of silverware and we have to go all guns blazing for it. Also, Wigan have just beaten Man City at the Etihad. They are no mugs but we should be beating them fairly comfortably. However, Arsenal love to make us suffer!

@woodysirish - I hate to say it, as i know it'll bite me, but naturally Bullish

6) Any further points?

@andyyy_1 - Just don’t mess it up!

@kickarseHD - I might be wrong but the excellent opportunity we have in the FA cup may allow us to play with more freedom in the final 10 league games. I make us a real dangerous dark horse in the title race. Wouldn't you just love it?!

@tim_lewis85 - Please please please let us win this cup! I need a trophy. I'm like a bloody magpie, I like shiny things. I'm fed up of hearing people mug us off about our trophy drought. Please, Arsenal.

@woodysirish - Just happy really, a great day, sun was shining, everyone was in great form, so onwards, happy camp.

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