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1) Feeling almost speechless after that today. Where do you think we went wrong?

@CrazyGoose - Tactics, it seems to be the same in every away match vs a top team, way too open, midfield too attacking (trying to prove a point?) get countered easily and Giroud gets contained easily.

Also, not enough pace to get in behind to score, attacks break down and opponents find it easy to get to our box and get a shot off.

In contrast Mourhino sets his teams up for a point in away matches vs top teams and they try to counter to snatch a 1-0.

@esso260589 - Pretty speechless as well.  Went wrong in the 1st 10 minutes, Liverpool all over again.  Just did not look up for it, whereas at The Swamp we were straight up and at them.  Not good.

@Marbinaaa - Our performances haven't been good enough recently, think we've been quite lucky to get 3 points on a few occasions such as Spurs away, we seem to be lacking any real bite. We're renowned for not performing against the big teams this season, but what's more daunting is the margin we lose by and it's not coincidental. We started way too slow and put next to no pressure on the opposition, which isn't uncommon this season, and too frequently got dispossessed in dangerous positions. Chelsea capitalised on our mistakes at every opportunity and playing a high line against such an effective counterattacking team is always going to be problematic.

2) What differences did you notice from the Tottenham display only last week compared to today?

@CrazyGoose - Failed to get the early goal, then once we conceded went into full attack mode and left ourselves wide open, vs Spurs we kept very compact and dealt with every ball thrown at us, also the midfield were more aggressive vs Spurs and didn't allow counters through the middle.

@esso260589 - The start - first 20 minutes (same as 'pool) just looked so fragile, really weird. No confidence, no sense of 'we are third in the league on merit', just supine awfulness.  Not going to speculate why that was, but the fact remains, it most certainly was.

@Marbinaaa -
We had a good opening ten minutes or so against Tottenham but then looked quite shaky, whereas today we were unsteady and lacked any real composure from the get go. There wasn't one standout performer either, everyone was equally poor and the whole setup was a mess. We weren't defensively tight which is how we managed to not concede against Tottenham and we got dispossessed in vulnerable positions on far too many occasions today.

3) Were there any positives to take from today?

@CrazyGoose - At least we can appeal Gibbs red card & Kallstrom is available

@esso260589 - Absolutely none. Other than Chelsea didn't score 8, which they could have done. Easily.

@Marbinaaa - If I'm honest I'm struggling to take any positives from todays game, I just appreciate the scoreline not being higher than 6-0 which is an absurd thing to say. I just hope we don't dwell on the defeat too long and get our head in the game for Swansea and Man City. Pundits claim we lack mental strength, which is probably true to a certain extent, but one thing we're good at this season is moving on from big defeats quickly and effectively.

4) Silly question perhaps but is that it for any potential title hopes?

@CrazyGoose - No, but a huge dent, Chelsea have a very easy run in, bar Liverpool, but I would expect them to beat them, if Liverpool beat Chelsea and City, then they will be favourites, if Liverpool beat Chelsea and lose to City, it can leave us in a good position. Definitely out of our hands now and we would have to beat Man City to have a realistic chance.

As I write this, Cardiff are currently winning vs, I mean drawing with Liverpool, maybe, just maybe.....

@esso260589 -
They were only minimal.  They are now infinitesimall.  Bookies know the score.  Look at the odds they were offering against us in the last week. Were proved right today.

@Marbinaaa - If we drew or won today I would've definitely still have considered us title contenders, but it's safe to say that ship has sailed. Finishing 3rd, or maybe even 2nd (wishful thinking) and potentially winning the FA cup wouldn't be a disaster for our first season back as real contenders in my opinion.

5) Anything else you would like to add?

@CrazyGoose - I want to cry.

@esso260589 - Nothing that happened today alters anything about my relationship with Arsenal Football club.  I love the club; I love the manager (whoever it is at the time) and I love (most of) the players.  But most of all I love my fellow supporters who have stood where it mattered shoulder to shoulder for many years.  We're a great club with a great following and our day will come. As it has many times in the past.

@Marbinaaa - Bring home the FA Cup please!

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