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Arsenal battled back in the second half to snatch a draw from title favourites Manchester City. Here are some questions and answers from another collection of Gooners on Twitter.

1) Are you happy with the point, or are you disappointed with the final result?

@DailyCannon - I’m happy even though I feel we did enough to come away with all three points. City were good in the first half, but not as good as Sky Sports made them out to be. In the second we dominated from start to finish and City rarely looked dangerous.

@MyrealmAFC - It's hard to be disappointed after our recent results, however that Podolski chance makes it a bit harder to take. We could have won this game on another day but it seems as though we've run out of luck.

@thedanielcowan - A bit of both. I’m disappointed we didn’t finish the game off as I felt we had the momentum but everyone thinks City are going to win the league so to come back from one nil down after the week we’ve had makes me a little happy.

 @Yoiii - Before the game even the most positive of Gooners would have settled for a point. Given our form, morale and injuries, it was less a question of 'if', but of 'how many' Its a great point. We fought hard and fully deserved that draw. With a little more luck or a moment of madness it could have gone either way. But I am happy we could keep a side of City's quality relatively quiet in the second half. Of course we would have loved to see that Podolski effort go in and get all 3. But more than points today, the performance was the reward for fans.

2) What were the differences between the first half and second half in your eyes?

@DailyCannon - We built on the momentum we established in the first half and they seemed to cast off any fear they’d been carrying after the Chelsea result. They seemed a lot freer and we saw that in the quickness of their passing and the fluidity which seemed to return to the side.

@MyrealmAFC - In fact I don't think our first half was that bad. We had the desire that we were lacking vs Chelsea and Swansea, especially after conceding, but with our line-up we were always going to struggle to get shots on target. The team came up even more fired up in the second half. Hopefully we will carry on this attitude into our remaining fixtures.

@thedanielcowan - In the first half we allowed City to press us too easily and without reply. Their goal was a little fortuitous and they took good control of the game after that.  In the second half we pushed up and pressed with greater purpose. I also think the number of yellow cards they had in key positions helped us take control of the game as they looked a little apprehensive at the start of the second half, possibly not wanting to get into a sticky situation, and we took full advantage of that to dominate the ball.

@Yoiii - There was more determination and more belief in the second half. I guess we realised in the tunnel that we are still pretty much in the game and City did not have those many chances either. With a little more effort we could force a change of fortune, and we did. Don't remember when I last saw Gunners fighting this hard for each ball. It was a delight to watch us in the second half. The first half yellows to 3 key City players certainly played a part in how they played in
the second half.

3) Who stood out for you in a red an white shirt and why?

@DailyCannon - For me both Tomas Rosicky and Santi Cazorla really stood out. Rosicky was determined to drive forward at every opportunity and Cazorla was like a terrier in the middle of the park, pressuring players twice his size.

@MyrealmAFC - Rosicky was very impressive today. In fact half of our team struggled to keep up with his pace. He's 33 years old! His directness was a breath of fresh air and even though he faded away in the second half, which is expected given his age, he's still my MoTM.

Special mention to Cazorla who hardly put a foot wrong the whole afternoon.

@thedanielcowan - Mathieu Flamini. He had great energy, pressured the ball, marshalled the midfield and stepped up to operate the box to box role when no-one else was offering support to the forward line. I also want to praise Giroud. He didn’t have a great game but in the sporadic periods he had decent support he played some good stuff, held the ball up well and started the move for the goal.

@Yoiii - Its difficult to name one player as many were outstanding. Flamini, Rosicky were immense.
But it was Cazorla who stood out most for us today. A lot of it simply because he was played in a position where he could affect the play a whole lot more. This is definitely a performance which should make AW wonder about his midfielder options in the middle.

4) Who could have done better this afternoon and why?

@DailyCannon - Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski. Giroud’s form in recent weeks has been terrible and it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of getting better. Podolski got the assist but he was also at fault for their goal.

@MyrealmAFC - I would say Giroud but he seems out of his depth, not sure he could do better than this. He lacks the basic strikers' instinct and overall technical ability.  Arteta's offensive play improved but he still has work to do defensively. Failed to track runners a number of times. I would be surprised if both are still starting for us next season.

@thedanielcowan - I don’t like to criticise players after a performance like that but I have felt for a number of games now that Arteta and Cazorla need to step it up a bit. Both are often caught dawdling on the ball and give up possession cheaply far too regularly. Santi is a player I love to watch but also often feel very frustrated with at times. I think my frustration is compounded by the vociferousness of the support he receives for playing in the CAM role. I feel that Santi’s stellar first season and our lack of quality in that position meant he often flattered to deceive. 90% of what Santi does is always that 5% too much – either the ball is too fast or it’s too far behind or in front of the player or his free-kicks and corners are over hit. He is a fantastic player but he seems to be in a rut and I don’t think making him the hive for our midfield attacking activity is beneficial to us or to him. That said, I thought both played extremely well in the second half.

@Yoiii - Olivier Giroud undoubtedly. He couldn't make a yard or two from defenders  when he actually managed to get a touch. And on the rare 2,3 moments he did find the chance to shoot, his attempts were no where near what the team deserved tonight from their performance. Imagine an Henry upfront
tonight. Would we have won? Again 'by how many' is the question.

5) Is this a performance that we can build on with Everton around the corner?

@DailyCannon - Is this a performance that we can build on with Everton around the corner?
This performance must surely restore not only a bit of pride but belief as well. I am far more confident about the game at Goodison now than I was before this game kicked off.

@MyrealmAFC - Absolutely. The teams' attitude was brilliant, we were constantly pressing and winning balls high up the field. The commitment was there for everyone to see. Shame we didn't show this response vs Swansea in mid-week. If we carry on like this we could easily win all of our remaining fixtures.

@thedanielcowan -Definitely – The game next weekend represents a chance to both keep us in the title race and distance ourselves from Everton and the players will know that. A win against Everton will almost entirely kill any “battles for fourth” from materialising.

@Yoiii - It most certainly must instill a lot of confidence in our players tonight. This was the last of the 'tough' top 4 games and we came out with heads held high from it. The road ahead is much easier, and gunners should remember now how they more than matched a full squad City. This can be done again. And more points will be on offer for any performance as good as tonight's

6) Any other thoughts?

@DailyCannon - The Ox must start ahead of Podolski at Everton and I’d even consider starting Sanogo ahead of Giroud.

@MyrealmAFC - I think it's fair to say that our title challenge is over, mainly because of bad luck with injuries, Podolski's chance (which he would've scored 9 times out of 10) and especially a disappointing mentality in the past week. However I think any Arsenal fan would've taken a CL place and the FA Cup at the start of the season. It's imperative that we don't mess up.

@thedanielcowan - I think the way we finished the game is the way we started against Chelsea and Liverpool and maybe that is why we lost so heavily. If we can push on with a more conservative start to games and build our intensity as matches roll on with steady increase I think we’ll see a very positive end to the season.

@Yoiii - A few players might return before the season ends, and that should make the run easier. Chelsea dropped points today and so did City. With Liverpool's big clashes coming up, we can get ourselves some popcorn and enjoy the rest of the run.

A big question now for AW is whether he'd like to risk playing Flamini in the Everton game. Another yellow is a 2 game suspension. He played exceptionally well today. Do we need him more against Everton or the SF with Wigan. Its a trick question for AW. Fingers crossed.


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