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1) A much needed three points but what did you make of the performance?

@AlexFortyNine - Overall a very solid and much needed performance. A bit of a slow start but it was vital to get the equaliser before half time. The man Podolski once again against West Ham coming up with the goods. The second half was a lot better and the intensity of the game rose. We remained solid at the back without them really threatening and created a few decent chances. Both Giroud and Podolski's second half goals were excellent. Giroud's a touch of class and finish. Podolski's second a brilliant blend of team play and once again a power shot into the roof of the net. No goalkeeper is saving that!

@CSJDKK1 -1st half: Sluggish and slow overall but the attacking play was particularly frustrating with lack of movement and woeful finishing on a few occasions. Santi a highlight with his persistence on creating and it paid off. 2nd half: Much better and the players stepped it up. Not sure where we got the energy from but  it was great to see and also somewhat unexpected. Play like we did in 2nd half and things are looking up + Ozil is coming back.

@mattlittlechild - I thought we were rather slow out of the blocks and lacked any real pace and inspiration in our attacking play in the first 30 minutes. But it was almost as if going behind was a good thing, as it gave us the kick up the backside we needed to respond and up the ante in the final third.

The second half was the most enjoyable half of football I've seen since the same period at home to Man City. The team looked fresh and full of attacking incentive and impetus, whilst remaining solid at the back and our work rate was excellent.

We needed the three points and we got them comfortably in the end, despite the scare in the first half, so credit must go to the team for that and the response they gave.

@Sultan_l0 - I'd sum it up as efficient, a much needed 3 points put the pressure back on Everton who play Palace tomorrow. Was good to finally get back to winning ways.

2) Which players stood out for you positively and why?

@AlexFortyNine - It's really hard to choose a standout player for me. As a team were were good. The main ones for me though would probably have to be Santi, who worked his socks off. Even winning the ball back on a few occasions, also going so close to score himself. What foot is he?!?
Arteta for me was also excellent. After a leggy 120 minutes against Wigan he really got stuck in tonight giving the opposition players no time on the ball at all. A positive performance from Vermaelen at left back. Probably the best performance from him in that position. Lastly, Podolski was also great, he actually worked back and last the full 90 minutes. Both his goals were exceptional finishes.

@CSJDKK1 - Santi is my MOTM as he played well in both halves and created good chances. He was everywhere tonight. Giroud deserves a mention for his outstanding goal and he really made his mark in the last 45 min. Podolski was clinical and I’m forever a fan of his left foot, even if the rest of him is invisible at times. Fine full debut for Källström too but  in essence everyone stepped it up in 2nd half.

@mattlittlechild - There was several stand out performers for me. Kallstrom impressed in his full debut, looking strong and composed in the middle of the park. Arteta picked up where he left off after an excellent 120 minutes at Wembley. I thought Diame slightly got the better of him in the first half but Arteta raised his game admirably after the break. I and many others wrote him off after the Everton game but he's responded brilliantly since, like the true professional that he is.

Cazorla was superb on and off the ball, and my pre-match concerns about our left hand side turned out to be misplaced as Vermaelen was as solid as I've seen him for a while and Podolski's finishing was ultimately the difference, plus his link up play was improved too.

Ramsey came on and his energy drove us over the line as he filled gaps everywhere on the pitch in the final ten minutes, whilst Mertesacker and Koscielny kept Andy Carroll quiet and miserable for the whole match, which was glorious.

@Sultan_l0 - Giroud and Podolski for obvious reason. Despite not doing too much they both grabbed some goals and that's what it's all about and what we've been crying out for.

3) Which Arsenal player disappointed you and why?

@AlexFortyNine - I can't really say any player disappointed me. The one player who seems really tired and in need of a rest is Mertesacker. After all he has played the most out of all our players.

@CSJDKK1 - In the 1st half quite a few stood out negatively but they redeemed themselves after the break (e.g. Giroud). Rosicky did not have his greatest game today but fought well.

@mattlittlechild - There were no big disappointments for me, but Szczesny's distribution was a bit suspect and put us under unnecessary pressure a couple of times.

I was fuming at Giroud for his "effort" in the first half, where he went with a left footed flick when he should've done what he eventually did for his well taken goal and buried it with his right foot. But Giroud worked hard off the ball and linked up with our midfield well, so I wouldn't categorise him as a disappointment on this occasion. Except for that shot!

@Sultan_l0 - In all honesty, nobody really. Everybody performed at a decent level so all is well.

4) Does Sam Allardyce going on unhappy give you an extra spring in your step like myself?

@AlexFortyNine - Ha. Seeing Sam moaning is a treat. He hasn't been to bad with Arsenal lately so there are other managers who I despise more.

@CSJDKK1 - Definitely. Never liked him haha.

@mattlittlechild - Always. Suffering at the hands of that fat walrus is never a pleasant experience. Seeing him flap on the touch line throughout the second half gave me much joy!

@Sultan_l0 - Must admit it was funny to see especially from the stadium but he did give us some credit pre match but hey nice guys finish last.

5) With our second half performance along with Özil and co coming back, do you think we can see some of our best football return before season end?

@AlexFortyNine - We can all hope so. Ramsey coming on showed a glimpse of what we are capable of when we have runners. I'm looking forward to our last 5 games. Let's see what we can do!

@CSJDKK1 - We’ll see improvements now Aaron is back and Ozil will be a boost but the lack of pace is still a worry. With those two back we should have enough to beat the remaining opponents in a more convincing fashion than what we’ve witnessed lately.

@mattlittlechild - Absolutely. That result was imperative today to build momentum and confidence, and with Koscielny and Ramsey now back, both putting in excellent performances too, plus with Ozil hopefully set to return for the trip to Hull I think there's plenty of reasons to be optimistic.

There's no room for error now though, and it's almost as if we have four more cup finals in the League before our actual cup final on May 17th.

We'll need to be at our best to see off the teams we're left to play, most of whom are involved in the relegation scrap so won't be a pushover, but after yesterday's display I'm confident we can do just that and get the points we need.

@Sultan_l0 - I do think so because there's a world class player to come back and 2 or 3 key components of the squad. It really is difficult when you have to put out a team that is weak and rarely played together or have to form a makeshift LB.

6) Will we get fourth?

@AlexFortyNine - We've done it before so I don't see why we can't again. It's our specialty. Let's win all of our games and i'm sure we will be top 4. You never know, maybe 3rd.

@CSJDKK1 - Yes. Been very impressed with Everton but surely they will drop points against City, maybe even United if they haven't gone on holiday already. Southampton away is not easy either. I fully expect us to win our remaining games and Aaron back makes that prediction much more realistic. Just no more injuries, please.

@mattlittlechild - It's so tough to call. Everton still have to play both Manchester clubs but they're playing such great football and it's all in their hands. However I think they'll drop points in the run in.

That's why we can't afford to slip up. If Everton give us an advantage or an opportunity, it won't be a big one. I strongly believe though that if we win all our remaining fixtures, that'll be enough to win the Race for Fourth. Then if we win the cup final too, that'd be the Double!!

@Sultan_l0 - No doubt

7) Any other thoughts?

@AlexFortyNine - The one thing I'd love us to try out just once like we did in the Semi Final with Giroud and Sanogo. A 442 but with Giroud and Podolski. As long as we have the workers in midfield for example Ramsey I reckon it could work in certain circumstances.  That's all from me!

@CSJDKK1 - Aaron is back to his best and I'm very happy Giroud stepped it up like he did. Been struggling lately but that goal might give him some much needed confidence. That touch and that finish was magical.

@mattlittlechild - Great to see Arsenal back with a spark in them after a difficult few weeks and a long game on Saturday.

I'm just hoping now that we keep our key players fit till the end of the campaign and build on the belief and momentum regained after the last couple of games. If we do, we should be ok.

@Sultan_l0 - I think people need to stop overreacting. As long as we win what more do people want?

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