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1) What did you make of Ramsey and Özil playing together again? Did they make a difference to how we played?

@arsenaloFka - Yes, think it made all the difference. Özil with a few of his amazing passes, and Ramsey with goal and assist, just wow. You can see how much they were missed. I was a bit worried about Özil before kick off, thought it might be too soon to start him, but he did great. Ramsey needs no words, he showed it on the pitch. All the "what if's" are killing me.

@gunnerpunner - It was great to have them both back in the team. I was a bit worried about Özil coming straight back into the starting lineup but he seemed to cope ok & the big advantage of getting the job done early is that you can rest players earlier than normal. Both Ramsey & Özil drive the team forward. Having two players who look to move forward whenever they get the ball, rather than passing to the nearest unmarked man, makes a huge difference. They both played through the lines & opened up space, and took up positions between the lines when others were on the ball. It gave us so many options that we haven't had for a while. They also released Giroud into the channels on a number of occasions & he looked happier to make those runs with players in the team who were able to find him. Ramsey was everywhere.

@L_R_guigs - absolutely, I think that we saw a positive, attacking style away from home that had been sorely missing for a long time.

@MayowaIdowu - On the day in which we celebrate Jesus' resurrection,  it was poetic that two of our most important players came together for the first time this year. It was a bit depressing considering the way our season has petered out, but when you look at the build up to our goals, their importance is underlined. Regarding the difference they make, no one in our team makes runs into the box to support Giroud the way Ramsey does and that was captured by the first goal. Having both of them back also means we're so much stronger on the counter attack. It's also no coincidence that Giroud has looked more effective from outside the box in Ramsey's return. I would also suggest that having both back would have enhanced the confidence of the team.

2) Who was your Arsenal man of the match and why?

@arsenaloFka - Ramsey, hands down.

@gunnerpunner -
Aaron Ramsey. What a player. He was out for so long but you can't tell. His legs are back too - often our deepest midfielder and yet always in the box when we create a change. The first goal summed up what he offers us. A quick turn to lose his man on the half-way line then a clever run off the ball & a good finish. Started and finished a great move. Özil's pass to Cazorla was also excellent. Ramsey's a pleasure to watch because he makes things happen and his effort lifts the whole team. A goal, an assist and the run & shot that made our third goal too. And we would've had a penalty if he hadn't been working so hard to get up in support of Chamberlain. I love Aaron Ramsey. Special mention to Wojciech Szczesny.

@L_R_guigs - Aaron Ramsey, he is always looking for positive attacking movements and is a real creative force in the team. Nice to see him score too.

@MayowaIdowu - Until we took control of the game, Szczesny did his job creditably. His improvement has been one of the high points this season.

Aaron Ramsey. The complete midfielder. It's been Steven Gerard love in season of late and I've had cause to consider the progression of his career. Gerrard's reputation is largely built around two games: The Champions League final comeback against Milan and the 2006 FA Cup Final. Jack Wilshere is often viewed as our lynchpin but I am wont to argue that Ramsey is probably our most important player. If anyone is going to replicate Gerrard's career and impact in North London, it would be Ramsey. He leads the team in the way he plays and had a hand in everything good we did. A master of universality and surely on the cusp of being one of the best in the world in his position.

3) Did anyone disappoint today, if so why?

@arsenaloFka - Hm, think that every time we win, I instantly forget about who played bad! I was worried about Nacho playing, but he was okay, did the job. Sagna was a bit off the speed today but I forgive him.

@gunnerpunner - The ref? Two penalties we should've had and one/two red cards they should've had. Luckily it didn't matter. I thought everyone played their part

@L_R_guigs - Monreal did what he had to do, but he's nowhere near good enough to be our first choice left back. In Gibbs' shadow by a country mile.

@MayowaIdowu - In the first half, Santi Cazorla was a bit shoddy in possession but he gradually found his feet and had a great assist. Other than that, won't really say anyone had a poor game.

4) Will this result have any impact on the FA cup final in your eyes?

@arsenaloFka - Yes, of course! We'll think it's easy, as we always do, haha. And, think we have every right. They were looking good when we were "warming up" but that's it. Long and Jelavic won't play there, so that's a plus, and we'll probably have Gibbs ready.

@gunnerpunner - Nope. If anything we should be more careful. I'd like to think a 5-0 aggregate league win would encourage us but I think the danger of complacency is greater than anything positive we've gained. As a result, it's good for us to be playing football again but come the final I think it'll be a much tighter game. I doubt they'll go in with 2 up front, especially without Long or Jelavic.

@L_R_guigs - No. Partly because teams will always play with a different mentality in a cup final, partly because I'm still too jittery about us!!!

@MayowaIdowu - Nope. For one, Hull won't have Jelavic and Long in the final so I would expect them to set up differently. Cup games are one offs so we must get this game out of out heads and turn up at Wembley and provide our best.

5) Are you confident of getting in the top four after today?

@arsenaloFka - Yeah, we can, but I'll be more confident if United actually do something today.

@gunnerpunner -
I wouldn't say I'm 'confident'. We're Arsenal - we can beat anyone and we can lose to anyone. I'd say we *should* get there but that doesn't really mean much in football.

@L_R_guigs - Absolutely. With our run in compared to Everton's it'd be criminal for us not to achieve it.

@MayowaIdowu - Yup! Never in doubt. *puffs cigar*

6) Any other thoughts?

@arsenaloFka - Can't not mention the ref, who was once again really bad. We should have had at least 2 pens, and that high foot challenge on Arteta and elbow on Giroud were AT LEAST a yellow. Refereeing all in all this season is very very poor.

@gunnerpunner - Aaron Ramsey.

@L_R_guigs - Brilliant to see Özil back after so long, he's a world class talent. Also sad that Podolski didn't play the full 90, if only to try and get a hat trick.

@MayowaIdowu - Every midfielder in the academy should be provided tapes of Aaron Ramsey. Also, how amazing would it be to have Paul Pogba beside Ramsey?

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  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more