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1) What did you think of the performance overall?

@GoonerChris1886 - I thought it was very good. Quick passing, the team created plenty of chances and we could easily have had more goals. Having Özil and Ramsey back in the side makes such a difference and it really makes you think what could have been if both hadn't have been out injured for long periods of time.

@JJDKENNEDY - It was a solid professional display. Newcastle really didn't offer much and sat back for most of the game. The few times they asked questions of us defensively, we answered without hesitation. Going forward we looked dangerous even if some of the passing was a little 'off' at times. I couldn't of asked more at this stage of the season against a team who weren't up for it.

@LA1886 - It was ok. The game just never required us to get out of first gear. When we did string a few passes together it was wonderful to watch, Özil is just mesmerising and finally seems to be striking a good understanding with Cazorla. Newcastle were truly horrible and we comfortably held them at arm's length.

2) Who in your opinion was the Arsenal man of the match and why?

@GoonerChris1886 - Özil, he was exciting to watch tonight plenty of slick passing, that skill in the first half was awesome too! Scoring a goal rounded off a top performance.

@JJDKENNEDY - Man of the match was between Santi and Ozil for me. I'll have to go with Santi, he buzzed around the final third speeding up and switching the play stretching Newcastle. His delivery for the first was impeccable, something we don't see enough of. Pleased for Ozil after taking some stick recently, to come back with a goal and an assist, top quality.

@LA1886 - The aforementioned Mesut Özil. He dazzled whenever he got the ball in the final third. There's a lovely vine going around of him selling Gouffran a dummy in the first half before going in the other direction. He made a few runs beyond the back four, which was nice to see - he'd busted a gut to get alongside Giroud and wanted the ball earlier for the goal itself.

3) Did anyone disappoint? If so why?

@GoonerChris1886 - I wouldn't say anybody played badly, if anything I'd say Giroud should have finished off a few more of those chances created for him.

@JJDKENNEDY - Giroud, although he leads the line wells and gets kicked all over the park, I feel he could be stronger. He went down looking for fouls a little too often for me.

@LA1886 - Not particularly. I nearly said Podolski but as a whole his performance was no different to the last few games - just tonight the ball didn't ever really sit for him in a nice enough position for him to stroke home.

4) How confident are you about securing fourth?

@GoonerChris1886 - Extremely, for me it's just a matter of whether or not we can seal it before the Norwich game or not. Would be a bonus to rest players ahead of the final.

@JJDKENNEDY - We've one hand on the trophy! The way we're playing, wrap it up this weekend and then starting looking towards Wembley.

@LA1886 - Very. Anything could happen, but Everton host a Manchester City side vying for top spot on Saturday - even if they 'only' draw we would need just one more point. One win does it for us now and we've hit our stride again, you'd expect us to beat West Brom at home on Sunday if necessary and have a game to spare.

5) Alan Pardew has lost again, surely this is a good thing right?

@GoonerChris1886 - It is, the man is a cretin. How much longer can he stay in that job now that Newcastle have lost 14 of their last 19 games in all competitions?

@JJDKENNEDY - Seems he feels sorry for himself, the way things are run behind the scenes, mainly the sale of Cabaye, great to see in my book. I was hoping he'd try and land one on Wenger and Flamini would step in and knock him out!

@LA1886 - Alan Pardew losing will never not be a good thing. Never.

6) Any other thoughts?

@GoonerChris1886 - Important to finish season strongly, secure top 4, and win FA Cup. Do that and it will have been a decent season after all. 

@JJDKENNEDY - It's been and up and down season, we all got a bit too excited with our great start. Let's finish the season with a bang, finish 4th, or 3rd? Lift that famous old cup and set ourselves up for what should be an expensive summer. I have a feeling this team is going to be something special.


@LA1886 - Special mention for Aaron Ramsey, just because. The midfield is more dynamic in both directions, he adds a fluidity when we have the ball whether or not he's the one in possession. Without it his running power and commitment is amazing. What could have been.

Hopefully 4th will be wrapped up before we even play on Sunday. Get that sorted and on to Wembley before a crucial summer.

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  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more