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1) Firstly let's start with the result. Many people are reacting differently to the 0-0 final score. Are you content or disappointed with it?

@arsenalofka – I was aware it won't be an easy match. Turkish teams are very feisty and it always takes time to get it done. Before match I predicted 1-1, a draw that would fit us much more cause of the away goal. This one is not *that* bad. We didn’t lose, we didn’t concede. The game itself was awful which makes this result even more acceptable.

@MAmpov10 - Well, to be honest, I’m more disappointed with the performance rather than with the result. Today’s game showed signs of our lack of preparation and how rusty we look when we face a more physical side than ours. The result in the end is decent knowing it was a very tough away fixture and we still have the second leg to play, at the Emirates, so there’s still hope and a big chance of us qualifying so it shouldn’t be a big worry or something to moan about, in my view.

@rlewisafc - All things considered, it is a decent result. We are a team still getting back into our stride and Besiktas are not as bad as Fenerbache last season. An away goal would have been nice but I'm confident enough of us getting the job done at the Grove.

2) How much of a factor was the pitch? if any at all?

@arsenalofka – it was a big enough factor, as it always is, but I blame our team more than the men who are in charge of the pitch in Istanbul. We’re used to perfect pitch. It goes great with our style of play, with lots of passes. Bad pitch makes that difficult, and we always struggle with it. Maybe we should start working on the way we adapt to those few bad pitches we play on every season rather than use it as a go-to excuse when we don’t get the result we want.

@MAmpov10 - The pitch was horrible but I don’t think it was a big factor in the way we played neither did it have any effect on the final result or anything similar to that.

@rlewisafc - Clearly the pitch made it difficult for either side to play with any real fluency and restricted us to only patches of cohesive, high tempo football. On the whole I thought we coped with it okay.

3) In your opinion, who was Arsenal's best player on the night and why?

@arsenalofka – Hard to pick one when they all were so great, haha! Jokes aside, I’m fascinated with Chambers. He *did* have that one mistake, but I’m willing to let it go. He’s young, but looks so good and comfortable in defense! I was a bit skeptical when Wenger splurged so much on a youngster but I can definitely see it now, worth the money. Also, Debuchy did a good job, too.

@MAmpov10 - Easy answer, Calum Chambers. The boy is something special and he’s done an exceptional job since he joined our team. Hasn’t made anything wrong and tonight he was definitely our best on the pitch. Vocal, controlling and bar the slip that lead to Ba’s second chance he was an organizer of our defence. Very impressive for someone who’s only 19 years old.

@rlewisafc - Calum Chambers will deservedly get most of the plaudits. The boy is a little bit special. Despite being just 19 years of age and making his Champions League debut, for large parts he looked like our most experienced and composed defender. Szczesny also deserves some praise, making a couple important stops.

4) Who disappointed you the most and why?

@arsenalofka – Santi and Giroud. That’s a 2nd match in a row I’m disappointed in Santi. He looks lost on pitch, wrong passes, losing ball, just not good. He had that one free kick that almost went in but all in all, I would have subbed him off before Sanchez. Giroud is obvious choice, he was to blame for everything bad last night, according to some. He had wrong passes just like other players, and lost the ball just like other players, but his misses are always more criticized. I didn’t see anyone tweet when Sanchez lost the ball! I’m not saying he wasn’t that bad, I just think he’s still not match fit, and clearly had a bad day when nothing “clicked”.

@MAmpov10 - Cazorla, Giroud and Ramsey. Everyone else was good bar these three. Cazorla was found misplacing passes and losing possession while Giroud missed chance he should have been scoring any day of the week. Ramsey, however, pissed me off the most tonight. He’s a great player, one of our best but tonight we didn’t see his normal self…he was someone who was over-complicating and trying to much, especially with the dribbling and constant show-off moves but I am confident we’ll see the normal self of his once Ozil returns.

@rlewisafc - Giroud was frustrating but not as bad as most Arsenal fans would have you believe. Aaron Ramsey deserves some criticism for picking up two stupid yellow cards. With Arteta's injury, we could do without his absence in the second leg.

5) Unfortunately we miss Aaron Ramsey in the second leg, how would you go about replacing him if the choice was yours?

@arsenalofka – Hm, I didn’t give it much thought just yet. Not sure what’s the situation with Germans, but I hope Mesut will be ready to step up. I’d put in Rosicky too, leave out Cazorla, think he can play for at least one half and I always enjoy his performances. So I guess, Arteta (if fit, or Flamini, or Carvalho? haha), Wilshere, Rosicky, Ozil, and Sanchez would do it for me. Or leave Santi in but don’t put up with him more than 60 minutes if he’s as bad as last 2 games.

@MAmpov10 - There’s only one answer to that question. Jack Wilshere.

@rlewisafc - With Ramsey and seemingly Arteta out of the return tie, I'd go for a 4-2-3-1 formation, with Flamini and Wilshere holding, and Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain ahead of them. The Ox should be starting regardless in my opinion!

6) Are you confident about progressing into the Champions League group stages from this position?

@arsenalofka – Absolutely. We’ll win on Emirates, it’s our pitch. Players are aware of how big that match is and I’m sure they’ll perform much better than last night. Besiktas will probably be without Bilic on bench, although he and his assistants are sure he won’t be punished. Surely no Ramsey will be an issue, but we’ll (probably) have Ozil back, and Giroud will have his shooting boots on. We are much better team than Besiktas. Add a fair referee to that, and we’re golden.

@MAmpov10 - Yes, there’s nothing that can stop us from qualifying and also, baring in mind the poor record Turkish clubs have from playing in England. We’ll progress into the group stages without any doubts nor problems.

@rlewisafc - Yes, we are a far superior team and, playing on a good pitch, I think we will comfortably dismantle this Besiktas side. Having said that, they have enough of an attacking threat to punish us if we show complacency or rustiness, so it's vital for us to start strongly.

7) Any last thoughts?

@arsenalofka – I’m not too mad about our performance yesterday. Sure, it was really bad, but the circumstances weren’t great. Pitch was bad, referee was bad, we’re still at the beginning of the season when players are returning to 2 games per week schedule, and we have some new players who still need to adapt to the team. We will improve, I’m sure, and we should not judge anything and anyone by this match.

@MAmpov10 - Yes. Would like to mention how big of a signing Debuchy has turned out to be. A great player giving his best for the shirt and has been a massive addition to our squad.

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    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more