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1) We found ourselves 2-0 down in the first 45 minutes, what in your opinion went wrong during that first half?

@GunnerFaithful - I thought we had a lot of changes as far as Ozil and Per back in the side as well as Alexis playing as our lone striker. This accounted for us looking disjointed mostly. We gave the first goal away and were hard done by a linesman for the 2nd. But this is how some of our matches go.

@Olly_Bright - I thought we was slow to close players down and was sluggish with the ball, gave Everton to much room and time on the ball

@WengerBoy1 - A lot. Our midfield lacked any coherent structure and everyone's seemed confused about their role. Adding that to a new CB partnership, with Per not in his usual position and not 100% sharp, and the potential for critical mistakes was obvious. They weren't even especially dangerous (though they played well), but they didn't need to be. An opposition error is as good as a great bit of play at this level.

2) Who was Arsenal's best player on the day and why?

@GunnerFaithful - I thought our best player was Debuchy. He hardly made any mistakes and he worked so hard at both ends of the pitch.

@Olly_Bright - although he only played the 2nd half, Giroud was Arsenal's man of the match, he completely changed the game and of course, scored the equaliser

@WengerBoy1 - Giroud. Made a huge impact and looked a million miles from the player that played on Tuesday. Held the ball up well and obviously grabbed the crucial goal. Earned a temporary reprieve I'd guess.

3) Which player(s) disappointed you the most and why?

@GunnerFaithful - I wouldn't say any of them disappointed me. It is far too early in the season and just after a WC so none of them are match fit or in mid season form yet. I thought Ox could have been more accurate with his shots and Ozil is just not nearly as effective on the wing as in the hole.

@Olly_Bright - I felt on the whole, most of the team was off the pace today

@WengerBoy1 - Ramsey, despite his goal. Can't be too disappointed with the guy that got you back in the game, but he doesn't quite seem himself at the moment at all. Not helped by the formation though, which doesn't seem to be helping anyone else either.

4) The game seemed to change when Oliver Giroud came on as was the case against Crystal Palace, why do you think this was?

@GunnerFaithful - As much as we all would love to do a false 9 with Alexis it has never really worked in the PL. Size and strength matter more in England. Quickness alone can't get you through two 6ft center halfs in this league. Some would say look at Aguero but he usually has a big strike partner. Giroud came on and kept the defenders honest and in so doing opened up their box a bit. The great header by him is an example of needing strength in the PL.

@Olly_Bright - I think the game changes when he comes on because he offers something different to Alexis, he adds height and strength, with him on the pitch we have someone to aim at for crosses and long balls

@WengerBoy1 - Because he's a good player who can change games. He's not Falcao, he's not Cavani, but he's a handful for defences when we play to his strengths, and he changes games on a frequent basis. Facts are facts, whatever your opinion of him as a player.

5) Do you think the team will take confidence from the late result?

@Olly_Bright - They should, last week and this week they have picked up points when not playing that great

@GunnerFaithful - I think this is a huge confidence boost for the team. They didn't luck into getting a point away at a top 5 side. They never quit. They earned that point and it will lift them for Wednesday I'm sure.

@WengerBoy1 - Yes, but we have to hope they will learn lessons also. We need to couple belief with performances and the latter are definitely missing at present.

6) Would you leave Mesut Özil out wide or would you move him centrally on Wednesday?

@GunnerFaithful - For me Ozil HAS to play as our 10 in every match that he's named. I hate Mourinho but if he says Ozil is the best 10 in the world I'd consider that an absolute truth. I'm not sure why he was wide today. Maybe because AW wanted to ease him back in. I don't know. You saw in the WC where his talents are wasted out wide. He 100% has to play as our CAM for us to achieve what we want to achieve.

@Olly_Bright - Özil should start centrally without a doubt, we should have pace on the wings and give him someone to pass too

@WengerBoy1 - Centrally. Next question.

7) Any other thoughts?

@GunnerFaithful - I think it is far too early to assess how this team will be. It will take time for Alexis to get used to his teammates and vice versa. The WC did us no favors either, with our early important matches. We have the makings of an incredible squad with/without a few more additions and once we start firing we will be a wonder to behold. I can't wait.

@Olly_Bright - I think it was a good point today against a tough opponent. We should now push as well as adding a CB and DM of quality to the squad

@WengerBoy1 - After the intensity of the game my brain is too frazzled to compute such an open question. So I'll just say sausages. Because it was the first word that came to me.

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  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more