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1) A thoroughly enjoyable match at Ashburton Grove this afternoon. What did you make of the Arsenal performance and was a draw a fair result?

@kmwood02 - I'll enjoy it more when I watch it a second time, I assure you. In real time I was too worried about another sucker punch. But I thought we played well. A draw was probably fair, but is it a positive that it feels like dropped points? But for the Debuchy injury, I believe we could have taken it.

@Sultanic_10 - Performance was decent and the controversial formation would have done it's job. Silly goal has undone us again and it's a familiar story.

@SweeperKeeper1 - The performance itself merited more than a draw I felt, for most of the game I thought we were well on top and should have capitalised when the momentum was on our side. After Debuchy's horror injury we lost the plot completely, shades of Birmingham 2008 came to the fore, we were vulnerable and should have lost the game at the end but lady luck in the end was on our side with City hitting both posts. All in all can't really complain with a draw against the champions.

@theEpicGooner - It was a fantastic start to be honest. I really thought that we'll go for it, but, we failed to convert our early chances and City punished us. It was a fantastic 2nd half performance and both the goals which Jack and Sanchez scored were incredible. I think it's a 2 point lost instead of 1 point gained - we could have done better and we should start to convert the chances as soon as possible instead of pressurizing the opponents in the 2nd half. For me, it's 2 points lost, but, something is better than nothing - so I am okay with a draw.

2) Which Arsenal player stood out for you positively and why?

@kmwood02 - Very unoriginally, I'll say Jack. He makes me nervous, dribbling into traffic like he does, but that's his game. He's always going to do that. When it works, it's great. And he was on and bright today. It's good to see him playing with freedom. This formation suits him.

@Sultanic_10 - Wilshere was amazing today. He was everywhere and he played with real purpose and drive, inspired goal and a very good eye to head it into Sanchez's path for the second.

@SweeperKeeper1 - Wilshere and Sanchez definitely. They drove us forward quite quickly and were fearless to take players on and take them out of the game. Both were tackles incessantly during the game and the City players couldn't keep them in check. Both did their fair share of defending and Alexis especially worked his socks off the entire game. Both goals we scored today were absolutely fantastic, Wilshere's one was special maybe a career-changing moment. Bodes well for the side if we can keep both of them fit throughout the campaign.

@theEpicGooner - Jack Wilshere. He is my MoTM. He always went forward and was involved in all the chances which we created. Scored a lovely goal when we really needed to score. That assist for the 2nd goal was good because it's not easy to head the ball in such a way. I was happy with how Alexis played. He showed his incredible work rate and his desire to score throughout the game. The best thing which I liked about him is, he always tracked back whenever he lost the ball and delivered a solid performance today. Wilshere was the best player for Arsenal and I believe he will have a great season ahead.

3) Which Arsenal player did you feel were below par? What brought you to that conclusion?

@kmwood02 - People will say Ramsey or Ozil. I disagree. It puts me in the minority, but I just don't think either of them were poor. The way we are setting up doesn't get the sparkling best out of either one, but they were both solid, and both had some really good moments. And what the heck is wrong with that? It seems these days if you're not brilliant, you're poor. It's just silly IMO. So, I'll be contrary and say "no one".

@Sultanic_10 - Özil and Ramsey were poor today. They were both horrible and things didn't quite go their way unfortunately but Ramsey did get an assist and Özil looked good in patches.

@SweeperKeeper1 - Ozil and Szczesny were disappointing today I felt Ozil lacked a bit of desire if that's the right word, I feel he is still suffering from a World Cup hangover and still hasn't mentally recovered from the excruciatingly long tournament with Germany. He doesn't feel at home out wide, he is always on the peripheral, doesn't get enough touches in the areas he wants to. Did do better when he switched to the right in the second half, lack of confidence at times shown in his decision-making as well with him keeping onto the ball for a second too much. Szczesny did not inspire the team after the Debuchy injury, everything he did smelt of panic, rushed kicks and clearances. His kicking accuracy is so poor when we remember Fabianski being inch-perfect in his distribution last season. Poor decision making at set-pieces culminating in the City equaliser. If he left it, Flamini probably would have stopped it from going over the line. Szczesny hasn't progressed this season which has been a disappointment considering the strides he made last season.

@theEpicGooner - Flamini. I know a lot of them will say it was Özil, but, it's definitely Flamini for me. He was clueless about the positions of City players and was always out of position. Hardly contributed anything today, but, we are lucky that it didn't punish us too hard. Flamini was awful and failed to produce anything for the team which was beneficial.

4) Danny Welbeck made his debut today and nearly scored but for the post, what did you make of his performance?

@kmwood02 - I like Danny Welbeck. He seems like a solid guy, and he fits in really well with this team. I so wish he had scored that goal, because the confidence it would have given him would have been massive. But to have just trained a couple of days with this group, I thought he was good. We're going to be just as happy we bought him as we are that we got Alexis.

@Sultanic_10 - His performance was decent for his debut, was really really unlucky to not score. Chip was the right option but just didn't come off. He's gonna get a hatful this season.

@SweeperKeeper1 - Welbeck looked impressive today, his runs were good and his energy levels was outstanding. His link-up play was average but considering he has barely trained with the squad it was a good enough effort at the end of the day. Hitting the post was unfortunate because he did everything right for a forward in that position and the execution was nearly perfect but the signs are there for Welbeck being 'dat guy' as we looked more threatening as an attacking force today than any other point this season.

@theEpicGooner -
I believe he will do very, very well at Arsenal. He is young and looked like he is hungry to prove himself. He had a decent debut. New team, new players, new system - he will do a good job for us and will bang a few goals which will really help the team. His workrate is amazing too. All he needs to improve is his link up play and quick passing. He will be on fire once he knows his new team mates.

5) Are you confident about our upcoming clash with Dortmund?

@kmwood02 - I think we can hold our own with Dortmund. I have a feeling it might be a game very much like today. Fast paced and on a knife-edge. A win today would really have boosted us going in, but the performance itself will give them confidence. Some rotation is in order I would imagine, but far be it from me to try to pick a lineup.

@Sultanic_10 - I think we can go into the game with positivity and things to improve on. Hopefully we can try and get the 3 points but I'll take a point now.

@SweeperKeeper1 - Yes I am, more because of Dortmund being ravaged with injuries (and we thought Arsenal was bad) and their best player Marco Reus being out for the game. If we play like we did today, I am fully confident we can leave Dortmund with 3 points especially with our recent record in Germany.

@theEpicGooner - Dortmund have been very good in their last few games. It will be a tough game, but, we have the team who can beat them in their own den and get the best possible result. It will be a game with high intensity and if we lose our focus/concentration - we will be punished. I am not sure that we will win, but, I am confident that we'll play very well and give a solid performance in Germany.

6) Any other thoughts?

@kmwood02 - Debuchy is a huge loss. Chambers and Bellerin can cover, but Mathieu had integrated so well. It's a shame. Let's hope it's not too long. And my kingdom for Arteta/Ramsey in the middle and Ozil at the # 10. But that would be harsh on Jack. Maybe we could use both formations during the season? I'm glad I don't have to decide.

@Sultanic_10 - I think we should keep the system the same but Özil must come central. We've got the numbers back and it's a tough decision to make but he has to drop one of Wilshere or Ramsey, or play one in the defensive midfield position.

@SweeperKeeper1 - Ditch the 4-1-4-1 Arsene. Please bring back the 4-2-3-1.

@theEpicGooner - Once Theo is back, we will see how our attack changes and I believe we will have one of the best attacks in the league. I know we don't have big names unlike United, Chelsea etc - but, once Theo is back we will see a change in our attack which will help the likes of Özil, Danny and Ramsey. UTA


Can I thank the guys above for the responses, if you're not following them on Twitter then click the names below and give 'em a quick follow.



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