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1) So 1-1 in the North London derby, how do you see it? Good point or disappointing result?

@Arsenalbonc - We were the better team and should probably have won it but we didn't lose and that's the most important thing.  Seems fairly obvious to me that 4-1-4-1 is our go to formation for the big games as a reaction to last seasons hammerings. I'm all for it as we were only 7 odd point off the top last season and these draws could well make the difference.

@FunnyGooner - I was weirdly over confident before this game, believe it or not, maybe because of our convincing win last week, or maybe Spurs have been fairly poor this season who were coming to this game after a defeat against West Ham.  So, I see 1-1 as a very disappointing result, considering we had 92 percent possession and about a billion corners.

@Tim_lewis85 - this is one of the worst Tottenham sides I can remember and we should be winning at a canter. I know the old adage is that "form does not matter in a derby" but the truth is the players we have are far superior to theirs and we didn't show up. Anything less than three points was always going to be a disappointment.

2) What part of our game were we not at our best and why?

@Arsenalbonc - People on my timeline seem to be blaming Flamini for the goal we conceded but I could tell that we were in trouble as soon as Szczesny released the ball to try to counter. His distribution from goal kicks has improved but he is a little too eager to release the ball with his hands. Szczesny came on leaps and bounds last season but he is far from the finished product.

@FunnyGooner - As usual, we failed to penetrate the opponent’s defence. Sure we moved the ball around in ease and sure we created some good chances but we still need that defence splitting runs and passes and finishes. My point is, we missed Theo, badly.

@tim_lewis85 - We were far too open at the back at times and our pressing game left a lot to be desired. We started off so well and then all of a sudden took our foot off the gas and gave them so much space in the middle of the park. Every time they countered I felt they were going to score. We were lucky that they are such a poor attacking team. Don't even get me started on our corners...

3) What areas of our game impressed?

@Arsenalbonc - Our left hand side was strong which is strange because traditionally the opposite is the case. Gibbs offered a lot more than Chambers going forward. We also seemed to be playing more of a possession game which I think was forced upon by an opoosition who chose to sit back. Are we a possession team? Are we a countering team? I'm not sure anybody knows.

@FunnyGooner -
We took a lot of shots so that’s something we could see as a positive. We were controlling for the most part of the game, especially in the midfield. We made lloris work, played some nice little football one in a while so that was encouraging.

@tim_lewis85 - Some of our attacking link up play was fantastic. Some of the passing and movement was silky with Özil, The Ox and Chambers all provided good attacking outlets. Welbeck at the start of the game looked on fantastic and was linking the play up well but then faded as we struggled to create any clear cut chances.

4) Who was the best Arsenal player on show?

@Arsenalbonc - Ozil's classy touches always stand out for me but I think Chamberlain would have caught most people's eyes. He, Wilshere and Alexis run at defences as an instinct. We need to find a way to field them all at the same time until Theo comes back.

@FunnyGooner - Overrated, waste of 40 million pounds and a player who’s nicking a living, Mesut Ozil was our best player on show without a doubt. He was like a puppeteer stringing passes left and right, opening up the defence and creating chances through out the game. He makes it looks so simple and maybe that’s why people don’t appreciate him much. I want to re watch the entire match just to admire his performance again.

@tim_lewis85 - I thought Özil just oozed class today. The last two games have probably been his best in an Arsenal shirt. His deft touches and passes were brilliant and he hardly put a foot wrong. Honourable mention to Calum Chambers as well who looks like he's been playing for The Arsenal for years. So mature and solid for such a young defender.

5) Who disappointed and why?

@Arsenalbonc - Nobody stood out as a disappointment for me, but we clearly have different tiers of players. Ozil, Sanchez and Cazorla are clearly a different class to the rest. Our poorest player is clearly Flamini but he wouldn't have been on the field if it were not for an injured Arteta. Our squad isn't complete but Arsene seems hellbent on only buying players he considers top tier. 

@FunnyGooner - Whoever said ‘The best things in life are free’ must be given a proper kick right in his ballsack by the entire humanity because Flamini was free and he is absolute dogshit. Not only his mistake cost us a goal, it looked like he was scared to even receive the ball, let alone do something with it.

@tim_lewis85 -
Flamini was an absolute liability. It's maddening that he is still even in contention for a first team place. His dithering on the ball for the goal (albeit after a bit of a dodgy pass from Mertesacker) summed his performance up for me. He just seems to shout and point a lot but not actually do anything of any note that helps the team. His mistakes often put us under so much pressure.

6) Why do you think that Alexis Sanchez was left out of the starting 11?

@Arsenalbonc - I think Ozil and Alexis both have freedom to roam when on the pitch together. Chamberlain probably has instructions to play a more traditional wide man role. Both Wenger and I are shit scared of losing the big games and it shows. We haven't lost one yet and that is progress whether you like it or not.

@FunnyGooner - When you look at Sanchez’s body and fitness, you would think he could complete the Ironman triathlon in midweek and be back for the game in the weekend. I would ask Arsene but then I would have to hear about how he has managed over 1000 games and I have none.

@tim_lewis85 - I thought it must have been because of his Capital One Cup exertions that he was rested but Arsene Wenger said it was a "tactical" decision rather than hinting at any tiredness, which was odd. So the honest answer is "I have no idea.".

7) Any other thoughts?

@Arsenalbonc - 4-1-4-1 does NOT expose the DM more than last season's 4-2-3-1. Stop trying to fit it into your agenda. For years I've heard people whine about Arsene not changing up the formation, now that he has they don't like it. We're unbeaten in the premier league, let's see how long we can keep that going because it's a long old season and I have a feeling the smaller sides are going to get well and truly screwed over.

@FunnyGooner - Final thought: Well first the positives: We’re still unbeaten in the league so that’s something I guess. Ozil is playing well, Kos looks reliant again, Chambers has an old soul, and Diaby/Theo will be back soon. However, Injuries to Arteta, Wilshere and Ramsey means our thin squad is almost naked. We have Gala and Chelsea next and honestly I don’t know what to expect. Having lost to Dortmund already we can’t afford to lose in the midweek so we have to perform with whatever we have. Chelsea? I just hope Costa gets arrested for lying about his age and gets banned for life before next week.

@tim_lewis85 - We are still unbeaten in the league but I fully expect that to end at the weekend against Chelsea. If we set up like we did today then it could be another mauling. Ideally, I'd like to see Wenger shut up shop and try and get a goal on the counter. Negative but it would avoid another thrashing. However, I have no doubt that it'll be the same as usual and we'll end up getting picked off. Bricking it is an understatement.

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