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1) Don't know about you, but I enjoyed that today. Were Arsenal very good or were Newcastle not up to it?

@BenLeeder - We blitzed them for the first 20-25 minutes, which was pleasing consider the initial apprehensions with a mismatched midfield and makeshift defence. We utilised our strengths (out attack prowess) and held them at arms length. It was our most fluid and cohesive performance of the season so far. A great performance for more than just one reason.

@mj_afc - I thought we played really well but I think Newcastle’s negative approach did help. Our strongest asset was our forward three and with Newcastle happy to defend deep, we were always going to create chances.

@TheGarrison_AFC – I enjoyed it as well. In my opinion, this was our best performance so far this season. We were phenomenal in every aspect of the game, basically a faultless performance from everyone that played today.

2) Who was the Arsenal man of the match in your opinion and why?

@BenLeeder - Giroud. The Frenchman deserves a lot of credit for that display as he performed unselfishly throughout. Drifting to the wings to allow Welbeck and Sanchez space. Two absurdly great goals, and the second was almost as audacious as Santi's Penalty.

@mj_afc - Alexis Sanchez. Often it goes to those that get goals but that doesn’t tell the full story. Both Giroud and Santi both played well but Sanchez was a threat throughout and Newcastle just couldn’t cope with him. His vision is superb and the timing and weight of pass were summed up with Santi tiptoed through to make it 2-0. He was also denied a penalty despite being fouled and Newcastle just never got to grips with him.

@TheGarrison_AFC – Well, it’s very close – for me it’s between Giroud or Cazorla. If I had to choose one then it would be Cazorla. He had a bad start to the season but the way he’s responded in the last few weeks has been amazing, he’s probably our best player at the moment alongside Sanchez, creating chances and now he’s scoring again. Plus, another positive is that he stands our every single time he plays in that CM role and it seems Wenger prefers him in that position in recent games.

3) Who was not at their best and why?

@BenLeeder - A great team performance, so It's hard to fault any individual. Gibbs was sloppy in possession, as was Chamberlain, but they made up for it in tenacity.

@mj_afc - Danny Welbeck - It was a massive shame that he was robbed of that goal in the first half but overall he made some poor decisions today. Sanchez could have put one on a  plate for him but his run was poor. There was also another opportunity where Bellerin got to the byline after a determined run to the byline and Welbeck was caught on his heals not expecting the young Spaniard to carve out a chance. Long term I have concerns about him on the wing as it seems to restrict whoever plays there. Cazorla’s new lease of life coincides with a move back to the centre of the pitch.

@TheGarrison_AFC – Honestly speaking, everyone was at their best today, even Flamini.

4) What do you make of our front three? Would you replace any of them as first choice if we did not have injuries?

@BenLeeder - I like it and they are currently my favourite trio (Four great goals will swing any man). A great balance, but more importantly, a great understanding. With three serious goal threats. The (hopeful) return of Theo will be timely and give Alexis his 'winter break'. I think we need to give him two weeks (two games) off. Per Mertesacker said that was a major decision in his reasoning for his international retirement. We need to protect our shining light.  

@mj_afc - I quite like the idea of energy surrounding Giroud, we don’t seem to be as vulnerable on the flanks with Sanchez and Welbeck there. It would be nice to see Walcott have to earn his place in the side, which would also help us manage his return to action (whenever that is).

@TheGarrison_AFC – I like it a lot. A front trio of Welbeck – Giroud – Alexis brings pace, power and directness and most importantly, goals . But, if we did not have injuries, I wouldn’t expect Welbeck to be in the starting lineup knowing that Giroud’s our main goalscorer and provides something different in the box. So far, Welbeck hasn’t been up to the expectations and as hard as it is to say, he’s been a little disappointment, so once Theo returns – I can see a front three of Theo – Giroud – Alexis being our regular starting attack which from another point of view, is far more deadly than the one we are playing at the moment because of Theo’s pace and goal threat as well as Giroud’s understanding with him.

5) What did you make of Debuchy at centre back? and what did you make of Bellerin's display?

@BenLeeder - Debuchy, I think we got away with that one today. He wasn't majorly tested. But, to be honest I was more worried about Per at LCB. I've felt sorry for Bellerin in recent weeks, he's gone from Hipsters favourite to coat model in George Asda. He has been thrown to the lions in previous starts but today he showed us what he's all about; pace technique and comfortable in possession, without trying to sound all 'Who Scored', I think a few may owe him an apology.

@mj_afc - Debuchy quietly went about his business. I don’t think Newcastle asked enough questions of our centre halves to truly test them but he was solid throughout. Ballerin is an absolute handful going forward. He makes intelligent runs and his delivery is the superb, something lacking from our fullbacks for quite some time. He didn’t have to do a lot of defending, so this game very much played to his strengths.

@TheGarrison_AFC – I’ve been a fan of Debuchy since he was at Lille and I love him to bits as a right-back but today he delivered a performance at centre-back that is worthy of praise.  The way he coped with the pressure, of playing in an unfamiliar position, was remarkable. AS for Bellerin, his mind is clear and looks like he’s ready to improve and just look forward to the future and what’s ahead of him – I liked his performance today, was deadly in the final third and got an assist as well. But, he still needs to improve defensively. He definitely has the potential to become a top class modern day fullback.

6) How are you feeling about our trip to Anfield?

@BenLeeder - Excited *checks pulse*. Ideal result going into it. We now have eight days of perpetration to change the perception of Arsenal.

@mj_afc - It’s just a question of which Arsenal turn up but this side has responded well to defeat at Stoke. I’d say i'm feeling quietly confident but thats probably based more on Liverpool’s lack of form than our own ability to claim the 3 points.. It’s hard to try and think about the game without casting your mind back to last February.

@TheGarrison_AFC – I feel very excited, to be honest. Last season was a nightmare but Liverpool are not the same team, their manager is awful and always has been, weak defence and very inconsistent level of performances from individuals and actually the whole team. Defensively, we are weak as well but comparing both team’s defences we have a better one by a distance. I can’t see anything but an Arsenal win next weekend, realistically speaking. We have couple of players, top class players, that are in a quite decent form, while Liverpool have nobody that can carry them in these big games. I think they’ve been overhyped because of they overachieved last season, so this year I think Rodgers will be lost and tactically clueless because he wont know what tactics to expect from Arsene – a big advantage.

7) Any other thoughts?

@BenLeeder - A quick shoutout for Cazorla, his performance and goals speak for them self. Sublime. I'd also like to say I was impressed with Flamini's use of the ball today, and his focus on retaining possession, he finished the game with 95% pass completion. Also, our Gorgeous striker is better than yours x

@mj_afc - Lee Mason - Yet another inept official that the Premier League serves up week in, week out. The foul on Sanchez was scandalous and his general ability to avoid big decisions is laughable. Sanchez was awarded a foul after being fouled in the box but we get a free kick. Newcastle will no doubt feel hard down by with the handball as well. The level of inconsistency with officials is a massive problem and it doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of letting up. That despite all of the get together these guys have.

@TheGarrison_AFC – Bayern away in the Champions League sorted already. Jokes aside, hoping for an easy draw for a change, would love Monaco or Porto.

As usual, if you enjoyed the responses then get some more where it came from by following them on Twitter. @BenLeeder, @mj_afc & @TheGarrison_AFC


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