1) For the first time in a while, I don't know where to start with these questions. What in your opinion went wrong tonight?

@Gunner_Vision - To be honest, it’s easier to answer what went right. The first five minutes were just a tease, as after that we were abysmal. Our defence was a shambles and we couldn't get going in attack. We were on a good run but we came into this looking like a team lacking confidence and struggling, it was strange.

@Joelrond - For me it was a lack of motivation. Don't get me wrong, I love Wenger, but we've underperformed in far too many big games these last few years for it to be a coincidence. You can't let your team go into a CL last 16 game complacent.

@mecas94 - In the first half, it looked as if we simply didn't create enough as we should have against a considerably weaker side. It seemed a fairly boring game with Monaco not creating much either. Kondogbia's long range effort was extremely lucky to go in and we found ourselves down at half-time. In the second half we had to open up the defence in order to create better chances but the finishing wasn't there at all tonight. Once our defence was open, they capitalized on the counter-attack.

2) At 1-0 down to a fluke goal why do you think the team thought it was a cool idea to leave Koscielny on his own at the back?

@Gunner_Vision - For me, that was the most frustrating thing. After going behind, we seemed to play the game excluding the second-leg. It was suicidal, we invited the pressure and they crushed us.
It was even more irritating for the third goal, as we had just given ourselves a slight hope of coming back in the second-leg, only to act like we had 30 seconds to save our season in the competition. It was unorganised and embarrassing.

@Joelrond - I have no idea. You'd think they would have learnt from numerous games this season not to go gung-ho after going one down. Maybe this is due to a lack of leadership on field as much as it's down to the manager.

@mecas94 - Whether it was a fluke goal or not doesn't really matter; the truth is we were 1-0 down. I don't have a big issue with leaving the defence slightly open if it means we create more/better chances; which we did! But if our finishing (...Giroud) lets us down and we concede a second, it looks like a horrible tactical change by Arsène. On another day, we would've scored 2, 3 or 4 in that second half and we wouldn't be having this conversation. Giroud simply had an off day.

3) What do you put Giroud's finishing down to tonight? Or was it just one of those nights?

@Gunner_Vision - I really do feel for Giroud as in recent games he has been fantastic. For some reason tonight he just looked like he had no confidence what so ever, it was like all his goals recently had vanished.
He’ll get the brunt of a lot of criticism but I do feel like it was one of those days. Having said that, the chances he missed were very bad.

@Joelrond - It clearly wasn't his night, but it wasn't just him that failed in front of goal. Both Walcott and Welbeck missed great chances that would have changed the game. As for Giroud, he's been brilliant for us recently and it would makes sense that his worst game is in a game where the whole team failed. The blame shouldn't fall solely on him for our lacks of goals.

@mecas94 - Nothing more than just an off night for Giroud. He's been very in form lately; creating and scoring plenty. Inexcusable finishing tonight, nonetheless.

4) Who did you feel played well?

@Gunner_Vision - In truth, no one. Some players showed some signs of impressing but no one could keep it up. Danny Welbeck was threatening at stages and Theo Walcott impressed in patches after coming off of the bench.
It was a similar story with Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who grabbed a great goal, but he gave the ball away for their third and he did it earlier in the match in defence.

@Joelrond - I thought Koscielny was decent. He made a few important headers and tackles, but you'd expect nothing less from him though. I honestly can't bring myself to compliment any other players though.

@mecas94 - Not many to pick from tonight. I'll have to go with Gibbs as he hardly put a foot wrong, but didn't have much to do anyway. I felt Theo had an excellent performance off the bench as well. He made several dangerous runs and it's good to know that at 2-0 down, he was still making positive, determined runs from the right.

5) Is there any chance of turning this around in the second leg?

@Gunner_Vision - There’s always a chance- but no more than that. We have to go there now and get three goals, they can afford not to attack at any stage in the game. We’ll have to be at our best and we’ve shown in recent years that we can defy the odds but we’ve lacked the cutting edge at the last. Whether we can alter that this year remains to be seen.

@Joelrond - They have 22 clean sheets this season. I cannot see us even scoring there after tonight, let alone getting three. They'll just sit back and absorb the game into nothing, and rightly so. What I'd want from us is to give it our all, which unfortunately I cannot say we did tonight.

@mecas94 - With Arsenal, you never know. As hurt as I am right now I still feel there's a way to come back from this. A goal early on with solid defending can go a long way.

6) What do we need to do to make sure this type of performance does not happen?

@Gunner_Vision - We need to understand that football is not just about attacking and it’s not just about when you have the ball. Tonight we were destroyed defensively when we gave the ball away, we need to organise things at the back a lot better. Our squad is very attacking, which is concerning. Tonight’s line-up left just three defensive minded players on the pitch in Coquelin, Mertesacker and Koscielny.
In the Champions League, that’s not enough. Any side can tear us apart and if by some miracle we advance to the next round, I’m concerned by the damage a bigger side can do.

@Joelrond - We've been asking that for far too long. Not pushing a billion players forward after we concede would be nice. A little leadership and motivation on the field is needed too. I didn't really seeing any of our players firing each other up, which is really worrying. It's not a case of ability. It's a case of application and motivation.

@mecas94 - I really don't think the performance was as bad as it seemed. The midfield wasn't good tonight but if we look back, Giroud missed a sitter or two, Welbeck had a certain goal disallowed by Walcott, and Monaco's fluke goal in the first half gave them some unexpected belief (they didn't create anything prior to that goal). It was just 'one of those nights'.

7) Any other thoughts?

@Gunner_Vision - What’s important now is that we get back on track. Every side has their off days, we need to ensure that this was just one of those. We can’t let this performance effect our upcoming games, we have important fixtures in three competitions- we can’t let our season implode based on ninety minutes.

@mecas94 - Hoping for a great showing vs. Everton on Sunday and at QPR midweek to keep our good Premier League run going. Hopefully this result doesn't have a negative impact on our Premier League Campaign that is finally heating up! UTA.

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