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1) Not my usual sort of opening question but how good does it feel to come back from Old Trafford with a win?

@_TheBeck_ - I've waited almost 8 and a half years for this. I remember the Adebayor goal and the setup of that goal and how it felt.

But this is so much better, this feels absolutely amazing. I feel absolutely amazing. I'm happy for the fans away and home, but what a crowd it was.
Every new Arsenal supporter coming into this learning and every old Arsenal supporter re-learning and re-appreciating what Arsène is still capable of.

@Gooner_Nate - It feels, pardon the cliche, like a massive weight has been lifted. Another mental hurdle has been cleared. Makes our oncoming league fixture there a little less daunting.

@LeJoeChapman - Fantastic. Great to see us finally win there, it's been long overdue and seeing that we were cheated out of a win at The Emirates makes it seem even sweeter. I still can't believe it if I'm honest, it's wonderful to have seen us go to Man City and Man United and win quite comfortably.

@MasterJZA - It's definitely a great feeling to have finally won a game at Old Trafford again. Additionally we also got the perfect draw so I really could not be happier. Welbeck getting the winning goal was a great moment too. I hope the Man Utd fans now know what if felt like when RVP scored against us.

2) Before kick off, what did you make of Arsène's team?

@_TheBeck_ - I thought it made perfect sense, speed trap them and chase them down, give them no breathing space. We have to great providers in Özil and Santi and despite a up and down start, we did speed trap them the entire game. We did it so often, it got us a goal and what a goal it was, who it was scored by meant that the goal meant more than it ever could have.

@Gooner_Nate - I was a little surprised at the absence of Giroud. He's been in great form and is usually quite important in the way the team plays. Also delighted to see Monreal back in the side.

@LeJoeChapman - I've got to be honest, I wasn't happy that Welbeck was starting. I thought that Giroud has been the man in form and also the fact that he was going back to his old club would work against us, shows what I know eh?

2) @MasterJZA - I thought the line up was a bit surprising. Throwing in Szszesny after he had been out of the first team picture for so long baffled me a bit but the inclusion of Monreal(who was MOTM for me) was a great choice. He seems to be a lot calmer and more assured than Gibbs. The rest of the defence and midfield practically picks itself at the moment.
The only other surprise was Welbeck up top.
I believe Wenger gave Welbeck the nod because he has the ability to stretch defences with his pace and that is a very useful tool when we sit deep and absorb pressure away from home. He did not have a great game, his touch was a bit off at times and his hold up play was lacking a bit too but he kept working hard and in the end got rewarded with the goal which was a huge moment for him.

3) Who was your Arsenal man of the match and why?

@_TheBeck_ - Nacho Monreal, he was unbelievable, he was amazing, he was sensational. I tweeted it before but, I literally don't think I've seen such a great left back performance at Arsenal since Ashley Cole. That was a world class performance, anyone who thinks I'm exaggerating needs to watch that game again. He had played so well I actually forgot that he's scored.

@Gooner_Nate - I hate having to pick out a MOTM, unless it's incredibly obvious. I'm torn between Monreal for his handling of DiveMaria, or Coquelin for his tough and tenacious display in the middle of the park. If my hand were forced, I'd go with Monreal. Tidy finish puts him on top.

@LeJoeChapman - I must say Monreal. He's come back after a lot of criticism earlier on in the season when he was playing out of position but he's slowly taken that LB slot off Gibbs (who hasn't had a bad season) and it doesn't look like he's going to give it up easily. He took his goal very well, he's also calm and doesn't seem to panic, he's got the experience which really helps in games like this.

@MasterJZA - For me it was definitely Nacho Monreal. He has been in great form for the last few weeks but in my opinion today's game was his best performance in an Arsenal shirt. In Di María and Valencia he had two very fast, agile and skillful players to play against but he definitely stepped up to the occasion and kept them in his back pocket with his tackling, positioning and anticipation during the full 90 minutes. He was also a really important part of our build up play, combining well with Alexis and his ex-Malaga teammate Santi Cazorla.

Undeniably, his biggest contribution in the game was his goal. After some exquisite footwork by The Ox he received the pass, composed himself and comfortably dispatched a side-footed shot past David De Gea, who is arguably one of the best goalkeepers in the world right now.

When you watch him closely  you can really appreciate the Spanish footballing education he has received. He is technically solid, reads the game very well and is assured on the ball.
He also seems to have dramatically improved the physical aspect of his game since arriving from Spain.
I believe he has proven his worth to the team this season and Kieran Gibbs has a real fight on his hands to regain his place.

4) Any other players who caught the eye?

@_TheBeck_ - Francis Coquelin. I've run out of words for him too. His rise has been meteoric to many fans outside and inside Arsenal. But the lad has absolutely deserved it. He's different to Arteta, he controls the game less, but boy oh boy is he a fighter, winning 10 out of 12/13 duels vs Fellaini, it's incredible, Fellaini is a foot taller than him. That's an entire subway sandwich. I love that they are different and I love that Coquelin is the bite we require in games when we can't find the tempo or create our own, we destroy theirs.

Mertesacker has come back into his form from last year and Kos was also solid, both them and Bellerin made some excellent challenges. I'm glad Arsène took Bellerin off at the right time and gave Chambers a chance to shine, and he did too.

Sometimes you want to mention the whole team, they all played well, Özil and Chamberlain and Santi were excellent at times, except for Alexis, but even when a world class talent like him plays out of form, he still has enough skill, class and finesse and he should have had a goal tonight if it wasn't for that meddling goalkeeper of theirs.

@Gooner_Nate - Sanchez, and not in a good way. I love him, I really do, but he can be very frustrating to watch. Held on to the ball for too long too often.

@LeJoeChapman - The more I see Bellerin, the more I like him. Very quick, likes to get stuck in and a good tackler. Arsène had to take him off and was stupid to get booked so early on yet he's a young lad and he's doing a fine job at RB. I prefer the lad to Chambers, seems to have much more about him, he has the flair which Arsène likes in a FB, not scared to get forward too which is essential to our game.

@masterJZA - Francis Coquelin did very well once again. Özil and Sanchez also deserve some praise- While they both did not play especially well,they both got stuck in and showed a lot of fighting spirit, which is something that perhaps was missing from Özil's game.

5) Do you think we deserved the victory?

@_TheBeck_ - Absolutely.

@Gooner_Nate - Absolutely we did. If not for De Gea, we'd have had 3 or 4 goals. We were disciplined at times and also attacked with some verve. Big shout out to Welbeck for his celebration by the way. Absolutely loved it.

@LeJoeChapman - Of course! I don't think we ever looked bad throughout the game, we defended well on the majority, we looked threatening going forward, kept the ball world and we took our chances. Lucky for United that they had David De Gea who pulled off that save from Cazorla, it really could've been more but if you told me this morning we'd win 1-2, I would've bitten your hand off.

@masterJZA - Yes, definitely. We were the better team throughout the whole match and it was a long overdue and deserved win for us at Old Trafford.

6) Does this result change anything when it comes to our trip to Monaco?

@_TheBeck_ - I'd say confidence, interesting to see how we rotate, but yeah, there's like a 10 percent chance we can do it and with that 10% I will act like it's a 100 after tonight.

@Gooner_Nate - Not exactly. It may instill a bit of confidence and inspiration but realistically it doesn't change a thing. We need to be firing on all cylinders to get the result we need in Monaco.

@LeJoeChapman - I think it will give them more confidence obviously but I think winning 3-0 in Monaco is quite unlikely. However I'm sure that they'll give it a good go. It's just a shame that we conceded the third because I think we would have really had a chance otherwise but you never know with this team, that's the beauty of football.

@masterJZA - I don't think so, no. Monaco will be a very tough nut to crack away from home and I can not realistically see us reaching the quarter final this year. But then again it is football we are talking about, so who knows what will happen?

7) At this point, what are the chances of us winning the FA Cup back to back?

@_TheBeck_ - They are very high. Hoping Blackburn knocks out Liverpool, but yeah, we do seem overall favorites.

@Gooner_Nate - I believe we have a 25% chance statistically, although maths and numbers have never been my strong suit. I'm probably way off the mark. We cannot however, underestimate our opponents. We've had a brilliant draw but look how much trouble Wigan and Hull gave us last year. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was excited and very optimistic about the whole thing.

@LeJoeChapman - We have a great chance, they're all beatable teams and the squad now know how it feels to lift the trophy at Wembley. They've grown a lot as players and I know this season has been a bit up and down and we've also had injuries to key players but we're in good form, the players seem really up for it and I think that it can be another great end to the season.

@masterJZA -I'd say at this point we are the definite favourites. All due respect to Reading/Bradford but we should comfortably make it to the final. The only real threat to us could be Liverpool, they have been in great form recently but they still have a tough away game against Blackburn coming up. As Arsène Wenger has said though, we have to respect every opponent and not get ahead of ourselves.

8) Any other thoughts?

@_TheBeck_ - Have a wonderful week everyone.

@Gooner_Nate - #OneArseneWenger

@LeJoeChapman - GET IN ARSENAL!!!!!

@masterJZA - F**k Manchester United

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