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1) Convincing victory today against one of our competitors; where does that rank for you this season?

@dopey000 - one of our best performances this season. Up there with the city game. Started very much like how we started v Munich at home last season.

@gunner4life24 - This victory ranks right up there with the wins against the Manchester teams. In particular after the disaster at Anfield earlier this season which we should have won despite playing atrociously for large portions of it. Nice bit of revenge after the 5-1.

@Phil_Brown87 – I’d put this just below the City game away. This was absolutely class, we demonstrated our attacking prowess, scored 4 absolute world-class goals, our ability to press high and hard, and also the ability to drop off and get compact. The only reason this doesn’t top City for me is that at City we demonstrated something that we’ve been lacking for a decade – convincing defensive resolve. Today we jumped between that and attacking fluidity, but we were always the favorites here. At City we were written off before kick off. Nonetheless, a top top game.

@Tubbsy14 - Very highly, certainly in terms of the free-flowing attacking football we saw. At times it was sublime, I thought we were a bit wobbly in defence, especially in the first half, but we seemed to sort those issues out quickly enough and hit Liverpool hard with an unbelievable 5 minute display. I'm not sure any feeling will top the one after that United FA cup game, but certainly this was one of our best all round attacking displays of the year.

2) Prior to kick off (no cheating) were you happy with the line up? Would you have made any other changes?

@dopey000 - good question. Probably just Gabriel for Mertesacker as I though he'd be vulnerable to sterlings speed on the counter.

@gunner4life24 - I didn't have any complaints about the pre-match lineup to be honest.

@Phil_Brown87 – My initial reaction was ‘that’s a great team’. When I had time to mull it over the only change I would have made was Gabriel for Mert. Not because I don’t rate Mert, but when playing a high defensive line, as was obvious that we would, Gabriel’s pace and tenacity would have been welcomed. As it happened we saw that anyway.

We’ve a really strong and deep team. I’m very excited for the next two months and next year!

@Tubbsy14 - I was concerned that Ozil would be deployed on the left again like we saw in the first few months of the season, but other than that I thought the line up was the best we could hope for and the most equipped to hurt Liverpool defensively. As it happened Ozil interchanged very well with Alexis, and scored a brilliant goal so what do I know!

3) Who was your Arsenal man of the match and why?

@dopey000 - easy! coquelin hands down. Covered every blade of grass and put in some top tackle. Strength to strength for the kid

@gunner4life24 - For me it has to be Francis Coquelin. I know that the likes of Özil and Bellerin had more eye catching performances but I think once again Coquelin's contribution in breaking up the play and shielding the back four was fantastic. A number of times throughout the game he caught my eye with his positional discipline and reading of the game. The only criticism I can level at him is that his pass completion is sometimes lacking.

@Phil_Brown87 - Impossible to divide Bellerin and Coq today. I ran out of superlatives for them in the game. Coq was a bulldog, always there, timing his tackles and interceptions perfectly; through him we were able to recycle possession at ease and springboard so many counter attacks. Whereas Bellerin… wow, I can’t believe the kid is in his first season as a first team regular. There are experienced players who’d kill for his ability, technique, speed, and finishing. That goal… f*cking wow. You’d have been forgiven for thinking he is a striker.

Its very exciting knowing that we will be watching him and Coq grow into the shirt.

@Tubbsy14 - Really struggling with this question, as I felt it was a great team performance from everyone! There were 3 standout performers for me - Alexis, Ozil and Coquelin. In the first half, I thought Coquelin was fantastic, certainly early on when 2 or 3 times he intercepted balls out of the Liverpool defence to stop them gaining any kind of foothold in the game. Alexis looked back to his brilliant best, causing problems for Toure and Markovic all day long, as well as hitting an unbelievable strike for his goal. I think I'm going to have to give it to Ozil though, who was magical towards the end of the first half and throughout the 2nd up to his substitution. His free kick was sublime, and as he always does he just seemed to have a perfect control of the tempo of the game.

4) How lazy was Özil's contribution to his free-kick strike?

@dopey000 - I love the man. Some people just don't get what he does for the team.

@gunner4life24 - Özil contribution was the laziest and if he keeps banging them in like that, I say bring on the sloth!

@Phil_Brown87 – If you can’t appreciate all that Özil offers Arsenal you don’t deserve to be watching Arsenal.

@Tubbsy14 - Shocking really, an English player would have run up and just smacked that as hard as he could. Would have showed some proper passion. Which is all you need really, no need for any sort of quality.

5) Did you laugh at Kolo Toure's performance or want to give him a hug? Don't worry you won't be judged.

@dopey000 - definately laughed. First game in 3 months. He was always going to be nervy!

@gunner4life24 - In all honesty I was laughing hysterically at the TV screen. I know he was an Invincible but his decline has been absolutely shocking. He seemed clueless when he had the ball at his feet and looked panicked whenever put under pressure. RIP.

@Phil_Brown87 – The man deserves respect. If he is out of depth at this level now then he should go elsewhere, but you’ll never catch me laughing at any former goner other than RvP, Nasri, Fabregas, Sagna and Cole… I’m quite selective, obviously.

@Tubbsy14 - I think I was more worried about us not scoring the early chances he was gifting us to laugh at him, but sure it did get a bit ridiculous! He didn't have his best game for sure, but I'm not entirely sure Sakho is much better. It is a shame to see him struggling but ultimately we all remember what he did for Arsenal, so I feel comfortable in saying I did enjoy seeing him (and Liverpool as a whole) struggle to contain our forward line.

6) If we do face Liverpool again this season, will this result give us an advantage?

@dopey000 - I doubt it because the next time we will possibly play them will be fa cup final and form goes out the window!

@gunner4life24 - I think when you spank a team, you can't help but be buoyed by that result whenever you next face them. I mean, we have seen it in reverse with this Arsenal side many times in the past when facing the likes of Chelsea or the Manchester clubs. I would still be cautious if we get them in the FA Cup semifinal (provided they beat Blackburn).

@Phil_Brown87 – We are a better team than Liverpool, and we have been for a long time. I think that that is all the advantage we need. They might be more dangerous, and likely to concede goals due to over committing in the FA Cup final now, but I think that getting the FA Cup in their hands is all the motivation that they’ll need. They’ll move on from this and forget it asap – whereas I, I intend to bask in it!

@Tubbsy14 - I think it was a fantastic performance on the day, but I'm not entirely sure it would change anything going into an FA cup final. Liverpool are likely to have their best players back to full fitness by then, and of course the pressure surrounding a cup final would lead me to think it's unlikely we would see a game as open as that for our attackers to exploit like they did today. You never know the psychological impact that this could have on Liverpool though.

7) Where do you think we will end up in the league come May?

@dopey000 - 2nd I think, the chavs only need 19 points from their last 9 games! But never say never.

@gunner4life24 - I can see us finishing anywhere between 2nd and 4th just because it is so congested. If I had to give a definitive answer I would say 3rd.

@Phil_Brown87 – My heart says 1st, my mind says 2nd. I’m currently sitting in a Chelsea home pub waiting for my Dad (he’s a Chelsea ST holder), watching their game and as good as we are now, I just can’t see them spurning a 4 point and 2 game lead in the final run in; sadly. Maybe we can do it. Just maybe… dare to dream!

@Tubbsy14 - As I write Chelsea have just scored, and it's hard to see a team with so many expensive, quality players dropping the amount of points they would need to in order for us to have a shot at the league title. I do believe we will finish 2nd though, which would be fantastic considering our below average start to the year. United should drop a few points in the next 3 weeks, and City just seem to be in a bad patch at the moment, so I'm confident of recording our best placed finish since 2005.

8) Any other thoughts (anything you like)

@Phil_Brown87 – Days like today make you realize how lucky you are to support a great club like Arsenal. We are moving from strength to strength and it’s a privilege to watch.

@gunner4life24 - I really hate Liverpool so the result today was fantastic. Sp*rs are shite and most importantly...Come on you Gunners!!!

@Tubbsy14 - Although he is still obviously not a complete striker/finisher, I really do feel that Welbeck has improved immensely under Arsene Wenger. His close control and interplay is on another level to when he arrived, and he actually appears to have control when running at defenders now. He has become a really important member of our team.


Don't know about you lot but I enjoyed that. Thanks to the guys above for the responses. You can catch them on Twitter by following @dopey000, @gunner4life24, @Phil_Brown87 & @Tubbsy14

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