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1) We are finding it difficult to score goals it seems, what do you put that down to?

@Ahmed_Osman26 - I think last couple games we have played with breaks on at times, but you have give credit to Sunderland they came with a game plan to defend and get a point to survive. their goalkeeper was outstanding was MOM for me we could have by two or three any other day.

@andrei_grayson - it appears to be Mann factors, clearly Giroud's dip in form combined with Welbeck's injury leaves us lacking a striker. Any team without an in form striker, even with the quality we have behind them, will struggle for goals.

@ihwright - There are two main reasons; Chelsea, Swansea and Sunderland all came to the Emirates not to lose so shut up shop and they all got that at the very least out of it.  That's perhaps forgiveable against Chelsea but we really should have created goals in the other two.  To that end we're looking a bit jaded right now and aren't moving the ball quick enough to break teams down once they get settled in front of their box.

@leouzzi - You get the feeling, the players think they have done enough and can ride the season out easier. Unfortunately with little luck in the early part of games, they get anxious and most decisions in the latter stages are a bit rushed.

2) Without the benefit of hindsight, was you content with the starting line up before kick off or was you calling for more changes?

@Ahmed_Osman26 - I was content it was good to see JW10 start and i think it's to give Coq a rest.

@andrei_grayson - I was delighted with the team, I felt for games like this, we don't necessarily Coquelin and could manage to unlock their defence early and comfortably beat them. With any team down there, the goal early will kill them and allow for a lot more freedom in their final third.

@ihwright - I was happy enough, if Welbeck had been fit I might have started him and I was pleased that Coq was dropped.  Not that I'm unhappy with him but Sunderland were unlikely to play in a way that made a player like him necessary.

@leouzzi - I would have loved to see Theo get a start. I expected to see Gibbs and Jack, but i think we missed a beat leaving Rosicky on the bench from the start.

3) Are you confident that the team have enough time to find the spark needed in time for the FA Cup final?

@Ahmed_Osman26 - Yes i don't think Aston Villa will play like Sunderland it's cup final but i do believe we have what it takes to win

@andrei_grayson - Yes, anything can happen in a final, I don't really recall us being in sparkling form last year going into it and we still managed to win. We had a nice win away at Norwich but it was all a bit pedestrian. I think we need more intensity for the final and with that our quality will shine through.

@ihwright - Yeah, I'm still very confident that we'll win.  Perhaps some players would benefit from being rested on Sunday and that time off will help them freshen up.  Plus we've already put 8 past Villa this season and last weekend showed that even with their new manager they're still capable of being worse than dreadful.

@leouzzi - It might be an interesting turn in terms of the Cup Final. When a team is not hitting the heights expected, a bit more work goes into preparation for the big game afterwards.

4) Who was your Arsenal man of the match today and why?

@Ahmed_Osman26 - AR16 thought he was at heart of everything good about our attack especially in the second half created number of good goal scoring opportunities for TW14

@andrei_grayson - Koscielny, bit odd to say because they didn't really attack us but he dominated both their strikers comfortably. They did have some decent chances but his ball recoveries and intellect to allow us to constantly build momentum was excellent. It was the best of an average bunch however.

@ihwright - Not easy to pick one really.  In spite of only being on the field a short time perhaps it was Theo. It was probably the most he got involved in the play since his return and I though he looked like he had a bit of spark tonight.  Of the players that started, Bellerin's crossing was good.

@leouzzi - I would pick Ospina as my MOTM tonight. It could have been a tricky game for us, but he kept it clean at the back when called upon and ensured no embarrassment.

5) Which Arsenal player did you feel was not at his best and why?

@Ahmed_Osman26 - I think Santi seemed a bit tired kept losing the ball few times should have been rested

@andrei_grayson - between Sanchez & Özil. I felt Mesut didn't quite knit things together as he usually does tonight. Catermole shackled him really effectively in the early stages and it seemed to play on Özil's mind. I don't think anyone had a particularly poor evening.

@ihwright - Giroud, he doesn't seem to be playing with any degree of confidence and that seemed to be compounded by a lack of energy which as I said earlier is affecting the team in general.

@leouzzi - Alexis Sanchez has not been at his best in the past couple of months, and you feel he is not at his best in a mental and not physical sense.

6) What would your team be for West Brom on Sunday?

@Ahmed_Osman26 - I would keep a similar team but i would rest Santi and Alexis start Theo upfront and put tomas in place of Santi

@andrei_grayson - Woijech in goal,
Bellerin, Gabriel, Kos, Monreal. Wilshere, Cazorla, Walcott, Rosicky, Sanchez, Welbeck (if fit)

Think we need to rotate a little, Wenger suggested some fatigue in his post match press conference so I'm going for that in his XI. It would never be Wenger's choice but it's one id love to see experimented. Particularly the back 4, think that would allow for some really aggressive pressing.

@ihwright - Szczesny because I think he'll play the cup final; Bellerin, BFG, Gabriel, Monreal; Coq, Wilshere; Walcott, Ozil, Rosicky; Welbeck if fit.

I don't mind if it were Kos out instead of Per, but it'd do Gabriel good to get game time.  I'd also try to plan for taking Ozil off after an hour injury enforced changes permitting.

@leouzzi - Ospina;Bellerin,Mertesacker,Koscielny,Monreal;Coquelin,Ramsey,Rosicky;Walcott,Giroud,Ozil

7) Which areas of the team do we need to strengthen in the summer?

@Ahmed_Osman26 - CM create more competition for Coq i don't think we need another keeper as everyone keeps saying i think Ospina is a great keeper if Sze goes maybe but i think that sometimes our defense needs to do a bit better to protect our keepers. i would maybe sign a striker different to Giroud. most important thing for is to keep the core of the group together we have a fantastic squad who are very united and i believe they can and will go on to win the League if we keep them together.

@andrei_grayson - Goalkeeper and striker. Ospina actually excelled this evening but we need a world class number 1 and we don't have that right now. Same goes for the striker, I really like Giroud but we do need something different and that player that creates something out of nothing. They are few and far between so don't have my hope too high!

@ihwright - Goalie because it's one of the areas where we're weakest in the first 11 and as such might be easiest to find upgrades in.  Defensive midfield because it seems likely that Flamini will be released and Arteta is getting older.  In pure defensive terms I'm happy with Coq but a player who moves the ball quicker, like Arteta can, would be nice.  I could see Ox being, as Arsene might say, the internal solution to the position but a player on the right of the attacking 3 could be a big signing for us, I don't think it gets the best from Ramsey except in certain scenarios by playing him there and it doesn't look like Arsene thinks Theo is that player anymore.  I'd *like* a better centre forward but I think that Giroud is good enough that actually being able to buy one is very difficult.

@leouzzi - A Defensive Midfielder and A Forward who can play in wide positions, as well as, in the Center.

8) Any other thoughts?

@Ahmed_Osman26 - As fan who has never missed an Arsenal game for the last 15 years in NZ i have to say we can not underestimate what it takes to finish in the top four every year and be playing UCL football, what Arsene has done for our club is tremendous especially when think about how financially restricted he was for a almost a decade. win the FA cup this and finish in the top three and i strongly believe that we will go on to win the league next year. Come on you Arsenal

@ihwright - If Ozil hugged Gunnersaurus as the team walked in from the bus pre-match rather than did that fist bump every time I think his form would improve

@leouzzi - We have done just okay this season, and i would expect we set the bar higher for the next.

Thanks to the guys above, you can follow then on Twitter here > @Ahmed_Osman26, @andrei_grayson, @ihwright & @leouzzi

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