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1) Not the start we would have wanted to our CL campaign. Where in your opinion did it go wrong?

@Gooner18861 - I think a lack of game time combined with some bad luck ruined the night. Doesn't take a genius to see the marking on that second goal is shocking. But more consistency from the linesman and it would have been 2-2.

@Gunner_Vision - It went wrong right from the start in all truth. We started well and looked comfortable, then it all fell apart. Part of me believes it was arrogance by the team, there’s no doubt it’s a match we should be winning but if you adopt that mentality in a match it will come back to haunt you.

@JoePerry42 - Mentality. Not for the first time in the Champions League it felt like something just didn't click, and then the reaction to going a goal down was terrible, heads dropped and there never really felt like being any real fightback. Dinamo obviously wanted to win much more, and we'd obviously gone into the game complacently. Not a good combination.

2) The game against Chelsea on Saturday seems to be on the managers mind. Do you think we made too many changes or were we correct to do so?

@Gooner18861 - If you look at the fixtures coming up. You'd have ear marked last night and the Spurs cup game as games to rotate. Definitely the right thing to do. And if we'd had better officials we'd be praising Wenger today not slating him.

@Gunner_Vision -
I think making the changes was a fair call. You’ve got to take into consideration that of the six players we brought in, five were full internationals and the other is our club captain. The players Wenger chose were capable and will be called upon again this year, we’re one or two injuries away from those players being regulars.

@JoePerry42 -
Well, the power of hindsight is a wonderful thing. When the line-up came out I understood the decision to rotate ahead of Chelsea, and agreed with it (although resting Cech did seem a bit weird). Now, it's obvious how much of a mistake that was because we've seen the effect it had - Debuchy, Gibbs and Arteta (who I love) were all absolutely awful. So in hindsight we shouldn't have changed so much, but pre-match, how many would really have disagreed about prioritising Chelsea?

3) Which player(s) stood out for you positively?

@Gooner18861 - Gabriel is showing what a run of games can do. At this rate he'll be keeping Mertesacker out the team!

@Gunner_Vision - Gabriel Paulista barely put a foot wrong, until a sloppy pass right at the death, and he’s probably the only player we can’t criticise. Mesut Ozil came to life in the early stages of the second-half, whilst Francis Coquelin was also great on his introduction.

@JoePerry42 - Gabriel and Koscielny were about the only decent starting players, Gabriel especially. I'm still not convinced if the partnership works as well as Mertesacker and Koscielny but Gabriel is a ridiculously good individual centre back, and apart from one mistake towards the end didn't put a foot wrong. Coquelin was impressive after coming on too, and you have to credit Walcott for his goal, but really by that point they were never going to change the game that much.

4) Who did you find most disappointing on the night?

@Gooner18861 - Debuchy. I thought with Sagna doing so well (single tear) that he'd grab his chance when it came, but he was poor. But then again so was Bellerin against Dortmund. I'm hoping he just needs a run of games. Which I don't think he'll get any time soon.

@Gunner_Vision - I’m expecting the majority of people to say Giroud but for me it was Mathieu Debuchy. An experienced player at club at international level, he played like it was his debut. A shocking performance.

@JoePerry42 - Cazorla. He has seemed to settle really well into the deeper role, but I think we found out that might simply be because he's had Coquelin alongside him doing all the dirty work. With Arteta as a partner, and forced to help out more defensively, he was completely anonymous. Debuchy and Gibbs were hugely disappointing too, but at least they have the excuse of not playing regularly.

5) Did any of our subs impact the game? If so what did they do differently?

@Gooner18861 - It was easy to see last night how important Coquelin has become for this team. Didn't let them settle on the ball. Incredibly proactive and defensively sound.

@Gunner_Vision - Theo Walcott sparked some life into the attack and can be a real asset if he learns to time his runs. Coquelin was dominant, proving he’s one of our best.

@JoePerry42 - Coquelin gave us a bit more bite in midfield (as always), meaning we were winning the ball back further up the pitch than we had been which allowed for his teammates to go on the front foot a bit more. Walcott's pace really troubled them and he took his goal fantastically, it was the kind of finish that almost explains why we often get so frustrated at his awful misses - we know he's capable of so much better.

6) Was Giroud unfairly dismissed in your opinion?

@Gooner18861 - Yes. It's hard not to sound bitter. No matter how many times I watch it back I can't see how it's not a foul for us on his first yellow. Should he not challenge for the ball? Eyes on the ball and the player backs in to cause, what looked a nasty fall. My first reaction was worry that he'd got injured. The second is soft at most. He's trying to play the ball. VERY harsh!

@Gunner_Vision - It’s a difficult one. On another day he may not have even been booked once but he needs to use his head. Gird was unfortunate to be dismissed but if your on a booking and you make a clumsy challenge you’re giving the ref a decision to make.

@JoePerry42 - Probably not, by the letter of the law. I don't think he would've been sent off if it were in the Premier League, but the referee was noticeably stricter. The first booking was a stupid one to pick up, and the second was maybe a little soft, but ultimately I can see why it was given. He made it far too easy for the referee to show him the red card.

7) Are you still confident of us qualifying?

@Gooner18861 - Yes. Fancy us to win Olympiakos, Zagreb and Bayern at home. I think Bayern will win the rest and think Zagreb and Olympiakos will take points off each other.

@Gunner_Vision - Yes. We’ve got winnable games left, particularly our ones at home. We should beat Dinamo and Olympiacos at home soil and we should give Bayern a decent match. I guarantee we’ll lose away at Olympiacos though, have to make sure we’ve qualified before that.

@JoePerry42 - Yes. We've screwed up before and bounced back, and we have a habit of always scraping it. We should beat Dinamo and Olympiakos at home, and away against the Greek side I'm confident of a point at least. Anything we get from Bayern is a bonus, but I think even if we lose both we'll still finish second

8) Are you confident of us bouncing back against Chelsea this weekend?

@Gooner18861 - Absolutely. I'm fancying Sanchez to run riot against Ivanovic. Mourinho "dropped" his "big names" against Maccabi, but all he was doing was rotating. The difference between what he and Arsene did was the media spin and opposition quality. Sanchez to get off the mark on Saturday.

@Gunner_Vision - Not particularly. The game on Saturday has turned into a must-win in many eyes, whilst Chelsea can relax a bit more after a decent result against Maccabi. Overall we seem nervous when we play this season and Chelsea can capitalise on that.

@JoePerry42 - No, but I wasn't confident anyway - away to Mourinho's Chelsea does not carry happy memories. The fact that Chelsea had an easy walkover on Wednesday while we were chasing the game with ten men won't help no matter the rotation, and it'll have been a knock to the team's confidence too just when Chelsea have had a boost. I'm not expecting much.

9) Any other thoughts?

@Gooner18861 - We're in the same position as both Manchester clubs mathematically. It's a matter of belief. The team yesterday should have performed better. They were all capped internationals with a lot of experience. It's a matter of game time. Having said that Gibbs and Debuchy need to do more with their chance when they get a start. They'll get fewer as the season gets on. Up the Arsenal.

@Gunner_Vision - Don’t be too harsh on Giroud, up until his sending off he didn’t play badly. He’s being slaughtered from every angle and the one thing he needs is the support of all of us, the fans.

@JoePerry42 - If Cech played, I don't think we would've lost. The first goal I think he'd hold on to rather than parry back into Chamberlain - he's much more solid than Ospina - or if he didn't, he'd at least tip it out wide. The second, I think he'd have come for the corner rather than staying on his line - that's just a height thing. Although if Gibbs hadn't decided to abandon his position on the front post, it wouldn't have gone in anyway.


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Match Thoughts: Dinamo Zagreb (a) - Theo goal not enough as disjointed Gunners lose fluency

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