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1) Important three points for the Arsenal after a big game in midweek. What did you make of the team performance on the day?

@BriareousEX - The team has oil in all its joints, passes were accurate, OG back to scoring form, same as Ramsey since he won the MOTM. Ozil, what more can be said, he is just magical. I can pick out every players individual skill and contribution but lets say, this is the Arsenal we know and we love it when they win and win well.

@Eug_G4L - we started a bit slow but once we got the goal we took control of the game. It was all Arsenal from there on. The applied the proverbial handbrake in the second half but Villa had little to threaten us upfront.

@leouzzi - The performance was great. We needed to keep it simple, get a win, and come away without injuries. We ticked all the boxes.

@shotta_gooner - It was a super efficient, professional performance by the boys. Given the energy exerted on Wednesday we played well within ourselves, mostly standing off defensively until our final third and being ruthless on the counter-attack.

2) Who was your Arsenal man of the match and why?

@BriareousEX - Aaron “RAMBO” Ramsey. I keep saying, after Sanchez, he has the next highest level of energy in the team. Offence and defence, he is solid. I hope he replicates his 2013 season in the second half of the league.

@Eug_G4L - I have to go with Ramsey. He started a bit slow and gave it away a couple of times but he grew into the game and stepped when Mesut had one of his quieter games.

@leouzzi - Giroud was my man of the match. Dispatched the penalty expertly, setting the tone for our game plan, held up the ball so well and worked tirelessly to track back, press and defend when needed.

@shotta_gooner - On a day like today I hate designating a MOTM because this was mostly a team performance, from back to front, with every man doing his job to the best of their ability. But if forced I must give it to Aaron Ramsey mostly because of his energy and effectiveness in carrying out the game plan. His tackling was spot on and always a threat to score on the counter.This was best exemplified by second goal, starting the move by dispossessing a Villa player and sprinting into the the Villa box to convert the cutback by Ozil. I would like to give a big shout-out to the ever improving Joel Campbell. He gave almost everything especially in the first half by pressing the Villa attackers on their left side and dropping back to help Bellerin. It made a hell of a difference in making Villa look toothless.

3) Who was not quite at their best and why do you come to this conclusion?

@BriareousEX - Two players actually. Campbell, he didn’t spring up like he did on Wednesday. I get he is gradually blending into the team so I would pardon him. Alex “The OX” Chamberlain, someone obviously has sucked juice out of him. It hurts when i see him play below his capability. I really hope and pray he gets his form back, badly needed.

@Eug_G4L - I felt Ozil was less involved today. Could be he midweek exertions.

@leouzzi - Oxlade Chamberlain seems to have regressed. He made little or no impact when he came on, especially picking the wrong choices in the final third on counter-attacks.

@shotta_gooner - It would be unfair to pick on anyone for being at less than their optimum. With the energy levels compromised by Wednesday's efforts, the front players seem a little guarded in committing themselves.

4) Given recent injuries are we doing better than you expected?

@BriareousEX - Well, not worse. Seems Coq and Sanchez have made those on the bench step up. When Flamini did the sliding tackle yesterday, I remembered Le Coq and thought to myself, “he learnt this from Flamini”. We are doing great.

@Eug_G4L - much better than expected. I was worried about Ramsey's tendency to bomb forward but Flamini is sitting and doing a decent job.

@leouzzi - We have done well. The players in the team now, can stake a claim and they seem to be doing so.

@shotta_gooner - Absolutely. While we are short in numbers the 14 players we have been forced to rely on are giving it their best and we have three wins on the bounce to show for it. The incoming players have been forced to step up notably Joel Campbell who now gives us real balance and bite on the right. While we have lost the security of Santi Cazorla in the center we have gained the offensive potential of Ramsey. Some may argue we are a better balanced team but I am not so sure.

5) How are you feeling about the busy period we have coming up? Do we have enough to get through?

@BriareousEX - Two players actually. Campbell, he didn’t spring up like he did on Wednesday. I get he is gradually blending into the team so I would pardon him. Alex “The OX” Chamberlain, someone obviously has sucked juice out of him. It hurts when i see him play below his capability. I really hope and pray he gets his form back, badly needed.

@Eug_G4L - we have two tough tests coming up and I would be happy with 4pts from City & Southampton. The rest we should win.

@leouzzi - The next three fixtures are no small games(are there any?). We need to win those games to stand a chance of being in the hunt.

@shotta_gooner - I am fearful to be honest. Starting with City City on the 21st we have four PL games in 12 days. It is humanly impossible for the same 14 to sustain a high level without breaking down. Alexis may return by the 21st but the likes of Wilshere and Coquelin are much further away. Lose any of our spine in Giroud-Ozil-Ramsey-Koscielny and we are in big trouble.

6) Assuming Alexis Sanchez is ready to come back in against Manchester City, who would you leave out and why?

@BriareousEX - Hmmm, Walcott is key cause I need him to run that sh*tty defence. OG is a no brainer, he starts with his form so pity mr. Campbell has to take the bench.

@Eug_G4L - Campbell. I feel Theo has a more fear factor and is a better finisher. Though I must say Campbell would probably do a better job defensively.

@leouzzi - Yes. I would stick to the eleven who have started out last two games. It would be good to have such a player off the bench for such a game. Theo and Campbell have done their bit for the team, to deserve a start on the day.

@shotta_gooner - I don't expect Alexis to start on the 21st but if he does Walcott is logically the one he will replace. Campbell has the right side locked down because he is a better defensive player and it is well known how Bellerin is vulnerable without help from the wide player ahead of him. The balance of the team comes first and I don't expect Wenger to tinker much just to facilitate Walcott playing.

7) If the choice was yours and you were able to buy one player in January for one position, what type of player would that be and why?

@BriareousEX - Now thats hard but I think I would go with a DM. I love Flamini and Arteta but they really rusty. Coq being the only player we have in that position is quite risky. I also believe Wenger will do something about it since Flamini’s contract is not being renewed.

@Eug_G4L - that's a tough one. It would have to be a DM. Flamini has done ok but we can definitely improve that position.

@leouzzi - I would get a defensive- minded Midfielder.

@shotta_gooner - Despite the advocacy of several bloggers and podcasters, I don't see a massive need to buy any new player in January given the imminent return of Alexis, Wilshere, Coquelin and Rosicky. However if a very special player is available in any position, by all means, I would go for it. If Welbeck is effectively out for the season I would go for a striker to take the load off Giroud. Good luck to our scouts with that.

8) Any other thoughts?

@BriareousEX - This is our one chance to win the league. I am hoping we do. Its about time. We need it to reward players like Sanchez, Ozil, Carzola, Ozil, Per & Kos. They have not only remained faithful but given their all to the team. May the Arsenal rise and may our enemies be destroyed amongst themselves, amen.

@Eug_G4L - top of the table after what was a discouraging start feels great! I hope we maintain the consistency because this title race is wide open. Beat City and we are in a decent position. Provided we beat the teams we should beat. :-)

@leouzzi - It was a big week and the team came through with big results. They deserve our support at all times.

@shotta_gooner - Arsene Wenger is given very little credit for rebuilding this current squad after the heart of the "youth project" was ripped out by the loss of Fabregas, Nasri and Van Persie. Looking at the current turmoil at United and Chelsea, it is telling that Arsenal is still competing at the top level, consistently in the last 16 of the champions league and now challenging for the Premier league team. Today was a perfect example that despite the loss of key players, Arsene build teams that can compete because of the way they are organized and coached to play beautiful, effective football.


Thanks as ever to the guys above for the great responses. If you would like to follow the guys above, just search the twitter handle and get following.

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