Another season, another cup tie against Sheffield United. It’s getting boring now. We win every time but fresh opposition wouldn’t go amiss. We return home after a month or so of international breaks and away games, and now we have three home games in a week to look forward to, finding ourselves top of the Premier League. Our Carling Cup side will be particularly weak this season, and I wonder whether it will be a hindrance as much as anything again if we progress to the latter stages. Still, it’s always interesting to watch our kids against relatively strong opposition and hopefully some players will take their chances and show what they’re capable of.

So far this season Sheffield United have won two games, drawn two and lost three. This is the fifth time under Arsene’s management that we’ve drawn Sheffield United in cup competition, and the ninth match in total against the midlands side. We’ve beaten them six times, drawn once, lost once, and had one result ruled void. The loss at Bramall Lane in 2006 was possibly the worst game I’ve ever been to, and as a result I want us to smash them to pieces whenver we play them. In this competition last season we won 3-0 with goals from Eduardo and Denilson.

Team News


This is the first time in years I’ve gone to work out the Carling Cup team and not had a clue who’s going to play. Players like Vela, Ramsey, Wilshere, Fabianski will definitely start, but beyond that I’m not sure who of the likes of Randall, Hoyte, Merida etc we’re likely to see. See the below guess. It’s unlikely but it’s the only line up that rests the whole first choice team. Can’t even begin to imagine what the bench will be. Anyone know Hoyte, Merida, Gibbs or Randall’s squad numbers?