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Written by Mean Lean on Saturday, 23 February 2013 13:47

Since the beginning of the season I have been standing butt naked on my hosting server screaming for some Tomas Rosicky action, I have been largely ignored firstly due to injury and secondly erm, well I am not quite sure. Perhaps his thigh tear at the Euros had been worse than we have all thought and his road back to full fitness has taken a few wrong turns. Who knows. What I do know is that the often reliable @GeoffArsenal on twitter has said that the floppy haired Czech is in line for a start and I tell you what, I bloody well hope so.

Today's game against Aston Villa is beyond crucial, in fact there is little point in writing those words anymore this season as every single game is a must win from now until the end of the season, even though we will not win every must win and then the next game is must must win etc, round and round it goes. Basically if we want to salvage something in what I hope is our last transitional season then overhauling Gareth Bale FC is a must.

I hope you can forgive me for focusing a little too much on Rosicky given that the game today is about far more than one player but correct me if I am wrong but this could be the first time that Tomas Rosicky would be granted a start alongside what would be first team personnel and that is what I have been craving for.

Rosicky will not get the most amount of goals or assists over the course of a season but what he will do is make the team better by making other players more effective. Jack Wilshere's driving runs from midfield have often been our plan b from our passing plan a so adding another player who can do this will help open up spaces but above that, what I like about Rosicky in the team is that he keeps everything so simple and speeds up our football. Often on the move looking for pockets of space to receive the ball and then pop it off to someone else, against teams who sit deep we need to move the ball quicker.

In all of this I haven't yet given it a thought that Arsene may want to rest someone down to a niggle or fatigue, I hope not. I think we can produce our best football of the season with Arteta, Cazorla, Wilshere and Rosicky in the same line up. The obvious issue is that a different, much needed sort of player will have to miss out.

Lukas Podolski has often been the player to be sacrificed if we have for a more creative side rather than more direct and that could be the case today unless against all odds Arsene tries him up front once more which is unlikely.

Bacary Sagna is out with a knee problem so Carl Jenkinson returns from suspension just in time, the rest of the team should be the usual.

Mean Lean's Hopeful Line Up:

Forget the whole predicted stuff, this is what I am hopeful of and more importantly I am hopeful of three juicy much needed 'restore confidence, move us a point closer, put the pressure on Spurs' points. As bad as our week had gone, we gained 6 points from our last two games so there is no reason to feel too dejected just yet. There is much to play for and we need the same type of response that we saw when Tottenham came here last season. That is the tempo, the work rate, the speed of football that we need to put in today.

Three points please Arsenal. Pretty please.

Comments (4)

  • TommyK77  - My Line Up
    I would prefer a 4-4-2:
    Jenk- Per- Verm- Nacho
    Theo- Rosicky- Arteta- Carzola
  • picard2bridge  - Completely agree
    You are spot on about Rosicky. What a great player, with vision, workrate and directness. Pass and move. We have missed him, but he'd be one of the first players on my team sheet each and every week.
    Unfortunately Diaby get's to start again,today.Not content to send players out who seem incapable of performing during the first 45 minutes-our deluded Manager decides to make doubly sure that Arsenal slow the pace of the game down to Villa's liking by picking Mr Bean-pole (French Version).A player who manages to slow every attacking play down to a crawl-that is if he's not passing to the opposition.Obviously Monsieur Wenger noticed that he had a good game first time around against Citeh so why not keep picking him-sooner or later he might have another reasonable game and after all he does look a little bit like Patrick Vieirra!!Then of course there's our other "Bean-pole"-the German version.The turning circle of a JCB and the aerial presence of a much smaller man.Hopefully his inadequacies will pale into insignificance when compared to a goalkeeper,a captain,and a ring-rusty right-back who all seem capable of one major mistake per game which generally leads to an opposition goal.
    Aston Villa are undoubtedly a poor side so let's see if they are any better than a mid-table Championship team.Luckily they are nowhere near the quality of a half decent German side who gave us the runaround at the Emirates.......Schalke!!!
  • tunday imam  - unfortunately
    Unfortunately, Rosicky didn't feature and we had to labour to victory. At this stage, I guess what mattered most is to keep wining in hope that our rivals drop points... I prayed all through the match because I was to tensed! Hope grab a win or a draw against our noisy neighbour.. Gunner for life!
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