So the league season is 90 minutes from being all over, how on earth did that happen? It felt like only yesterday when Sanogo and Joel Campbell terrorised Benfica in the glorious sunshine.

37 league games later and we are down to West Brom at home with our league position all but secure unless.. well you know how the story goes.

This game would mean very little if it wasn't for the small matter of the FA Cup final next weekend. Our goals have dried up in recent weeks and regardless of what Arsène says publicly, he will be a little concerned about that before our trip to Wembley.

But Arsène is in somewhat of a catch 22 today, he wants his players to experience some positivity before the final but a few of his troops are certainly in need of a plugging into the bench and a long recharge. Both those aims cannot be achieved. Personally I would be up for mass changes and then prepare for the final on the training pitches of London Colny.

The last few matches at the Emirates are not a true reflection of this team, a quick glance at our home record over the last few years and the goals scored by the home team tell you all you need to know about that.

Given what we have had to try and unlock in recent weeks, the last opposition manager you'd like to take on would be Tony Pulis, but having just written that I'm pretty sure we've beaten his Stoke City side every single time they have rocked up at the Emirates. But the teams and situation is rather different today. Pulis will have watched the Swansea and Sunderland blueprint and will have been working on executing it today with his players.

It will be up to Arsène and his troops to be able to find a way through. I suspect West Brom will have some other questions to find answers to today.

Theo Walcott who I suspect is out of favour due to his contract more than anything else, will surely be given a start. If not for the good of Theo Walcott then for the good of another player in the squad who needs to rest tired calves and thighs. Walcott could come in for Giroud given that Welbeck is not yet fit enough for a return or he could start wide right in the position he sparkled when coming on late against Sunderland on Wednesday. I should write that paragraph again as it is somewhat of a mouthful but it's the last game of the season so you can forgive my laziness this time.

Santi Cazorla has got to miss this one, his little legs have worked very hard this season. When his passing range is off then you know Santi isn't mentally or physically at his best. Alexis might need dropping out but Arsène rarely opts to sit him out. One suspects that if the doctors give the oxygen in his blood the all clear and there are no physical knocks to worry about then he is patted on the bum and sent out for some more non stop chasing around for 90 minutes action.

Alexis' passing is lacking a little bit sharpness to say the least and would take his place on the bench if the call was mine. To be honest, a lot of our starting 11 would sit this one out as I've said above but luckily for you, I am not the manager.

I would like to see Wilshere, Chambers, Gabriel, Walcott and perhaps even Rosicky start today but not sure that will happen following Arsène's comments pre match. Didn't he say one or two changes?

I am not even going to do a predicted line up today as I have no idea what Arsène will do with the team. The goalkeeper is an interesting one as it could give us a good indication of what Arsène will do in the final.

Regardless of what team is put out today, the best thing we could hope for is an early goal. Arsenal goal obviously. I'm sure all the other pressures will disappear with the celebrations from the players. We'd probably go on to get a couple more and maybe end the last home game of the season on a high. The longer the opposition keeper keeps his sheets clean the more the nervousness will grow from both fans and players alike.

Kinda hoping it doesn't come to that.

You know what would be ideal? Giroud starting and grabbing his first Arsenal hat trick before 60 minutes and he is replaced on the hour to a huge standing ovation..

Anyway whatever happens, goodbye to 2014-15 league season. You've been a strange up and down thing you but we'll be back next season to have a better go at you again.

As for today, let's hope we put on a jolly good show and the Arsenal faithful can leave feeling in more optimistic mood before the big one.

Usual post match stuff later today, so check back later.