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When was the last time you saw Jack Wilshere looking as clean and tidy as that? It was still only a friendly so we need to see him in the Premier League but he looked very sharp and fit. Is it even worth talking about Aaron Ramsey? nothing new really, just another top quality display from a top quality player. His goal for me was the highlight of the day. Yaya Sanogo's pass to him was slightly behind him but Ramsey with a player in front of him scooped the ball over the defenders foot to make room for the shot across the keeper and into the net. His conversion rate much be through the roof because the FA Cup final aside, I cannot remember many games where Ramsey has missed a host of chances before finally scoring one. It seems like he tucks away his first chances these days.

I thought Alexis tried too much to the detriment of his performance. He seemed to want to beat a man whenever he got the ball and often lost possession but I'm sure he will get better at picking his moments when he is fitter and sharper. He certainly showed glimpses of his quality. Starting on the right wing with licence to drift inside, there was one moment on the first half where he came inside and threaded one defence splitting pass to Giroud in between a few defenders but the Frenchman's legs could not rotate quickly enough to gain control of the situation and the chance was squandered. Once Theo Walcott is back in that right sided position making those runs in behind the full back and centre back then Alexis Sanchez is more than capable of finding him if indeed he is

As exciting as Campbell, Ramsey and Sanogo's goals were, I was most impressed with the forward contribution of Hector Bellerin. I've enjoyed watching him in the reserves for a while but really wanted to see him around more senior players. I got my wish yesterday. What instantly stood out was his composure on the ball and lack of fearlessness. His link up with Campbell was impressive and his pick out for Campbell's goal was worth applauding by itself. For years we have seen our right back get to a certain position on the right and fire in crosses into the box without any particular target in mind. One run in the first half was reminiscent of a seasoned winger in his prime. From what I've seen of him at reserve level I love his little darts in behind the opposition left back which has lead to plenty of assists

Going back to poor officiating, the referee and his assistant made the incorrect call on Sanogo's near post flick, assuming that the defender got the final touch. In fairness to the officials, this call was far more difficult to get correct but I guess you cannot give what you haven't seen. Arsenal delightfully capitalised from the corner. Giroud, Sagna and a couple of Hull City players contested the flighted ball while Koscielny went into secret stealth mode, tip-toeing his way into the six yard box like he had done a few weeks back against Newcastle United at home. He turned and flicked in from close range, barely getting a touch but just enough to fox the keeper and get it over the line. 2-2.

Rambo adjusted his feet to meet the flight of the ball and his controlled volley was sheer perfection. All this talk of us needing that other striker to play off Giroud, aren't we getting just that from Ramsey? Just like his burst into that centre forward position at Hull a few weeks ago Rambo was in the right place once again. A sumptuous finish. It is no surprise that Giroud's form has returned a

Scoring from set pieces allows you to not be at your best and still turn the game on it's head in your favour. Santi Cazorla's curled ball into the box found Koscielny who got on the wrong side of Moussa Sissoko and our tigerish, speedy centre back poked in from close range for yet another goal against Newcastle. Maybe he should be our Paul Warhurst (youngsters look him up) against the Geordies.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more