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We did have one very good chance in the first half and those who call for us to stop messing around with the ball and just shoot will be pleased to see Santi Cazorla hit the ball straight down the keeper when he had Lukas Podolski in a far better position in front of him. Positions like that are personally the only reason why he should starting games for Arsenal and little else, so I was vocally frustrated at my favourite little Spaniard for thinking of glory rather than the good of the team. It was a day to forgot about for the pair of them in truth. Santi kept twisting and turning into red and white stripped shirts while Lukas Podolski jogged around playing short passes and little else.

The best part of the game was our 3rd goal scored by our bouncy haired Czech. He let all the creative players around him borrow it for a second before taking it on and dinking over the advancing keeper. Wilshere into Rosicky to Cazorla back to Wilshere who laid it back first time on his weaker foot into Rosicky who was striding forward, then it was one more one-two with Giroud before lifting it over the keeper, a little like he managed to do against Tottenham this season. A beautiful team goal and a goal that Rosicky fully deserved on the day. He wasn't flashy (goal aside) but he was subtly perfect. Every pass was sharp, his movements into space to receive passes, his tireless running. He may not always get all the credit but Tomas Rosicky makes those around him play better

Chamberlain passed to Özil and then set off on his bike down the right, he knew full well that the man on the ball was capable of finding the right pass to find him and Mesut Özil produced it. Inside the Liverpool player and into the stride of the Ox who exploded past Agger but had the presence of mind to look up and see Podolski making a burst into some space in the box. Chambo didn't just hit the ball into the danger area which I see as code for hitting and hoping, instead he opted for a perfect cut back into the stride of Podolski to slot in under the keeper for 2-0. After that we relied on our defensive strength, newly found after Anfield

While I could quite easily continue to lay into this team after today it is difficult when you consider that it is this group of players that have put us (most likely) 1 point off the top with 25 games played. They obviously have quality but questions will need to be asked from all of the players and the manager as to why they set foot on the pitch with the wrong attitude. At this point Chelsea are 2-0 up at home to Newcastle and City are still drawing 0-0 at Norwich. I fully expect both teams to win so it is down to us to put this game behind us and come back on Wednesday at home against the Champions with a completely different performance

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was perhaps slightly overshadowed by Aaron Ramsey in pre season but not by a long way. He was looking very sharp and had the same look about him as the Welshman had back in July. He had visibly matured and was impressing in central midfield. After creating the opening goal on the first day of the season his impressive start was snatched away from him due to

We badly miss Theo Walcott, I'd much rather have Theo alongside Bendtner for a stretch of games than having a back up striker. We really do not have any players who are looking to run in behind. One time in the first half, Serge Gnabry cut inside and was heading infield creating spaces, given that Southampton were pressing high, they had quite a tasty high line to try and get into. As Gnabry drifting inside, Santi on the left came towards the ball with his hand outstretched indicating for the German to pass him the ball to feet. There wasn't any need for that, Gnabry had space to move into and we need players to run into scoring positions so they can be found and not only to come short to get the ball into feet just like everybody else wants to do in our team.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more