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Coquelin’s role in our build up has been a cause of frustration in recent games from Arsenal fans but I don’t think that acquisition can be levelled at him yesterday. He received the ball in tight spaces between the lines and recycled quickly. He also passed between the lines without any issues. He is no Iniesta but he was fantastic yesterday. Cazorla too played an important role yesterday and linked up very well with Mesut Ozil in particular. He tired a little in the second half and was on a knife edge in regards to his early booking but it begs the question

We did not manage to create many clear chances with our possession but that was largely because they defended much better than we did throughout the game. Mesut Özil was far from his best but 13 minutes from time he showed his quality with a lovely check back from the left of the box. Most players in the world are crossing that ball into the box but Özil does not need to cross the ball, he passes from all angles of the pitch and it was his pass that landed at Iwobi who lashed in a shot that Areola could only manage to push out to Alexis who came in late to scuff a shot off the turf and past the keeper.

Watford were not able to get Igalho and Deeney into the game for that very reason. We had a lot more of the ball and whenever Watford gained possession we forced them into mistakes.
The penalty was a definite penalty even if I did’t know it had been awarded at the time. Not a fan of penalties being stuck low down the middle but I’m a big fan of Arsenal penalties going in so I’ll more than take Cazorla’s early strike.
The penalty was all about the quality of Mesut Ozil. We needed the breakthrough at Leicester City last weekend but missed Mesut’s brilliance, this time his left footed floater was heading towards Alexis before the Watford player stupidly lead with his elbow on our forward.

So the question is, do Koscielny and Mustafi stop Liverpool's goals? It's impossible to say really isn't it? Obviously it does not help having an inexperienced centre back pairing but I think it fits the narrative of not spending a little too conveniently. When we dropped off our intensity in winning the ball high up it looked like absolutely anybody could walk through us and create shots on our goal, especially from wide. That was not down to our centre backs. When we defended as a team in the first half there could not be a bad word said of either Chambers or Holding. In fact, I thought to myself during the game that one of the highlights of this half was Chambers


The centre back pairing is one of the obvious and it was no surprise to see the experienced Gabriel start the game. new boy Rob Holding was the chosen one to partner the Brazilian. The midfield combination was also of much interest. It seems as if Arsene is looking to start Coquelin alongside Xhaka in the first game of the season. Without going back through the games, I think Coquelin has played whenever Xhaka has. Given that Xhaka is the deepest of the midfielders it leaves Coquelin in somewhat of a box to box role and I am not quite sure how much I like the idea of that

The Premier League climax quickly morphed into hilarity. I mean I cannot think of a word to sum it up better than that, it was just funny. Sunderland were supposed to have put any slight chance of St Totteringham's day to bed when they relegated Newcastle United in midweek, giving the Magpies nothing to play for whatsoever on the final day against Tottenham. I mean even if they had to scrap for a win to survive the drop, it was unlikely against the much lauded Spurs press. This super team that have given the Premier League a breath of fresh air and all that jazz.

7 minutes into the second half however and we trailed, 3-2, to an Andy Carroll hat trick. The firsts of which was an absolute disgrace on our part, West Ham countered after a move broke down and there was no attempt at any point from any Arsenal player to interject. It was clear that we switched off and that the three points were already secure in our mind. Creswell put in a great ball and everyone in the box was static apart from Andy Carroll who connected and brought West Ham back into the game. That should have been our warning sign that we needed to focus and the game wasn’t over. They’ve just used Andy Carroll as a battering ram and is clearly going to be their game plan, watch out for that and try to stop it.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more