Without trying to sound like Myles Palmer, I predicted that score four days ago. Only not wanting to bet against my team stopped me earning some cash. Its all become a bit groundhog dayish hasn't it? Arsenal winning the last few games Sheffield United losing their last two matches, a reshuffle to our side due to a bout of flu, its not rocket science.

So if this is now predictable then why is it proving a problem to solve for Mr Wenger? Now that I have had a few days to reflect I can see things a little different. We already have important players out with injury such as Henry, Gallas, Lauren and Diaby. So when you add Adebayor, Hleb, Walcott and Djourou to that list then you know your gonna be in trouble. Take out Drogba, Terry, Geremi and Joe Cole then another 4 or so others then you would see them slip against lower sides as well.

Its pretty clear that our players are very inconsistant right now but this will change when the experienced players come back into the side. I was looking forward to watching Brazilian powerhouse Juilio Baptista start in the side, especially after the hype from Arsene Wenger, so I was a little bumused and concerned that he started wide left and like a number of our players that day he had a complete mare. I don't want to write the guy off as in spells he looks like he has alot in his locker but it looks like he is a yard of the pace at the moment. We can only really judge him once he has totally adapted to our side and our league and also when he has had a run in our strongest side and not when he has to recieve passes from the likes of Flamini, Hoyte etc.

I have heard alot of fans calling for the head of our manager which to me is just utter madness. Lets get in Grahame Souness and watch Henry, Fabregas, Toure and all our stars who love Wenger leave the club and lets bring it crap expensive players who start chasing long balls into the channels. Erm, that really does not appeal to me at all. Even with a good manager we would have to start all over again and in my opinion although he has his flaws he is the best coach around. So next up Charlton at home for our first match of the new year. If we win convincinly all will be forgotten until the next time. Oh and how rude of me, Merry Christmas and a happy new year to you all.