3 away wins in a row in the north west? Yes, it finally looks as like the Gunners have turned the corner. Blackburn were on top form before the game as were we following our successful trips to Liverpool.

I was intrigued before the game to know who would partner Henry and Toure and it was the Fa cup hero's Van Persie and Senderos respectively rather than the Carling lot.

The game hadn't really taken off until that floppy haired knob Robbie Savage jumped into the back of Gilberto and kicked him twice while he was on the floor. What human being wouldn't lash out in self defence? Not that Gilberto 'lashed out' at the little girl but Rob Styles pulled out the red card. The usually mild mannered Brazilian was so incensed that he didn't leave the pitch until Henry had a word with him.

Last season at Ewood park we never really showed up so how were we going to cope being a man down. As Gilberto walked off the field I thought to myself who is going to come off for Flamini? I waited a minute or so and thought, wow, I don't think he is going to change it. Wenger had faith in the players on the pitch to be positive and go and get a result. A few months ago and Van Persie would have been withdrawn for the hard tackling Frenchman. But confidence is now sky high and we have grown mentally in the last few weeks. Henry and Van Persie took it in turns to come into midfield and match those dirty northern thugs.

Pedersen had a powerfully shot saved by mad Jens and a fantastic last ditch block tackle by Derbyshire on his own attempt on Lehmann's goal were Blackburn's only real good chances in the whole game. Toure's header to open the scoring was pure class. He was the only attacking player in the Blackburn box and Henry's free kick was inch perfect the kind where people would be drooling over it had it have been an overpaid English player about to ply his trade in the states.

Fridel could only stand and watch as the ball hit the inside of the post and roll into the otherside of net behind him. Clichy had arguably his best game of the season. Toure and Senderos started to show the form that Arsenal used as a platform to get to the champions league final last year. Hleb and Rosicky played alot more narrow than normal to compensate for Giblets absence and both have a very good game. But it was the young Spaniard who ran the show. His work rate and passing was there for all to see.

The second goal reminded us all what we have missed in the great mans absence. From defending a free kick to scoring goal of the month arguably the season. Rosickys reverse pass to Henry has gone practically unnoticed because of what followed. The grace and powerful running from that left side hasn't been seen for quite some time. The flick to Cesc and movement inside was great, Cesc's return pass, perfect and the finish. BANG! first time into the top corner off Fredials fingers. GAME SET AND MATCH.

There was still time for Henry to blaze over the bar from inside the box and for Tugay to do his very best to do some damage to Cesc Fabregas. Which of course was just a bookable offence. What Gilberto done was far far more dangerous! The FA really need to sort it out.

Lets put this 'Arsenal can't handle it when your physical' crap behind us.