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Another thrilling game in the carling cup this year for the gunners. The first half was pretty non eventful. Neither side wanted to concede and it showed. Aliadiere was extremely quiet in the first half an hour or so. He is a strange player. Looks decent on the ball, makes good intelligent runs off the ball the trouble is that he tends to run as far away from the ball as possible.

Theo Walcott had another shocker. He seems to be making all the wrong decisions right now and panics whenever he is in possession. The lad is only 17 years old and time is thankfully on his side.

Diaby understandably looks a little rusty and had a habit of holding on to the ball a little to long. And lost it a few times. He did however show some lovely touches of skill.

Denilson once again showed why Wenger was correct to ship out Song on loan with yet another fearless performance. He continuously played Cesc type passes all evening and I love his workrate and winners attitude.

The second half was alot more exciting, Arsenal and Spurs pushed on in search of the all important first goal. Tomas Rosicky replaced Theo Walcott and made an instant impact.

Rosicky finds passing angles. He uses his football brain more than most. Rosicky is a wonderful link player who links up with Cesc and Hleb as if they have been playing together for years. It was Rosicky's brain that created the first goal. His powerful snapshot was parried by Robinson, the ball found its way back to Rosicky who moved away from Adebayor to allow him to have space and slipped him a perfect pass for the big funny haired Togo international to slip the ball past that bloke from the pub Robinson. Adebayor ran over to Henry to do the trademark dance.

Adebayor has just fantastic workrate, he runs into channels fights to win the ball back and has deceptive pace. The one thing he currently does not have on a consistent basis is the art of finishing and shooting.

The game became almost too easy. Diaby was replaced by Cesc who strolled around the pitch in the way that he does, demanding the ball from others. He never hides, always moves into space facing the ball. The difference this season with Mr Fabergas is that he now knows that he is one of the best players in world football right now, last season he was a young player trying to prove himself.

Substitute Mido powered in a header against the run of play to level the scores. That goal forced the game into extra time even though we had an extra away goal. Stupid rule in my opinion. Why should the result change after extra time, if we had the advantage after full time?

Anyway, it made it even sweeter in the end because we beat them outright, and we don't have to hear excuses from Spurs fans saying that we didn't beat them over two legs.

Aliadiere improved as the game went on, had a few chances which he couldn't quite take, but he was getting himself more and more involved in the game.

Aliadiere pounced on a slip from a Tottenham defender to slam the ball high past Robinsons left arm to put us 2-1 up. Nothing much had changed though, Tottenham needed one more goal to take the game to penalties. Mido had a chance to score his second but he curled his effort wide.

The match was put the bed when Rosicky received the ball in the box and turned his man and slammed his shot off the post (again!) and it hit Chimbonda and over the line. 3-1, game over.

I want to mention Gael Clichy who replace the injured Traore. Clichy has improved so much and his runs from left back were superb last night. Oh and while were are on the subject of left backs, I want to mention Ashley Cole.

Its never nice to wish bad on people, or laugh at peoples misfortune, but....


Its going to be interesting to see what kind of team Chelsea field in the final.

p.s - I will be talking about this game in detail in the next AV Chat, for last weeks one right click and save HERE

  • 15 Sep 2015
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