I read on a forum '3 UNBEATEN 47 TO GO' which I thought was nice. I do think that we will now go unbeaten until the end of the season, if we can do that then it would be a great platform to start the new season. Teams need confidence, confidence in themselves and confidence in each other. Arsenal need a mental strength to know that they can get out of any situation, when they are losing and when they are winning. If our midfield can carry on scoring goals and once Adebayor gets another goal he will go from strength to strength again. It would be nice to see Hleb grab a couple of goals from now until the end of the season.... ok, maybe that is pushing it somewhat.

So what do we make of David Dein's exit? It was certainly a shock and I didn't see it coming. I guess we will never really know the in's and out's of what went on but himself and the rest of the board don't agree with something. We all know that Dein and Wenger are close so what does this mean for our manager? Is the takeover rumours unsettling for The Professor?

Confidence is a funny thing isn't it? Fabregas has missed so many chances this season and did not score a league goal until his calm finish against Bolton last week. Against Manchester City you just knew he would grab another, and what a strike it was. We all hope that Cesc can add goals to his game because for him to leap up another level then he will need them.

Tomas Rosicky opened the scoring in almost a carbon copy of the goal he scored against Bolton. Eboue's cross from the right and the nibble little Czech nipped in ahead of the Man City defender at the back post to poke the ball past the keeper for 1-0. Abou Diaby playing in an advanced role behind Adebayor won the ball back with a Vieira type tackle played a vital part of our goal. He was brilliant until he went off suffering a head injury from Richard Dunne.

Baptista replaced Diaby. Wenger must now know if he wants Julio to stay or not. Is the fact that he is on the bench and a midfielder playing in his position saying something? Or does Wenger feel that he will be ready next season instead? I personally hope its the latter. But according to Myles Palmers 'contacts' Wenger really loves Baptista.

Jens Lehmann was not having his best game, and his clearance was poor to say the very least. Johnson quick feet and through pass in between Toure and Eboue found the American Demarcus Beasley who looks like a mixture between a frog and a bat finished cooly past Lehmann for 1-1. It was the kind of finish that alot of our players have been missing all season.

We were back in this horrible 'held at home again' type of feeling. We kept passing, kept working hard. Hleb had another up and down game, but he worked hard to win the ball back when he lost it, something he has been criticised lately by Gooners in recent weeks.

Then enter Cesc Fabulous. He and Rosicky worked a little 1-2 on the edge of the area, Rosicky's touch to control the ball was heavy and he lost it but the defenders clearance landed at Cesc, a couple weeks ago, Cesc would have turned and played the ball out wide but full of confidence he took a touch to flick it up and his second touch was a serving volley past the keeper. From then on we were pretty much in control of the game.

Cesc and Hleb exchanged passes and the Belarus international drove into the box with a mixture of quick feet and determination the ball stumbled across to Baptista to side foot in for 3-1. Game well and truly set and match.

We went into 3rd until Liverpool's 2-0 win last night, so we are back in fourth again (My maths is really good isn't it?)