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Round 1: Chelsea came out at the bell throwing the most punches, they took the game to Arsenal and pinned them back in the early stages without really connecting with any real quality.

Arsenal took about 15 minutes to stamp their own authority on the match. Adebayor was chief tormentor as he gave Terry and the rather piss poor Boulharouz a torrid time. Although Baptista wasn't involved as much as he could have, he was better than he has been recently. Maybe those two factors are linked.

In the 43rd minute Arsenal swung the uppercut which sent Mourinho and Chelsea sprawling to the canvas. A long ball was played over the top for Baptista to chase, Khalid Boulharouz (one of the special ones, special signings) should have dealt with it sooner but the ball bounced over his head and into the path of Baptista who was about to miss a chance before the clumsy fool (I mean the Chelsea player) took him down from behind.

Penalty and sending off.

Gilberto tucked it away in the bottom right of the net. Great penalty. Maybe we should give Bert the number 14 shirt and stick him upfront, ok maybe not.

Half time, i sent my mate a text saying "as, Justin Timberlake once said...'I'm lovin it!' but the next goal is crucial"

The second half was pretty much 50/50 for most of the early part, Arsenal missed the usual chances with Adebayor and Gallas coming close. The latter really should have scored with a point blank header over the top from a corner.

Chelsea and Essien caught Arsenal with a sucker punch in the 70th minute. Former target Shaun Wright-Philpott or whatever his name is swung in a wonderful cross on Essien's head to glance in past Lehmann for the equaliser.

After that the game became very stretched and very enjoyable to watch. Chelsea had to push forward for the knock out and Arsenal wanted to catch them on the counter and deliver the knock out blow.

Essien had another shot into the side netting, and Lampard had a dipping shot saved by the mad one. Joe Cole thought he had knocked Arsenal clean out with a good left foot strike only for the referee to rule it out for a punch below the belt (otherwise known as offside)

Arsenal could have one it in the 94th minute when Big Burly Baps squared the ball to Cesc who nudged it onto Eboue who was bursting through from the right to cannon a shot off the top of the cross bar.

The crossbar was still shaking when the final whistle blew and Jose Mourinho walked onto the pitch to say his goodbyes to English football (one only hopes)

I really wanted Arsenal and Arsene to beat Mourinho at least the once, and it was close but not quite close enough. 2 draws home and away with Chelsea and two victories against Manchester United is a positive we can take away with us. I just want to see a fit Thierry Henry

Well done to the Arsenal birds who beat Charlton 4-1 and won the quadruple today. The girls can really play can't they. You can tell its very Arsenal with the one touch football. Well done Vic Akers and the ladies. The Charlton goalkeeper was a bit of a joke though, but can't take anything away from the performance, Infact the whole season. Maybe we can get the ladies in to teach show the lads finishing.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more