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The reason Arsenal won was because of my tactical match preview. Don't let anyone tell you any different!

We still seem to lack a bit of quality in the final third but what i was most impressed with was the work rate and commitment of the players. We closed down in packs and the midfield often dropped off to help out the back four. I was surprised that Wenger did not swap Hleb and Pires round at some point during the second half as it was clear that neither of them were playing very well on their side of the flanks.
Its also apparent that we are a much better team when Sol Campbell is playing and organising at the back. He would be my first choice for captain, I think Wenger knows this as well but he would never risk upsetting Henry, especially as he has yet to sign a new deal.
I thought Flamini was superb in midfield. He got stuck in and won plenty of balls in the air. Personally i would like to see him curb his attacking and learn to play the Gilberto role. There were times in the second half at 2-1 when he was running ahead of Cesc and I thought what on earth is the point in that! And sometimes that left gaps in between our midfield and back four, hence the time on the ball for Galasek to smack one against the post and for former Arsenal Target Rosenberg to tap home the goal.
The Flamburger really reminds me of Ray Parlour, someone full of energy, none stop running and commitment. Not scared of getting his head in the way of an oppositions boot, probably scared of getting it in the way of Kolo Toures head though! Wouldn't you be?!
He isn't the best footballer in the world but his strong points are missing in alot of players currently in our team ** sneeze! 'Pires' *** excuse me!

Overall it was a good TEAM performance from us, not our best football by any means but we worked really hard for eachother and that's great to see in our side, especially because we don't have any real natural leaders in our side.

Oh another thing, If Freddie had a bit more quality technically he would make a fantastic striker, I really believe he would! I remember he struck twice for us playing upfront against Blackburn a few years back. His finish was fantastic! Something that Reyes would and could never do. He was so composed. He must be the best finisher in our first team (Not including Lupoli)
Not only has he got a great finish but his movement is also of the very highest quality. It would be interesting to see him and Henry upfront together for a few matches, but Wenger would never try that, unless everyone else was unavailable.

Good news for Gibblets, and bad news for Flamfriedchicken. Bert's injury is not as bad as first thought and should be back to face Birmingham on the weekend. Van The Man Persie should also be back in the squad... Sundays match preview will be here in a few days.

Interesting game on tonight.. Yeah Oldham travel to Port Vale in the heavy weight League One match! wooo hooo! Oh yeah and Cheatingbuyeveryoneyousee face Liverpool in the Champions League at Anfield. Rafa (I love that name, say it with aggression!) B thinks he has Chelsea sussed! Hopefully he does and all the rest of the premiership managers are watching! Then they will realise how hard it is when people stop you playing your game! COME ON LIVERPOOL!!!!

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more