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Two days after the result against Hull City and the pain hasn't subsided very much. If anything watching Liverpool and Manchester United squeeze out a victory in the dying moments only added to my misery.

When Alexis rather majestically body swerved past his man and drilled low into the far corner I thought we had done the hard part, the rest of the game should open up because we had broken through the two banks of four nice and early and ruined the oppositions game plan. Except the referee and his assistant had other ideas. This is the point where I am supposed to add the footballing disclaimer. Telling you that it is not to excuse our performance and that all of the blame must lie with ourselves. Officials bad decisions and our own play are not mutually exclusive. Teams have played for centuries now and along the way teams like Arsenal have played poorly and won games. We all love the Champions can play poorly and win cliche so there is no reason to ignore such a big call at a crucial moment.

Diamé tugged back Mathieu Flamini more than once who was about to roll the ball back to Szczesny, how it wasn't spotted by both officials is beyond me. Credit to the player for the finish but it was a goal that should not have stood.

As I keep saying, football is a game of small margins, confidence and execution. Given our performance before that goal we could have won the game convincingly and the narrative would be very different today.

But the score was 1-1 at home and we had plenty of time to turn it around yet we failed to find the same spark that we started the game with. That is a big worry.

Hull City backed off and fed off the confidence of their goal. Our zippy passing at the start was replaced by a slower, 'patient' approach. One where we have a lot of the ball and try and keep playing until an opening appears rather than forcing the opening ourselves.

I was watching a video from Arsenal Editor of some of our best goals last season.

{youtube width="460" height="350"}IZMX_yx0ns8{/youtube}

A squad without Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck and what instantly struck me was the speed and understanding of our passing going forward.

Last season we were a fluid attacking unit that lacked individual brilliance to win games. This season we have often been a disjointed team but with that individual excellence that Alexis showed in 13 minutes. The signs have been better in recent weeks and were even better before the Hull City non goal.

But where did the quickness in Arsenal's play disappear to? We should have been fired up by the injustice and gone at Hull with even more aggression. That did not happen.

The Hull City goal after the break was just about as bad as it gets. Arsenal players strolling around waiting for the ball to come back to us. Wilshere did not close down the ball crosser and Mertesacker was more interested in knowing where his man was rather than attacking the cross. A cross he would have won if his focus was on the ball.

There is a lot of talk of not signing a 4th choice centre back and because of this people are blaming the goal on this problem when in fact it was our best defender of last season that was to blame along with the defending as a team at the start of the second half.

In stoppage time Alexis jinked his way through the Hull City team and slipped the ball to Welbeck to equalize. Five minutes earlier and you never know, we may have had another good chance to someone other than our two left backs who could have won the game in late stoppage time.

Any potential title race has been killed dead in the water in October and that is disappointing. Too much change in such a short time has meant we've lost the race to find momentum and continuity.

Call me crazy but I believe we've got the best attacking team at the Arsenal for years and we'll see more and more of that as the season goes on, but we've tripped over at the start of this race and we are too far away to make up the ground.

Time to consign this performance and result to history and get the confidence back on Wednesday just as we did in our last Champions League match.

For more on the game from @albrookshawAFC, @LittleDutchVA, @r_zana & @YouAreMyArsenal check out the post match Q&A


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