Mathieu Flamini ey? Not many of us saw that coming, I certainly did not. There was at least one person who did though. I swear I read a comment somewhere that a fan won some cash after predicting a Flamini brace, clearly he must have been drinking all day, I might need to try it.

It was great to see Flamini follow up Oxlade-Chamberlain's shot for the first, it is something we need to see more of in this Arsenal squad. He took the gamble and when the ball fell to his feet he fired it in above the keepers head.

But it is his second goal deep into the second half that will be remembered. This edited version with Messi vs Bayern commentary and the Titanic theme tune made me laugh more than once.

It looked like the type of volley that we used to see from Robert Pires, the way he sped up to the ball then slowed down as he watched it drop and the technique was wonderful. All quite surreal stuff.

Before that Calum Chambers was unlucky to put the ball into his own net from a Chadli cross. I thought Chambers had his best game for a while. I was a little concerned about his suitability with Mertesacker but both performed fairly well and we did not give away too many chances. Mathieu Debuchy at right back wasn't quite so good and looks short of his real level but staying in the competition is just what we need for players like Debuchy, Campbell, Gibbs et al. It is important to get these players closer to speed and without games it is very difficult, if not impossible to do so.

Oxlade-Chamberlain is going through a spell at the moment of being a very exciting and dangerous dribbler, skipping past opposition with ease but will then misplace a pass by over hitting the ball. He did that in the second half after a great run down the left. If he wants to play in the centre of the pitch, it is an area of his game he will need to develop and fast. Such an exciting player but just needs to round off those edges.

We looked better when Alexis came on the right and Oxlade-Chamberlain on the left. We broke against Tottenham pretty well and created some decent chances that we failed to capitalise on.

Can we all stop for a moment and personally thank Gibbs for his goal line clearance. He deserves it. Not because it stopped Tottenham from taking the lead but because we do not have to hear over hyped reaction to Harry Kane's effort. It would have been unbearable so you Kieran, deserve a round of applause for that.

Most of these players can look forward to an away trip to Sheffield Wednesday in the next round and that is good. We are going to need these players over the course of the season.

Now the first team players can approach the Leicester City game with more of a spring in their step, hopefully this can be the season kick-starter that we need, well until the next one that is.

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'till tomorrow