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Torreira ooahh, Torreira ooahh (how to do you spell ooaoah?) he's starting his first game, he's gonna make Lazio look lame! oh dear, I was going to say it sounded good in my head but honestly, it didn't.

Excited to see him in an Arsenal shirt, that's for sure. Also excited to see how he dove-tails with captain of the night, Granit Xhaka, fully expect them to be first choice in our midfield this season.

I swear this defence looks stronger (defensively) on paper than the team that faced Chelsea a few days ago.

Oh by the way, where is Nacho Monreal? Surely he hasn't been left out. (A niggle apparently)

Oooh! So an actual real life 4-4-2 eh? How interesting.

1 min:

Haha! Lichsteiner getting into trouble already. Just over a minute into his Arsenal debut and mans throwing elbows in players faces.

4 mins:

Looks like our forwards are pretty fluid, Iwobi lurking in the centre-forward position with Lacazette and Nketiah in wider areas.

8 mins:

Lovely play by Nketiah, flicking over a defender and having his side-footed shot saved.

13 mins:

Leitchy with a nice left-footed clip over the top to Lacazette who has his half-volley saved.

16 mins:

Lazio with the best chance of the night so far and their dude side foots it wide when he should have scored. Pretty much the first chance Lazio have had so far

17 mins:


Reiss Nelson scores! Nice move out from the back, Chambers with a lovely defence-splitting pass to Nelson. Iwobi has a left footed shot off the post and Nelson follows up to tap in from close range. Possibly offside but who cares? Lazio I guess.


The one notable change we've seen under Emery this pre-season is the way we attempt to play out from the back. Arsene liked to push his midfielders up from those positions while Emery tends to want them deeper to assist his defenders in order to move the ball up the pitch.

We have been pretty bad against pressing teams for a while so it will be interesting to see how we cope against City on the first game of the season.

24 mins:

Torreira wins a free kick by drawing in his man and turning away from him. His first 24 minutes have been pretty much what you expect from him. Tidy with his short passing game, pressing hard but has not connected with a few longer passes.

25 mins:

Lazio should have scored, a poor pass to Chambers from someone, not sure who it was but Chambers finally dealt with the dangerous situation.

29 mins:

Alex Iwobi is looking very confident so far. He is looking for the ball as much as possible. He slid a nice pass in between a defender to Maitland-Niles. Previously flicked the ball over the heads of two Lazio players, nice.

Xhaka has just fired a shot over the ball from outside of the box.

30 mins:

A tasty little lob over Leno bounced back off the bar. We made a terrible pass outside our own box which presented Lazio with the chance. I gotta say, I do love myself a nice little lobbed effort.

33 mins:

Another Lazio half chance. Not looking watertight once more at the back.

34 mins:

Another great chance for Lazio. They should have scored from a header after a wonderful left-footed cross.

37 mins:

I actually can't keep up with the number of chances we are conceding. Basically, the score should be at least level right now. At least.

44 mins:

Iwobi tries and outside of the foot effort but it fizzes wide. Should have done better from that position, but credit for him for making the chance himself.


Some good, some bad, some positive, some worrying stuff. A mixed bag


Guendouzi comes on for Nelson and Aubameyang comes on for Nketiah

48 mins:

Lazio should have scored again! Jeez! I've said this too many times already. A curling effort hits the side netting rather than the back of the net.

50 mins:

Aubameyang with a great chance but his touch was poor and took him away from the keeper.

52 mins:

Lacazette looking for a penalty but the ref waves it away. Could have gone either way.

Can't believe this game is still only 1-0.

With the Douzi coming in, Emery has gone 4-3-3 probably looking to gain back some control over this game. Iwobi right and Aubameyang left.

57 mins:

Mesut Özil and Hector Bellerin are stripping off. I guess they want to come on, not in the 'I want to look sexy' kind of way.

58 mins:

Arsenal on the counter-attack at pace, the ball finally landing to Lacazette who tries to turn and strike the ball but the pace was taken off of his shot from a defender.

Interesting that Torreira has been the one forced to push a little further up with the introduction of Guendouzi. Emery clearly trusts the young man already. Interesting to see how much he is used this season and I guess how far he can progress.

61 mins:

Arsenal have made a number of changes now. Let's see how we adjust to them.

64 mins:


Aubameyang scores. Elneny bulldozes his way through, Lacazette touches it back to Auba who skids the ball into the net past the keeper. 2-0!

65 mins:
Nice play from Guendouzi to skip his way through and shoots but it's saved at the keepers near post.

69 mins:

Oh crap, Maitland-Niles is down, hopefully, it's not a bottom half injury, as in his legs or feet. Actually just seen a replay and it looks like the ball hit his nuts which is fine. With Kola out for a while, we need as many left back options as possible.

70 mins:

A little like the Chelsea game in Dublin, we've ridden our luck, allowed the opposition far too many chances but have kept going and done enough to win the game, or at least it seems. Not sure what to make of that really. We definitely need to tighten up, maybe the Emster will need more time to get his message across to his players.

This stuff doesn't happen overnight so patience is key.

82 mins:

Mavropanos was beaten by the Lazio forward after a ball over the top. We've seen Liverpool suffer defensively once teams get past their press, I think we will see the same issues ourselves this season, at least for the first half of the season.

86 mins:

We've certainly improved since the switch to 4-3-3 but in truth, there have been plenty of changes for both teams so it's difficult to know if the formation change has made an impact.

Mkhitaryan hasn't had a great pre-season to date but he's been really good since coming on. Some real flashes of skill.

89 mins:

AMN just did a Neymar when taking down a long pass. Not your traditional left back is he?


We won again! The opposition had a bucket full of chances but we played some nice football in spells. Like I said at half time, a mixed bag.

Still none the wiser as to what Emery's starting line up will be. Arsene usually plays his 1st team on the last game of pre season but not Emery.

Anyway I plan to do these live thoughts through out the season, it's more fun when it's off the cuff and spontaneous I reckon.

Did you listen to the pre and half time live chat on the Arsenal Vision Podcast website? That could well be a feature this season so make sure you check that bad boy out ok? ok? good.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more