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The Highbury Library animted promo v5 350x350

Ok hands up if you predicted that line up? Anyone? I didn't think so.

Great to have Nacho Monreal back in the team, if there is one player who should be comfortable playing out from the back, it should be our experienced Spaniard. I mean if you can juggle an orange and flick it back into your fridge, you should be just fine accepting a pass from Cech under a bit of pressure.


Aubameyang with a half chance outside of the box after a quick exchange of passes. Would have been nice if he smashed that into the top corner.

5 mins:

Risky offside trap from Arsenal, Bellerin pushing out but leaving his two centre backs behind him. If Barkley controls that, we are in trouble.

We are under the cosh a little now. Chelsea putting us under pressure when we get the ball. Mkhitaryan loses it close to our box and Chelsea come again.

7 mins:

Ooofff! Monreal crosses to Özil but his side footed effort just misses the far post. A good move from us.

8 mins:

Chelsea down the other end score! Pedro after a simple Alonso cross a long the floor. Why the hell were we so exposed down our right. Really bad defending there.

10 mins:

Chelsea with their tails up are now passing around us for fun. Hope this doesn't get ugly.

12 mins:

One simple pass over our defence and Kante is in loads of space in our box. Barkley side foots it over the bar.

Man! We can't keep the ball at all. We are giving it back to them time and time again. Not only that but we look anything but organised at the back. Not the best of combinations that's for sure.

14 mins:

Don't want to dig him out or anything but Mkhitaryan has been awful these first 15 minutes. Dribbling into Chelsea players or playing sloppy passes. Fix up lad!

Our right hand side is clearly being targetted. We are so open down there.

16 mins:

Aubameyang with the first shot on target but easy for Azzzeegggetttthhhllaaa

18 mins:

Oh my goodness!!! Aubameyang has missed an open goal after a great move. How on earth did he put that over the bar? That really, really should be 1-1.

19 mins:

And to make matters worse, Morata just strides through on goal, turns Mustafi, fires past Cech makes it 2-0. Our entire defence was at the half way line.

Just wanted to show Guendouzi a bit of love for that pass through to Bellerin on the missed chance. Lovely defence-splitting goodness.

31 mins:

We've only gone and bloody done it again! Mkhitaryan has blasted over the bar after an Iwobi cut back.

It could and should be 2-2.

Well, we know we can score goals here today, whether we do or not is another matter altogether.

35 mins:

MKHITARYAN!! that's better! Blasts it from outside of the box on his left foot into the corner of the net. 3.2.1..  we're back in the game! 2-1.

Now let's please improve at both ends of the pitch for goodness sake.

40 mins:

IT'S 2-2!!!! Alex Iwobi has finished off a lovely move! Get stuffed Glen Hoddle!

Mkhitaryan picked out Iwobi in the penalty box and he side foots it into the net. I told you Mkhitaryan has been quality all game! *ahem*

43 mins:

Aubameyang should have scored again! Great pull back from Iwobi down the left and Auba doesn't connect properly with his left-footed effort.

45 mins:

Now Iwobi fires over the bar! This is crazy stuff here. We could have scored 6 this half.

HALF TIME! I'm mentally knackered already.

Torreira on for Xhaka. Come on fella, time for you to show your quality.

46 mins:

A great ball across the box from Aubameyang we couldn't reach it at the far post.

This game is so open.

50 mins:

We've looked far better since the break, using the ball much better and pressing higher up the pitch.

51 mins:

Sokratis with a vital block inside his box after Torreira gets caught on the ball.

56 mins:

Important save from Petr Cech there. Barkley bundles his way through and has a crack but big Petr tips it around the post. Cech has done well today, better with his feet too.

57 mins:

Aubameyang is offside and typically he finishes into the corner of the net.

Hazard and Kovacic are due to come on *cries*

67 mins:

Özil coming off for Ramsey. Hasn't been great second half so it's a change that makes sense.

71 mins:

We haven't looked anywhere near as dangerous apart from the opening 5-10 minutes. We are holding on a little here. Hazard as you'd expect has made a difference.

We need to hold on and hopefully pinch something late.

Chelsea have a freekick in a very dangerous position. I don't like this at all.

Cech punches it away.

Laca is coming on for Alex Iwobi, so you'd assume Aubameyang will trot over to the left. Giroud is coming on for Chelsea, that feels a little weird.

Lacazette making a difference straight away again. A good Arsenal move sees Ramsey fire the ball across the box but Lacazette can't quite get there before the keeper.

80 mins:

Lacazette gives the ball away, Hazard then bursts past him, squares to Alonso who tucks it in past Cech 3-2 Chelsea. I should just shut the hell up. Lacazette was poor for that Chelsea goal.

86 mins:

Giroud with a shot saved! How dare he?

89 mins:

Ramsey with a great strike, just over the bar. Reminded me of the goal against Liverpool the way he took it down on his chest.

3 minutes stoppage time :-(

92 mins:

Giroud could have scored but Cech denies him again.


3-2 to the Chavs. My head hurts

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more