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Written by Paul Wallis Friday, 26 September 2014 19:02

Maybe the real crux of the issue was that Wenger simply wouldn't play what was needed to land the players we were interested in & who were available? It's hard to imagine that he wasn't at least looking to bring in another defender. That he's opted to go in to the season with only two experienced centre backs is astonishing, Last season I felt we just about got away with having only 3 centre backs plus Sagna as back up so to have even fewer options this season is impossible to defend. With the Debuchy injury, it is already coming back to haunt us. Just think what might happen if Mertesacker or Koscielny picked up a

Written by Paul Wallis Wednesday, 10 September 2014 10:32

At Arsenal, is playing him out wide the way to get the best from him? On the occasions he’s been used in a more central role his performances haven’t suggested that’s his best position. Also, in many games I’ve watched from the stands, he’s often appeared somewhat anonymous for long periods, yet he clearly has something to offer the team. Could his work rate improve? Is his style of play compatible with the Arsenal way? Perhaps he’s better as an impact sub, or maybe it’s about who’s on the pitch with him; does he thrive better with certain players around him


Written by Ahmed El Hawary Wednesday, 06 August 2014 09:04

He has changed. I can't ever imagine Wenger in a situation like our rightback's after Sagna leaving, going out and buying a proper experienced replacement AND a young talented one AND loaning out last year's 2nd choice RB. I get we now have the money to buy a replacement but loaning out jenks is ruthless and right. In years past he would have never done that even if it were cheap replacements. Another thing that tells me he has changed a little is Ospina, when have we ever had two good goalkeepers that can be both 1st choice? It's a battle between them and I would think we'll end up selling the loser in two years. That's ruthless and would never have happened before. Last season there was money there, maybe not as much as we think, but still there was money to do good

Written by Opeyemi Fatogun Tuesday, 15 July 2014 22:15

In the process of time, I also cast mine eyes to the west of London towards a certain arena called Stamford Bridge where a tough Portuguese gladiator called Jose and his Russian patron once held sway majestically. This Jose was known to be full of hubris heretofore, at different times in the past naming himself 'The Special One' and 'The Only One'. For he had won many coveted silverwares

Written by RAJASIMHAN VENKATAKUMAR Thursday, 10 July 2014 19:53

It is clear that with Sanchez Signing, Wenger is again going back to his more successful direct counter attacking fast football.  Ever since Fabregas left, there has been minor change and last season we saw Arsenal ready to sit back and hit on the counter. There is a reason why Wenger did not go for the tried and tested Fabregas and went instead for Pace, Power and Athleticism. With Sanchez, Walcott, Ozil, Ramsey and Ox, We will be one of the feared teams on the counter.  Days are not far when teams start panicking seeing our starting lineup.