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Written by Anchit Bhagat Thursday, 10 April 2014 21:11

A few seasons back one could sympathize with Arsene, he had to build squads with a meagre budget thanks to the debts incurred on building the Emirates which he did with aplomb. Key players left at regular intervals and yet he plodded on building his squads and bringing Arsenal to the brink of greatness only to have it seized due to a combination of injuries, bad luck and lack of mental strength. This while Chelsea and Man United continued to dominate the landscape of English football, a period that also heralded the rising of the blue moon in the shape of Manchester City.

Written by Gaurav Saxena Sunday, 09 February 2014 13:07

Still I will give him the benefit of the doubt, first season, has played too many games etc. so he does need a rest. And i think right now, we have an upgrade on him in our squad. And he comes in the form of one of our longest serving players of the current squad, tomas rosicky. Our little Mozart is the wrong side of 30, yes, but he plays like he has the legs of a 20 year old. Full of pace, tackling, passing and work rate that defies his age. Earlier in the season, wenger, whether knowingly or not, used him in most of the ‘big’ games. And he turned in a top drawer performance every time. He embodies what our players should be, full of running, hard work and passion. And he is one player who should be given a run of games in this *words cannot describe how important* run of fixtures

Written by Ahmed El Hawary Monday, 03 February 2014 16:22

What I think Wenger realized is that you can only get a great striker by one of two ways, you either pay 30M+ for a ready made one or you get a young player and mold him into a clinical striker a la Henry and Robin. Hence the failed bid last summer for Suarez and Higuain and even before that when it was said that he was trying to get Cavani last winter. And since almost every 30m+ striker has either just changed his club last summer or signed a new deal there wasn't really anyone to buy this window, except for Draxler who falls in the latter category of the striker i.e a potential to mold, but with a price tag of the first category.

Written by Oluwamayowa Idowu Friday, 24 January 2014 22:53

Wojciech Szczesny and Mertesacker can lay claim by holding the highest number of clean sheets in the league. Ramsey has grown to a master of universality to channel the words of statistics blogger, Michael Cox. Assist champion, Mesut Ozil is 2nd on the assists chart and could also be featured. These are all marks of improvement that Arsenal fans can take joy from. Moreover, when one compares them to the teams they are competing against, it appears a greater achievement for them to still be in the conversation. Taking one approach propagated by the sports economist, Stefan Szymanski the most accurate predictor of a team's league position is its wage bill. His finding stemming from studying data between 1978 and 2010. As at, April 2013, Arsenal had the 4th highest wage bill in the league. This would suggest that last season, they finished where they should

Written by Ahmed El Hawary Monday, 30 December 2013 16:43

We do need another striker, Wenger knows we need another striker and I think if we want to make our life easier in the hunt for the premier league, we have to buy one. The problem is there aren't many "Top Top" strikers available really. Think about it, Suarez is obviously not for sale, and the summer's "non clause" fiasco made them renew his contract which now surely has that clause but for at least 70 million, last summer favourites, Benteke is suffering a "Demba Ba" season, Julian Draxler just like I was saying when we were linked with Jovetic, isn't a striker. I would be very surprised if Diego Costa left high flying Athletico at the moment, especially after deciding to play for Spain instead of Brazil, he would want to guarantee his place in the Spain team ahead Negredo ( that is if