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By R3DD3R Of the Grove

A heart-breaking night of Football saw us exist the chase for the most Wenger-elusive trophy of all.

Pundits, newspaper, radio 'phone-ins', fans of all colours slashing the team's throat and pointing fingers at youth, grounds men, footballs and the "grit" of St. George

Sky Sports fans waving red & white flags one minute then wondering back to the tube with hands in pockets before the final whistle.

A speechless manager with his head in his hands, seemed to have run out of ideas after a dozen summers in charge.

Is this it? Is this what we have become?

Am I really looking forward to next year, which could possibly be another year of Sunday football defending, a long list of "expected" injuries, and predictable tactics.

Am I really looking forward for another year of pass-pass-pass-ZzZzZzZz possession football. Total football one week when a 17 year old scores, and 'can not be bothered' football the next when we have no shots on target.

Another year of countless and fruitless corners?
Another year of pathetic crossing from Right & Left backs?

Another year of watching Manure excelling to new heights while we try to keep up the hope that maybe one day we will get there?

Well, speaking of Manure I have come across today the following:

1. Ferguson no longer has the stomach or the wit for the fight.
2. After three seasons of papering over the cracks, it seems most United fans are awaiting the moment that the fault lines tracing a veiny path across Old Trafford are exposed
3. Run by a manager who shreds his legacy at every turn; almost exclusively represented by the inadequate (Darren Fletcher and Kieran Richardson) and the odious (Rio Ferdinand);
4. United have made offers for dozens of players - nobody wants to go near them.
5. United's problems are so obvious, so fundamental, as to be beggar belief that they have not been addressed.
6. Now Fregie is reduced to uttering garbage like "it's like having a new signing" of Paul Scholes, Ole Solskjaer, Gabriel Heinze and Alan Smith.
7. Ferguson, an essentially honourable man, is partly suffering because of the impossibly high standards he set, and he carries the fatigued incomprehension of a man who is out of time
8. Everywhere, principles are being sacrificed. In years gone by Ferdinand - who for all his irrefutable ability is the type of character whose presence in a United shirt symbolises much of what has gone wrong with the club

No. I did not make them up. They are in an article by Rob Smyth for The Guardian in July 31 2006. Full link:

Fast Forward to today and replace anything Manure with Arsenal-related, and you will get what the media and the fans are saying about our club recently.

Point is, times change pretty fast and we definitely need to Sign Manchester United's Public Relations Director.

Maybe if we win over the media, some of the fans would start believing and BELIEVING is what we need.

I do believe that Wenger is going to make a couple of changes to the team this summer.

The look on his face during the CL semi might have given us a hint. The little gooner kid in the FA cup semi crying after the game might have given him a hint.

Chin up.
Atleast we did not have a that crap a campaign in europe like the "big clubs" Madrid or AC Milan. O yes, they had a crap domestic year as well.

  • 15 Sep 2015
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