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By Ahmed El-Hawary

Well , that's that then . Another season , another empty cabinet .While I must admit that its really disappointing but its not the end of arsenal. I can't believe the number of blogs & articles flying aroud screaming for wengers head , & there's this one article that claims we need to buy 6 players to be able to win trophies!!!!! Is a team finishing fourth & reaching two semi-finals really in need of six players ? definetly not . Admittedly doing so without winning any trophies is not good enough for arsenal but definetly not SIX PLAYERS!!!!!

So looking at the team , its obvious we need to buy players . But before we look at who we should buy , wenger needs to admit -at least deep down- that this team is not good enough , its good but just not good enough to win trophies .

We definetly dont need more strikers or attacking midfielders , just think that with a fully fit Eduardo , next season our attacking line-up should be : Eduardo , Van Persie with Arshavin, Fabregas & nasri behind them , & Ade , Walcott , vela , rosicky & wilshire on the bench . I think that its by far one of the strongest starting line-ups & subs any team could wish for . I deliberatly left out bendtner as I really don't rate him that much , he works hard but he just doesn't have it in him & while he might just develop & get there , I don't think we can wait for him. especially after the photos of him shown recently , I'm really disgusted & he doesn't deserve to play for Arsenal, so better sell him & use the money to buy in areas we are really lacking.

Like defensive midfield for example , everybody knows we need one . As much as Denilson & Song have developed this season , we really need an experienced player there to protect Fabregas & our attackers while easing the pressure on our defence . anyone from stephan Ireland , Gareth barry will do . We could get Barry on the cheap as his contract ends this season . I wouldn't mind trying for Flamini , I know its a long shot but we all know he's not that happy at milan as he only started playing regularly , & besides milan are even in worse problems than us . Anyway buying a defender as our main DM , we'll have song , denilson & ramsey as backup , & thats really a great line-up .one more thing, Diaby should be sold .

Arsenals defence is by far , our biggest enigma . Our starting line-up consists of two of the best full backs in the world & two of the most experienced center backs in the world , yet we are truly rubbish . Everyones opinion seems to be that Toure & gallas are very similar & just don't know how to play together . I think thats true so we need to buy a tall commanding defender (Obviously) maybe Mathew upson , or Martin Laursen & sell silvestre(if he can be sold) . that way we'll have toure & upson/laursen with Gallas , Djourou & senderos(!) as backup , I think that would be a very strong line-up, the only problem is that I really can't see gallas content with being on the bench , so maybe he should be sold & we get another good young defender . & we'll have eboue & gibbs ( who I still think will be great if he can overcome his slipping ghosts haunting him) as our full-backs' back up .

As far as our keepers I really think we have two very good keepers who are getting better by the game , so I think we don't need anyone.

So looking at the team , it seems that buying only 2 experienced players will really transform us , we don't need to spend like theres no tomorow , I think 12 million a piece should really do it . this will not only help our squad strength & depth but also instill a sense of belief in our existing players & for us as fans . But I really hope Wenger does buy these 2 players & as soon as possible , so they could get a full preseason , which will give them time to blend in with our team .

I'm very optimistic about next season , IF we do buy those players . Coz IF we do , I can see us winning titles again . We really will be a force to be reckoned . BUT if we dont , & if by the end of next season , we're still trophy starved , I'm sorry to say that drastic measures should be taken .....sadly starting with Wenger.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more