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By Luis Zelaya

Many fans suggest we need at least five signings this summer in order to compete for honors in the season to come, and i can tell you that unless adebayor or cesc are sold, we will not sign more than one player, and it will be a CB.

Wenger is loyal to his players so even if the likes of diaby and Silvestre don’t seem good enough I would bet on at least Diaby staying.

I believe this team has been underrated, especially by it’s own so called supporters. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by some players, especially song and bendtner. Nicklas for example has scored many goals this season, he had a bad run of games in where he showed poor finishing but on many occasions he was one of the few players on the pitch showing desire, for instance on our last game against chelsea he fought harder and committed himself more than adebayor did in the entire season.

Song on the other hand went from being used once or twice a season to starting many games this season ahead of denilson or Diaby, and deservedly so. i still don’t think he is the right kind of partner cesc needs in order to play his best, but he has shown massive improvement.

my point is simply that we do not really need as many players as many would think, I even read suggestions that we should sign players like david villa, yaya toure and xabi alonso but the reality is that we are not man utd or chelsea. Wenger supposedly has about 13 Million to spend and that would not cover the price tag on any of those players.

it would be great having them of course but it simply won’t happen, and in my opinion we can manage with what we have. The team is covered or has many alternatives in most every position, although I believe wenger should sign a CB, like lorik cana from marseille, that man is an animal. He would instill fear on the heart of any opponent and has an insane winning attitude.

last year for example, we could and should have won the league, with the same team excluding flamini and hleb. We should have advanced at least onto the champions’ league semifinals, but were robbed at anfield.

it all went downhill from the moment Eduardo’s leg was broken, the players never recovered. That’s what it took to get an opponent red carded against us and it cost us the title i believe, along with a couple mistakes by lehman and clichy.

so the team should have been good enough last year so next season it should be good enough and it will be even better with the inclusion of arshavin and the experience gained from younger players even if adebayor leaves.

Seeing as important players will probably leave united, especially ronaldo, as there is no player in the world that can make such a difference for that team, it will cripple them and i don´t think they can challenge for the title without him, they depend too strongly on him.

The chelsea team is getting older and older, and without hiddink i don’t think they can create a serious challenge, for the title at least.

i think the race will be between Arsenal and Liverpool next season, and i give liverpool the advantage, but with a good start to the season and building momentum we have a good chance of doing it or be very close to.

No champions league though, for as long as platini is head of uefa, as he seems to hate wenger and would probably put a norwegian to whistle against us.(terge hauge?) but we can always hope.

aniway those are my thoughts, i appologise if my writing or english skills aren´t perfect, but my love for this team is, and i believe in it.

Many amongst you are fortunate enough to see them live and hopefully i will be able to see them at least once in the coming season. It would be a dream come true.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more