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By mr_rossi

Well another pre season has nearly finished and again we have sold players after being told that it is very important for Arsenal to keep the squad together and how we all need to stick togeher. But we have now sold a main striker and by whats being said it also looks like we are on the verge of selling our longest serving player and a main central defender.

Why does Arsene come out and say that we will not be selling anyone this summer and then go and sell 2 main players while keeping useless and un-needed players such as silvestre and senderos. Now im not saying that im not happy about selling the whore Ade as i feel he was just a disruption for the other players and did not improve on his ONE decent season after getting a good pay rise (i could go on and on at how bad he is and what an a@*e he is but been there done that for far too long). But to sell our longest serving player and a main striker and a main central defender to a rival team after being told that we will not be selling any players is a bit hard to take.

Now im not saying that its the end of the world that we have lost ade as i feel we defo have enough forwards in our squad, altho i would like to see a monster / beast kind of player to come and hustle some prem defenders but i do feel we are ok in that dept we will get goals. I am worried however with our defence and central midfield departments, we all know apart from le boss that we NEED more than anything a DM, a DM that will break up play, spray the ball about and get stuck in so im not even gona bother repeat what 1000s of people have already said. But having (albeit not as yet) sold kolo we should definately go and buy hangeland.

I know kolo is a great guy and has been magnificent for us ever since he joined us for £150,000, he has the heart of 10 lions but for me ever since he got malaria in the ACN he has not been the same player, wether the spat with gallas has anything to do with it i dont know but he defo has not been the same, he is also not as good as a defender than gallas altho i like kolo as a person more than gallas i do rate gallas as a better defender and he also gets more goals than kolo. Kolo and ade would also be involved in the ACN again this season which would mean losing them for a chunk of the season and could also mean injuries caused by bad pitches and different training methods and also the chance to catch malaria again.

Like i say i dont think its the end of the world that we have lost these 2 players but not when we have already been told that no one would be leaving the club in the run up to the new season, what are we supposed to believe when what we are being told does not come true, how can we expect to keep players of cesc's and arshavins quality if we keep selling to rival clubs, how can the fans trust the board and wenger if the opposite is done to what we are being told. Im not saying its wrong to sell players who dont really want to be at the club but we should not be told one thing and the club go back on their word. Unless we replace kolo and ade with hangeland and huntelar and also get a experienced DM the fans will not be happy having been told for the last few seasons that players will not be sold and then having sold players not replacing them, the fans do not want another flamini, hleb and gilberto scenareo again.

All the fans want is the truth.

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more