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By Rambo

I have been reading Arsenal Vision for a while now and, good or bad, I love to hear other gooners opinions. This is the first time I'm writing and I feel that this article is coming on the eve of our most important season for years.

Of recent times preseason has been long awaited. Its been a time when Arsenal fans feel we are back on par with Liverpool, Man U and Chelski, before we fall apart and finish fourth. This preseason however has far more importance. Arsenal fans, and therefore the board are getting impatient with 'the Professor,' Arsene Wenger.

I am 23 years old and a gooner for as long as I can remember but, last season was the first time I can remember hearing fans booing one of our own players. This day was significant, it was a clear indication that fans were not going to accept this experiment that Arsene Wenger was performing, or substandard players wearing our kit. This show of outrage made our dithering board have to stand up and take note, following up with statements of intent and how we will be title contenders next season.

Now here we are, at the cusp of the start of the season and what has been done? In my opinon alot of vital dismantling however, very little building. The day we sold 'Adebarndoor' was the happiest day of my life as a gooner since we last won a trophy. The money was fantastic and something happened in that sale which I found very interesting, Even as stubborn as Wenger is, he sold one of his players, a player he would have complete patience with, someone he would back even when we have had enough of them. After that transfer, Kolo has now gone and in a week we could loose Senderos and Eboue. Kolo I will miss, not as a player but as a man. He loved the club and give it everything, even if he wasn't the most talented player in the world.

The money is rolling in, and the dead weights seem to be going out but what has come in? Vermaelen is a classy player. Good with his feet, very good left foot but at 5ft 10inches, is he tall enough to dominate? I doubt very much if he is as good as Fabio Cannavaro or Puyol to be that short but still be effective as a centre half. I however am will to give him the chance to prove himself. Eduardo is pure class, having him this season really is a new signing and he will net 20 goals without breaking a sweat. Rosicky on the other hand, whatever we can get out of him is a bonus.

We are now under two weeks away from our first game and we are doing what we do best, being linked with people but not actually bidding. Wenger has said he will not be taken for ransom and he showed this by pulling out on a deal for Chamakh. But if we go into this season with no new signings, this team is weaker then last season. If we win nothing again this season and struggle to qualify for the champions league, what next? Will the board actually sack Wenger? Will he walk away?

I think the answer to that falls onto us, the fans. Pockets of fans have turned against Wenger already but the most of us are still behind him. If we win nothing and the fans do not turn, I do not think the board are strong enough to make the decision for us. They are the kind of board that need to be told what to do and so far the person who has been telling them is Wenger. However if the fans revoult and make their large numbers heard I feel the board may not have an option and may have to let him go, a choice they never want to make.

But for now, I will back ' the professor,' hope for the best and bank on the fact that some of these young players will make the grade. IN ARSENE WE TRUST, but for how much longer?

  • 15 Sep 2015
    So let me stop reminiscing of days gone by and let me focus on our Welsh wonder. Let me start off by saying that I think it is quite obvious that Aaron Ramsey is better in central midfield. His partnership with Mesut Özil, his running from deep and his underrated ball winning ability makes him a ...Read more